Dogs of war
5 Wrath of The Netherking
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Dogs of war
Author :Glaethiel
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5 Wrath of The Netherking

*CREAK* *CREAK* *CRACK* Hiram slowly got up, as he was healing his body, his bones creaking and cracking as if they had been broken into a million pieces. Blood was coming out of all of his facial orifices; his eyes were also bloodshot, they looked as if they were the eyes of a devil, especially his right eye, it appeared as if it was completely made up of blood.

*Crr* *Crr* *THWAPP* Hiram grabbed his neck and forced it back into position. His body was now covered with numerous scars from top to bottom. He had a very horrid appearance.

'Damn! Another hit like that and I'm done for; I have used up a lot of my Magule, I won't be able to heal myself again. I need to overpower him and finish this quickly.' though Hiram.

Just as Hiram was busy with healing himself and planning his next move, Derrick was also busy with healing William. By this time William had retorted back to his normal human appearance. Although William did not lose much of his blood during his fight with Hiram, his body was severely damaged. Broken bones, internal bleeding, damaged organs, all of this resulted in a huge risk to his life. Under these circumstances, Derrick had no choice but to heal William first.

Derrick sheathed his katanas and sat down near Williams head. Derrick placed his hand on Williams' shoulders. Faint blue light started coming out of Derricks palms. Slowly and steadily the blue light completely submerged Williams body. The intensity of the blue light increased with each passing second, and a few seconds later it turned into a flash and the light slowly dissipated away, after the light dissipated away a faint blue colored layer of light appeared on Williams body. Derrick concentrated on William for another few minutes. He then again started the whole process.

*CRR* *CRRR* *CRRRR* Hiram stood up and looked at Derrick, a grin appeared on his face as he saw Derrick completely absorbed in healing William.

*SWOOOSSSSSHH* as soon as he gained a bit of mobility, without wasting a single second, he streaked across the sky while aiming a punch at Derrick from his blind side. As he was approaching Derrick, Derrick started raising his hand slowly, seeing this Hiram scoffed and shouted "Do not dare underestimate me you little punk", enraged by this Hiram increased his speed at which he was approaching Derrick.

Just as his fist touched Derricks' face, Derrick landed a backhand on Hiram's cheek which resulted in a resounding slap. The brunt force of the slap was so great that Hiram spun around in the air violently before hitting the ground, on his impact a small crater was also created in the ground.

Hiram had his eyes and Jaws wide open; he could not believe what just happened. He tried to get up, but was still a bit dizzy from the impact, because of the force exerted by the slap his face had caved in a bit. The skin where the slap landed on Hiram's face had become a bit charred as if it was hit by a hand made up of raging fire and not mere flesh.

Hiram regained his senses and looked at Derrick, what he saw infuriated him. Instead of looking at his opponent, Derrick was still absorbed in healing William. It was as if Derrick refused to put Hiram as a worthy opponent in his eyes. He was belittling Hiram, one of the eight great generals of Lassnia, one of the strongest warriors in his entire universe, one of the renowned warriors in his domain, was being looked down upon by a mere 22 year old brat, and the fact that Derricks cultivation was weaker than his acted as a cherry on the cake. Hiram just could not accept the fact that, a mere member of the younger generation, who was weaker than him in terms of cultivation could play around with him in this manner, it was utterly humiliating.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" screamed Hiram, as he charged at Derrick with great speed, his bones were creaking, his face twitching with pain and anger. "Light magic: Thirty thousand fists of the trinity." shouted Hiram, as he casted a spell and myriad of portals opened behind him. From these portals came numerous monstrous hands made up of light, these fists appeared as if they were the fists of a monster, each of these fists was as big as a small mountain.

Hiram closed in on Derrick and smirked, "Die!" shouted Hiram, the numerous fists mercilessly attacked the spot where Derrick had been sitting cross-legged healing William. The force carried by the fist was so tremendous that on impact sent tremors throughout the town scaring everyone in the town. After a minute or so, the myriad of attacks stopped, the aftermath of the attack was horrific, numerous trees in the nearby area were uprooted, the town square was nowhere to be seen. The battle had been so destructive that no one would believe there ever existed a town square in this place.

