Darkest Secret
7 A dark way to go
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Darkest Secret
Author :NightFox200
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7 A dark way to go

@@"There's no way!"

"What do you mean no, I'm your fucking mother!!"

"No you're just someone who picked me up."

Everything went still, and for a few minutes I felt it. That anger, that frustration, like nothing I could ever imagine... my eyes went a bright purple,hair changing colour. I was becoming my worst nightmare.

As soon as my anger built up, one by one my strands of hair become a bright glowing purple. "You know what you were always just worthless!", every imprinted tattoo on my body started glowing purple. "What are you even doing with this ugly, no good waste of space!" Carly stood there balling her eyes out, almost sure if suicide, "My girl you should rather go jump of the tallest building the world is better off not looking at you." She ran right out of the house tears falling so fast on the floor like a running tap "Fine all I ever wanted was your money anyway!" This, this here is no human, humans have souls, what she is, she is the DEVIL

I burst out in complete anger, the room lights up in purple, all that light is coming from me. The clouds darken and gather, swirling in a huge circle , and that's when I started knowing something I couldn't stop. The world will end and my darkest secret is alive...



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