Darkest Secret
5 Friends, really?
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Darkest Secret
Author :NightFox200
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5 Friends, really?

18 weeks after this incident with the dark asteroid and nothing happened after. Everything was... all okay I guess. I did get a friend miss twirly wirly is what I call her, she never without a doubt stops twiling her hair around me, it's odd for me. Well I carried on with life until something very interesting came up on the news... VALENTINES CONCERT AND THE FEMALES HAVE TO ASK THE GUY OUT

Wow well I guess I'm starting in that night... or so I thought , later that day Carly came to me ever so happily.

"Hey Foxy Woxy."

"Hey Carly, don't call me that."

"Oh you party pooper I have something important to ask..."

"Go ahead no one's stopping you."

"Well you see valentine's day is coming up and uhh I was uhh wondering uhh if you could uhh go with uhh me there?"

I was so stupid that I said

"For an escort, sure no problem."

"Don't be dumb Fox I'm asking you out to the valentine's concert duhhh!"

Immediately I was astonished... I had no clue she would ask me yet alone like me(clearly I was blind).

She looked so sad, I felt something I never felt before, it's odd but I actually wanted to be with her then.

I gave her the approval of touching get cheek with my soft hands and saying softly... "Yes I'll go with you Carly."

The clock struck 7 and it never dawned on me that this thing was today jeez. I put on a purple and white suit, semi formal with sneakers and a cool hairstyle. For some reason I wanted to look nice for her.

8 o clock and I'm waiting patiently at the front door for Carly, having everything ready I made sure I was neat and sexy. The door opened and...

The stunning purple dress glimmered and made her bright blue eyes pop do much. She didn't need make up to be ready, she was already so beautiful.

12 o clock and after drinking our lives away, partying everything and with others all passing out, I finally took her home and she was glowing (I couldn't stop looking at her).

"Tonight was the best ever," wrapping her arms around my neck "you are so amazing and you dance so well."

"I enjoyed it too, you are honestly so fantastic and I don't say that to anyone." she leaned closer easy for a kiss, at first I panicked, I didn't know how to kiss I haven't even touched a girl before... but once her juicy soft lips touched mine, it's like I always knew how to kiss. Everything just went in slow motion and immediately sparks came flying out of my hands as I touched her body. She wasn't hurry or injured it was just a good show. I knew then I fell in love.


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