The Dust cloud settled down. Hiram looked at the spot where Derrick and William had been before; the spot was not filled with a giant fist shaped craters and Derrick was nowhere to be seen.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!", Hiram laughed hysterically. "This is what you get for underestimating me you bastard, in the end, we are worlds apart. My years of accumulated strength and experience was far too powerful for you to handle. Now go and pity yourself in the scorching flames of hell." said Hiram with a prideful voice as a smirk appeared on his face.

Hiram slowly turned around, but what he saw on turning around terrified him, a sheet of sweat appeared on his forehead, and his eyes were wide open in shock. In front of him was Derrick with William on his right shoulder, and his left hand reaching out with one his fingers folded in a curve.

"Are you done?" asked Derrick. Hiram was too terrified to reply. Derrick flicked his folded finger which landed in Hirams forehead and sent him crashing down on the ground.

*Boom* Hiram landed with a huge explosion. This time he realized he was done for, his body was crushed beyond recognition, blood splattered everywhere around him.

'This, what the hell is this, how is he so damn powerful? How could I lose to a mere brat? Why is this happening to me?' thought Hiram. He was so frustrated that he could burst out at any given moment.

Derrick landed on the ground with William on his shoulder. He started slowly walking towards the nearly dead Hiram. He reached where Hiram was lying covered in blood and nearly crushed to death.

Derrick looked at Hiram with a look full of disdain, "You were too arrogant for your own good.", Said Derrick. Then he turned around and started walking away.

Seeing this, Hiram gathered his last remaining energy and said "I might have been arrogant, but this is far from over.", an evil grin appeared on Hiram's face as he shouted " SOUL TRANSMIGRATION!!!", bright white light started illuminating Hiram's body.

'Yes, I must do this, even though this may kill me, I have to do this, I cannot let this brat leave this place.' thought Hiram as his limp body started rising in the air.

Slowly the light grew brighter and brighter; soon he was inside a sleek pillar of bright white light. "I GIVE MY BODY TO YOU. DO MY BIDDING AND LET ME DIE IN PEACE.", shouted Hiram. Just as he shouted the pillar of light flashed and four wings spread out of the pillar. A figure walked out of the pillar, it was Hiram, but all the wounds and injuries he had moments ago were now completely healed. He had two pairs of wings on his back that spanned for at least ten meters, and he also had a halo on his head, and the aura he was emitting was far stronger than before, and it was as if it was pious in nature.

"My, my. I never thought that of all the people to make this arrogant bastard submit his body to me, will be a brat. HA! So much for the Great Lord Hiram." said the figure that looked like Hiram.

"I am Theodore Silva, one of the 12 holy generals of Lord Gamin." said the figure in an arrogant manner.

"Who are you?" asked Theodore.

He received no answer from Derrick. "Ahh! Doesn't matter, no point in knowing the name of someone who is just about to die", Derrick acted as if he was not hearing anything and kept walking away.

"An arrogant one, aren't you?" scoffed Theodore as flickered and appeared right in front of Derrick.

"When I'm talking, you turn around, and behave properly you little dog." shouted Theodore as he threw a punch towards Derrick. The punch landed on Derricks' face, and he was sent flying. Derrick flipped and landed on the ground sliding a few hundred meters due to the force of the punch. Derrick stopped and placed William down.

He looked around to find Theodore, but he was nowhere to be seen.

*CRUMBLE* *CRUMBLE* the ground beneath Derricks feet started crumbling, *THUDDDD* a punch landed on Derrick's chin and sent skyrocketing upwards, a figure appeared in his line of sight, it was Theodore, "HAHAHAHA! Where are you looking, I am right here." another punch landed on Derricks face as his body streaked in the sky.

" Here! Here! Here! Here! Here! Here! Ahahahaahaha!!!" Theodore launched a relentless barrage of attacks on Derrick; each attack was filled with the intent to kill. He was practically playing with Derrick while tossing him around in the air.

"I cannot believe someone as pitiful as you was able to force Hiram to such a state. Old age must have gotten to him, you are too weak." said Theodore while beating Derrick.

*BOOM* Theodore kicked Derrick towards the ground. *THUD* Derrick landed on the ground." *GAHH* blood gushed out his mouth. Derrick slowly got up and looked at Theodore.

