Darkest Secret
4 Dark Disasters
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Darkest Secret
Author :NightFox200
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4 Dark Disasters

Well everyday was different but school days... those were the worst. Everyday in everyway I use to struggle, but for some reason now everything's different. People want to chill with me and be my friend, girls as well, all over me like I'm new and improved (well i was bit that's not the point). I guess all I needed was alone time, during lunch I hid away from everyone making sure I'm alone right on the school building. I liked it there so peaceful, so tranquil so...

"Uhh hi there??" I heard small scared voice behind me. I turned and seen my crush Carly Park, she wasn't much for any boys but I loved her look. Always wearing her signature yellow bow tieing her hair down, hey eyes were brought green and so inviting and her body was just perfect(others liked too much volume in girls). "Fox are you okay?" she said to me."Yes I guess so thanks, why though?"

"Well you seem so tense and uptight when everyone loves you."

She doesn't know me, no one did. Well until now... a dark cloud covered the sun fully but that was no cloud... no it was the largest meteor headed straight for the school. Everyone inside panicked and ran straight outside while Carly and I are on the roof still. *you have to save the school, but Carlys is here, and she wont be there if you don't save the school* That argument ended truthfully. With a quick flash all my clothes turn purple and black, the formation of lightning forming a tail and ears on me is all purple and my eyes turn a bright purple as well. Carly couldn't believe what she had seen and I couldn't stop her from seeing either, I had to save everyone. With a powerful dark lightning blast straight to the core of the asteroid and with a loud bang and shaking of ground the meteor obliterates into millions of pieces across the back of the school not even hitting anyone or the school once.

Flying back down to the ground I stand above Carly open mouthed and absolutely stunned. "Carly are you okay?"

"I uhhh what!!!"

"Now Carly please calm..."

"You are Electofox, powers and all?! No frikken way!"

I explained everything to her and that she needs to not tell a single soul about this, happily she nodded bit so easily she said only if we can be friends, well nothing can be worse than that.

Something still bothered me about that asteroid... it had the shape of black abbys portal and I knew that too well. It was a clan in space, always entering to rule us but could never get it right... but this time it is no comic. This is what they were talking about, it's time to break that curse. What curse, the looped universe and alternations (basically they can't get home so they will settle here).

This is so bad...


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