Darkest Secret
1 Night has come
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Darkest Secret
Author :NightFox200
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1 Night has come

Today was a normal day for me. Running after people in my fake cop suit, pretending I'm the greatest policeman ever... or at least the greatest policeman Terry and Jane wanted me to be. Terry and Jane are my parents, actually foster parents. I never had a real mom or dad but these twp found me on their doorstep with a note that said "Please keep my son in good health... and BE CAUTIOUS OF HIM." I always wondered what that means, I mean I'm not that scary: I have the face of a child (I'm 17), I am tall but not that good in body shape (yet), and the only fighting I've ever done is on the gaming station in my room (I'm a level 99 pro). Basically I'm a geek... long haired, skewed teeth geek.

Today was my birthday, 10th April, but I never celebrated it in my life. I turned 18 today and for some reason at school I kept hearing **It's your time Fox** (yes my name is Fox).

Anyway I did what I do every year, stay up until midnight lonely in my room playing my favourite song (Darkest hours). Tonight wasn't like last year though. There was a dark purple light shining within the heavy storm clouds, it had a sequence: flash flash thunder flash. I don't know what drove me but I went to the top of the roof of my apartment building, right there staring at the light waiting for something to happen... until it did.

The sequence stopped and for a few seconds everything was still... until there was a loud BANG heard in our neighbourhood... my "parents" came running to where I was, laying dead on the floor... no blood... no pulse.

I was certainly dead for sure, but that was no ordinary lightning strike... I knew that for sure


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