Dark Hearts
5 chapter 5 Talking animals!
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Dark Hearts
Author :shailynwolf
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5 chapter 5 Talking animals!

I wake up to the sound of laughfter. i open my eyes to a cave i roled my head to the right where i could see light comeing. i see wolf cubs playing and i could see the black on on tppe of a gray wolf. he was playing verry rugh. i was calm. i did not fell scared at all. why. why was this. i should be scared out of my mind waiting to be killed. but nope i was alive and they did not seam therting. i than see the great white wolf walk in. she was with a gray would. when she saw me awake she rushed on over. your finnaly woken child. i try to sit up but couldent. hold on you are weak do to not have eaten in a few days. Where are your parents. i than start to cry. i dont know who they are for all i know i am all alone in this world. all i have is a locket with a picture. oh you pore thing. i will have you stay with us. wait why i daid choking thro tears. and than i felt here liking my face. calm down. it will be ok. why are you being so nice to me? Well you helped save are son. and we would like to thank you for the help. i than finnaly sat up all the way. here is some meat she said. and the cub that i helped out brought on a chunck of raw meet. i was so hungry that i did not care. i devpwerd that raw meat like it was the last meal on this planit. Thankyou i said. well if you like you can become part of my family she said. Yes said the other wolf. i will treat you like one of my own childrean. well dont just look like an ideat the black wolf said. i looked at him than back at the adult wolfs. ok i would love to be a part of your family. and that was the start of a bond that cold never be broken.
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