Dark Hearts
3 chapter 3 loss memory
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Dark Hearts
Author :shailynwolf
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3 chapter 3 loss memory

I wake up to the sound of birds chirping, and of leaves rustling and the wind blowing my hair softly. I also notice I was in the woods tied to a tree. There was a man laying down asleep at the left of me. He was in a red and white robe. I looked around to see if i could find anything to get me loose. Apparently he left his bag a little out of my reach so thats out of the qustions only if I could reach out to see if there was a knife inside to cut me free. It would be nice if this rope wasn't so tight I could wiggle myself out. I knew I had to think fast before he wakes up. Now what to do. I felt something a little sharp beside me. I look to see a pointed rock. I reach out my right hand to get it and manage to barely get a hold of it. I then started to work on the rope. 30 minutes and he was still out like a light. I was free at last. I got up and tied his hands up and feet with the rope he had me tied up with, and took off as he was just waking up. What the Hell. he yelled. I heard him say. He then noticed I was escaping. Hey get back here he yelled, and I look back to see him trying to jump towards me just to fall down in some dirt. I could see that some dirt made it to his mouth. I ran farther into the woods trying to get as far as I could away from him. As I finally got to the point I knew I was safe from him I sat down on the ground. Where was I? Then I started to wonder who I am. What is my name? Shoot, I can't remember, nor do I remember anyone. Then checked my pockets to see if I had anything in them, and when I did not find anything I started to cry till I noticed a locket around my neck. I open it to see a woman and me standing next to each other. Then made me even more upset. This is not fair. I wake up tied to a tree and then escape from the one man that had me tied up. Maybe I was kidnapped and he hit me hard on the head to the point of memory loss. I felt my head for a bump, but there was no bump. Huh, I guess I was out for a while. I just wish I knew where I was at though. I then heard rustling in the distance. Oh no he found me I thought. I got ready to run.
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    《Dark Hearts》