Dark Hearts
2 chapter 2 choice of life and death.
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Dark Hearts
Author :shailynwolf
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2 chapter 2 choice of life and death.

I wake up to Michael pulling into the driveway, I see our old house and I get on out. Michael starts to pull on out to drive on to his house, I wave bye to him at he disappeared down the street and down 37th street. I walk on up to our big porch. I pull out my phone to check the time. It was 7:30 pm. I open the door and walk down the hallway to the kichen to see nana at the table reading her books like she always does. I look at the picture of her and papa, for he died last year after breaking his hip. I really miss him a lot. Hey nana, how is the book your reading? Oh dear you scared me. She takes a deep breath and calms her self down. You're worse than Davied when it comes to scaring people. She said. But I did not mean to. And thats the reason you're worse. I here Davied say as he comes into the dining room, he than goes to the other side of the table and sits next to nana. He than relaxes and folds his hand at the back of his head. He looks like he just rolled out of his bed for his hair was messy and he was in his skeleton pj's and he hasen't put his eyeliner on. So you went to see mom today. How did you know? I asked him. Well you know, you go off by yourself to the hospital and guess who gets to be gripped at for it? Me. he said. I just stare at him smiling guilty. How is she? Still not eating I said. Oh he said. Nana puts her book down and gets up. Well im going to get ready for bed and she takes off for her room. I sit down in her spot. So what are you going to do for your last three days till school starts again. Well I was thinking I haven't watched a horror movie in a while. How about Rising Dead. I said. Ok that sounds good. He said. Oh first let me go to the restroom first. I said. ok see you in a moment. As I was about to go I heard nana on the phone in her room. I went to see if she was talking to mom. I wanted to say hi to her before nana let her go. Than nana sounded upset, No yall said she had another year. I cant belive this, she than hangs up. Nana comes out of her room. Oh hi Morra. How is mother? I asked her. Ok shes ok. I could tell she was lying. No she isn't. I said. I know she is not well, she has not been eating at all, and she is skin and bones now. I start to cry and than I ran out the door. I can't take this no more I need to be alone sonewhere, and before I knew it I was at the cementary. The place I go to when I am upset. The only 3 people that would know where I am at is ether David, Nick, or Storm. I go to my Papa's grave and sit down next to it. Why do I have to lose my mother? This is not fair. Why her? I want to scream but I don't want to let the grave keeper know I am here. I just sit there quitly. I then hear someone make a uhum noises to me. I look up afraid it might be the grave kepper. But to my suprise it is not. It was a man. He has on a red and white long coat. He had brown eyes, blonde hair and he had his mouth covered by a white scarf. He has his hand in a fist over that white scarf like he just coughed. I can heal your mother. He said. What. No you can not and also I got to go. I got up and started to walk off. Man he must be crazy. But how did he know what I was thinking. I look back to see that he was gone. And I bumped into someone and fell on my butt. Ouch and to my next surprise he was there in front of me. Wait, what! How did you.. ok what the heck. I was lost for words. You need to watch where you are going. Also I can help your mother. He said. Ok prove it I said. Well look at your hands and I did. My right hand was bleeding from where a rock scrapped it from my fall. He then leaned down and took my hand in his and a light yellow glow was over our hands and before my eyes my hand was healed. I look back up at him. Are you Jesus? He shook his head no. I am a wizard from a different dimension. Also if you want I can heal your mother, but with the cost of your memory. That is the price. But I just meet you and than he started to leave. Ok I guess you don't need my help. This was going too quick for me but I had no time to think or anything. Fine I said and all of a sudden I was in my mother's room at the hospital and he had his arms over my mother and a faint yellow color came from him and moving to my mother. Her heart beat and vitals went from very low to good. Then he stopped glowing. Now I will take your memory as a payment. Before I could say anything or ask if I could have two days with my family he had his hand on my forehead and the color was of a dark red glow and my sight was getting blurry and I felt like a thousand hot needles were going all over my body, the last thing I thought was I was glad my mother was able to live, and then everything went black and cold.
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    《Dark Hearts》