Dark Hearts
4 chapter 4 wolf family
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Dark Hearts
Author :shailynwolf
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4 chapter 4 wolf family

I was about ready to run when it came out. for a black wolf cub with red eyes came out of the buahes. he looked verry scared. he ran off and a man in a gray shirt and blue pant with a bow and arrows came out. where is he he said looking at me with dark bron eyes and a blold head. i pointed in the oppiset deraction and he look that way than back at me. kid you better not be lyeing of i will come after you. and he took off. I hope that wolf cub is ok. it has bees hours since i have seen anyone of anything else. it was getting dark and cold. i was so hungery and tired. man i wish i could have and apple of some meat. omg meat. how my mouth waterd at a thought of a jucy stake. maby there are some frute of berrys near by. i looked around. just when i give up i here someone talking. maby this someone hase food. i rush over to where i here the voices. i than see two wolfs. like the bigest wolf i have ever seen she has snow white furr and blue eyes and i also see the black cub. i felt myself getting dizzy and i can fell my self about to pass out. i held on hopeing to frind where the vocices where comeing from. i did not see anyone. i must be lossing it. i than was about to head out quitly when i fell down out of being exhaustion and i see the wolfs hovering over me and the cube spoke. she the one that sent the hunter the opposite way. she saved my life. He said. and the is how i knew i was losing it. talking wolfs. and than i was out like a light.

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    《Dark Hearts》