Darkest Secret
3 Stuck
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Darkest Secret
Author :NightFox200
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3 Stuck

Again there I stand alone... back where I started alone. No place to go, nothing to do. I had something so frikken amazing, but I had to hide it. Not like anyone would believe me anyway. Well I guess this is where life has gotten me. The fork in the road, which path to choose.

After days of being worse than I already am, not attending school, reported as missing person after 2 weeks of me not going home, all of this I needed it. I realised what I needed to do. Almost immediately I kmew what to do, spending most of my time reading every single comic known to man. First things first, I gotta make a suit. I thought about it for a long time, the purple lightning already suits me so I created a dark purple and black super suit close to flash... but mine had a fox with lightning instead of just lightning. Mask easy eyepatch covering the eye with the lightning tattoo on it, that as well had a fox. I was all about foxes, still am, so foxes are always a yes. After the strike I was built much bigger so I was more intimidating as a korean boy. Lastly of course was the day you show your powers to public.

That day was today. Today I used my powers after weeks of training myself to work in order to save I knew I could do it (I sound like an Economics teacher). I left my house (the tree house) in my super suit. Speeding across roads and people I made it to a hostage hold up in clear water mall with bombs and guns. The police were outside so first things first I had to got to them...

"Son you shouldn't be here get behind the cars."

Immediately in a deeper voice I said "Leave this to me I will save them all and have every single guy in jail." before he could say anyword I sped off and his jaw fell to the ground seeing me super speed to the situation.

In my view with what I called Fox eyes I saw where each bomb was located and diffused it in seconds. I walked into the main entrance of the mall and thia guy says to me "Get on the ground or we blow this place!"


He attempted to press the button b it mothing happened. In slow motion now I went through every single guy knowcking them out blow by blow leavibg the main guy alone, the rest were already in a squad car. It was me and him... alone... he grabs a woman with a bomb in his hand..." I will blow this whole sector up if you do not let me go!!" I couldn't give a damn... in a single second I pointed my hand up like a gun towards his head and pulled my trigger, A large stunning lightning bolt hits him smack in the middle of his head oassibg 7000V into his body paralysing him temporarily. The lady ran to me hugging me tight. Saying thank you so many times.

It was such an amazing feeling to hear someone thank me for once in my life. Damn they need me more than I knew it. Before anyonecould ask me questions I speed off into the darkest cave. """The world is in grave danger and it needs your help, this is your darkest secret"""


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