Darkest Secret
2 Hospital Jitters
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Darkest Secret
Author :NightFox200
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2 Hospital Jitters

"This is not normal Mrs Jennes, that strike was the strongest ever, there's no way Fox could have survived it." "But he did, so you keep him in here, I don't need a little brat around us anyway he just costs money."

I can't believe thats the first thing I heard (thoughts should've been loud spoken), I slowly opened my eyes to A blinding white light infront of me.

That crazy woman went out and it was only the doctor and myself in the room.

"So I guess you're stuck with me?" I asked while sitting up. "That's not a bad thing though, I think some experts need to check on you."

I already knew wha he meant... I wasn't going to stay for the act, my plan was to get out of here and quick.

That word... it had such a trigger one *quick* it played in my mind soft and gentle. I knew what my body wanted then. As he looked out the window staring into his own abyss of nothingness, I climbed out of the bed and EVERYTHING JUST WENT SLOW as I ran down each staircase towards the exit/entrance. by the time I stopped therte I realise a train of purple lightning follwing after me. Oh jeez, I thought, I'm out of here and in the same speed I went but everyone else going in a much slower motion. As almost to say I had super speed.

I didn't know what to do with myself once I went to my club house I built(it was quite big and luxurious). I kept looking at myself but I didnt know who this person was anymore. No one did... but I knew what was happening at heart. I kept hearing this deep voice saying my name. I couldn't answer it, I didn't know how.

I finally clicked... I answered the voice in my head saying "I am here, what have you done to me?"

"You were born this way." the voice spoke loudly, "... your mother and father were not of this world, they had to keep you safe under all circumstances so they gave you away, to grow and develop your powers. Fox you need to keep this world safe, it is in grave danger. Many bad things are on its way right now."

That put me in a deep mood. Me a protector, an alien, a superhero.

"This is your Dark Secret Fox, You must do the right thing."

Now where do I go from here... I am suppose to save the world from grave danger yet I have no clue about this power. Oh better yet I have always had no one to help me, I'm so screwed.


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