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Dream Boy of dreamy girl
Author :koreai
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9 Trip

At May's Home

Ring Ring Ring ......( CLOCK RINGS) Uffffff. It's not fare too early Mr. Sun I am going to breakup my friendship with you , if you again sunrise early. Anyway I have to get ready for the Trip , April should be waiting for me.I think everything is bagged in the case.Mom I am ready to go and take care of your healthy and grandma's too.
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May's mom name is Tina. She is working as Government Officer. She is always quite humble at home and not at Office. Mrs.Tina said, "May wait , something is missing or I have forgot why it feels like empty in my heart?". May cutely respond , Oh my dear Tina I am not going to war that make you feel sad , it just a trekking trip so no worries.By the way I have forgot my watch can you bring me it's on the study deck.

Meanwhile both May and grandma are whispering about May's dream that always remain incomplete.Grandma asks May, "Did today you seen his face ?".May replies with disappointment, "No granny the clock ringed again before I see his face, I think never his face can't seen by me".Grandma keep her hand on May's head and say, "To happen something Magical it take times".

"May here you're watch",says Mrs Tina.May hugged both grandma and mom to leave for Trip.

May rushes toward to April's home as she must be waiting for her.


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