"What? Too afraid to move? Pathetic." Theodore streaked and appeared right next to Derrick "Let me help you", he grabbed Derricks shoulder and tried to lift him up, the world became upside down for Theodore, he was confused regarding what was happening, and before he could realize what was happening, *BOOOOMMMM* he landed with his back on the ground. A crater was formed, Theodore looked up and realized what had happened. Derrick was standing right next to him, he was holding Theodore's arm, and his eyes were emitting blue light.

"It seems that I have underestimated you. You should have finished me when you had the chance; you won't get another one.", said, Theodore, as his body flickered and he launched a kick aimed at Derricks face, *CLUTCH* but to his surprise, Derrick caught his leg with his left hand.

*BOOM* Derrick slammed Theodore down back on the ground. "Damn you- *Gahh*" before Theodore could finish his sentence, Derrick slammed his feet on Theodore's stomach. Derrick started pulling on Theodore's leg and arm while pressing his stomach. Derrick was going to tear Theodore in two.

"EAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH", screamed Theodore in pain. "Stop!!!!" shouted Theodore, he tried to free himself of Derricks clutches, but it was all In vain. *SPLASH* blood splattered everywhere as Theodore was torn apart.

*THUD* *THUD* Derrick threw Theodores upper and lower body in two different directions.

"Even you know that you will not die from this. The shock will go away in a few days of time. Do not follow me or I won't be this merciful." said Derrick while looking at Theodore.

"Y-y-you think that- I-I-I will be incapacitated by t-t-this?" asked Theodore as his body started floating in the air.

"High heal: Body recovery." whispered Theodore. Greenlight illuminated the surrounding area as Theodore's lower body grew back as if nothing had happened.

*PANT* *PANT* panted Theodore as a result of exhaustion of recovering his Lower half.

"Phew! I admit, you nearly had me there. Aha, now time for the climax." said Theodore

He flew high up in the sky, he came to a pause and looked at Derrick. "It was quite entertaining while it lasted, but its time to end this now." said Theodore.

"World of War", a huge portal opened behind Theodore, an uncountable number of weapons, warriors, and creatures made of light flew out of the portal and started moving towards Derrick.

"Face my wrath! DOG!" shouted Theodore as the weapons, warriors, and creatures charged towards Derrick.

Derrick raised his hand towards the oncoming attacks and said "Indeed it is time to end this.", the blue part of his arm and hand started glowing.

*BOOOOOMMMMMMM* a wave of blue colored fire came out of Derricks' hand; the wave was big enough to cover the entire myriad of attacks of heading his way. In mere moments everything heading towards Derrick was incinerated.

"Woh-wh-wah-" Theodore was flabbergasted, he was not able to make sense of what just happened.

*PUCHIIIII* *GAHHH* blood came out of Theodore's mouth. He looked down at his chest; Derricks hand had pierced through his armor as if it was paper and had also pierced through his skin and entered his chest barely missing his heart.

Theodore grabbed Derricks arm and looked at him, "Wh-wh-w-who are you?" asked Theodore in a weak voice.

*BOOOOMMMM* Derrick slammed Theodore on the ground while clutching his chest.

"I'm the Netherking. And this, this is my wrath" said Derrick in a voice full of Dominance and strength.

"I see, I never stood a chance." said Theodore as a smile appeared on his face. Light particles started rising and dissipating from Hirams body, the halo and the wings disappeared.

"Huh? Where, where am I?" asked Hiram as slowly opened his eyes.

He felt a strange pain in his chest; he looked up only to find Derrick with his hand piercing his chest.

"How-how-how could you? NO! NO! NO! NO!" Hiram screamed and tried to set himself free by struggling against Derrick.

"It is futile to resist. Accept your end with dignity. Goodbye!" said Derrick. His hand glowed brightly as Hiram body started boiling.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" screamed Hiram as his body was boiling.

*BOOM* Hiram's body erupted as blue flames came out formed a pillar of fire incinerating his body completely.

Derrick turned around and walked towards William who was still unconscious. He picked William up and placed him on his shoulder.

"I have done what I was called out for. You can take over now." Said, Derrick,



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