Evil Sword Overlord
3 The Little Red Lizard
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Evil Sword Overlord
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3 The Little Red Lizard

A tall man, around 2 meters tall standing near a newly erected tombstone.

"I will never ever forget how you take care of me master. I will never forget." Streams of tears fell down from his eyes down to his face.

Dom began to cry again while leaning on the tombstone.

After crying for a while, he managed to stop his tears dripping down and regain his right mental state. Even though he is calmer than before, he can't still shake away the grief in his heart. He walked inside the house and entered his master's room. He kneeled near his master's bed and reached out for a box and a sword.

"To Dom" that is the two words written in the cover.

Dom slowly opened the box and he saw a paper.

He opened the paper and read its content.

"By the time you're reading this, Dom, I'm already dead, for sure. When I found you and Andrea, I was about to abandon you but I realized that both of you are still pure, innocent, young humans. So I decided to help you."

"I didn't hold any feelings for humans. I really hated humans. Humans are far crueler than Demons. I lied to you when I told you that my soul was broken because I was battling a beast, but in reality, the King of the Kingdom of Trylon, Cyril the Third, treated me as his guinea pig."

"They made me their test subject, injecting chemicals into my body resulting in my soul being damaged. I have the greatest potential they have ever seen, I'm a genius capable of reaching the Supreme Being level. With only 10 years I reached the Grandmaster level, many cultivators envied me, but I just ignored them."

"Then the king himself paid me a visit with the purpose of inviting me to be one of his Vassals. I humbly rejected the offer because I wanted to be an unaffiliated cultivator, free from worldly problems. King Cyril the third was famous for his strength. He reached the Celestial level long ago. But he is rumored for spending too much money just to reach that realm and it took him many centuries to succeed."

"He was infuriated because I rejected his offer. He made a move on me and I was caught off guard. Even though I have time to prepare, I can't still retaliate because of the large difference in power. And it also didn't even enter my mind that a high king will make a move on a lowly grandmaster cultivator. He abducted me and brought him to his palace."

"It was all due to envy and greed. He envied my innate potential that he doesn't have. He wanted to uncover my secrets so he ran various experiments in my body. He injected chemicals in my body, burned me, froze my body, and many more. And all of this caused my soul to be damaged beyond repair."

"I'm not asking you to avenge me but be cautious around him. He is a vile creature and he will do anything to achieve what he wants."

"My Sword, the Shalltear sword shall be yours. It has the ability to steal Fantasia in the body of your enemy and make them yours. It will lessen your cultivation time. But you shouldn't rely on the sword all the time to raise your level, cultivate hard to achieve your dreams."

"Don't forget those skills that I taught you. The Thunder skill, Wind Blade, Wind steps, and others will help you in your journey. Reaching the celestial being will be easier for you than the others. But don't you dare to slack off because of your higher potential. You must strive hard, harder than the others in order to live and roam the lands freely."

"There is a letter on the drawer in the table beside my bed. That letter is the letter of recommendation for you to enter the academy. It has the seal of the current principal there. Just show it in the guard and he will bring you to the principal."

"You also need to hide your cultivation level. I lied to you when I said that your prowess is lacking compared to the others on your age. Your prowess is far above them; I just said that to motivate you further."

"I don't know where is Andrea right now but I left her to a friend of mine. You will eventually know who is that friend of mine so I won't tell you her name. Train harder, only then you will have the power to protect those close to you."

Take care, my young disciple. Go, scram and dominate the heaven and earth and be the Sword overlord"

Dom started to cry again. He grabbed the sword, the Shalltear Sword and hugged it tightly. It was the only memento left by his late master.

The trials and tribulations his master has conquered are too great and terrifying. His master was a great person that can achieve greater things in life but because of greed, he lost his ability to cultivate. It was all because of King Cyril the third's greed.

"I will always remember your teachings in my heart and I will not fail you I will bring your name to greatness as the teacher of the person who will dominate the heaven and earth. I will promise you that that bastard king will suffer more than you do. Farewell teacher."


A man who is sitting a rock with a flattened top suddenly opened his eyes. His body was filled with sweat so he walked to a nearby stream and washed his body that is bulked with muscles and covered in scars.

This man was Dominic who is traveling from the mountain of Limonsito to the city of springs, Tamfaken. He is already traveling for around a month. He continued his training on the road. He did not dare to slack off because he knew that he is much stronger than other youths of his age.

After washing his body from the sticky sweat, he walked back to the forest to find some food.

He found a trail of a boar and then he followed it. Then he saw a boar fighting a red lizard that is only as long as a ruler. The lizard was red in color and he did not see any of these for his entire life in the forest.

Due to the difference in size, the lizard was losing the battle.

The battle goes on. The lizard was pinned down and the boar keeps on stopping it. The former was going to die at this rate. Dominic said in his thoughts.

He was balancing his thoughts about what is the tastier one between the two fighting beasts. The lizard was so small that it was not enough to satisfy his needs so he decided to kill the boar. So he dashed towards the fighting beasts and it startled them. Then he brandished his sword towards the boar and killing it instantly.
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The lizard was utterly terrified. It wanted to run away but it was not able to because of the injuries it sustained. It was obvious in its eyes that it was terrified as he stared at Dominic.

Dom sighed deeply as he cast a healing spell on it. The healing spell was not enough to heal all of its wounds. He then placed the lizard into his shoulder.

"I will take care of you for the meantime until you healed all of your injuries.

The Lizard's impression towards Dom lightened up but it still keeps his guard up towards Dom.


"Hmmmmm, this meat is so good," Dominic exclaimed as he inhaled the tasty aroma coming from the roasted boar in front of him. It was the boar that abused the little lizard.

The lizard stared confusedly at the three dead cicadas lying in front of him. Dom caught these three dead cicadas for the lizard to eat.

He concluded that the lizard couldn't hunt on its own so he decided to catch some insects for it.

The lizard looked at Dom with an expression like, |What the fuck is this?|

Dom saw the lizard and he was baffled by its reaction and then he questioned himself if what e did is right, |Lizards eat insects, right?|

He ignored the lizard because it may be lost its appetite because of the earlier fight.

Then he grabbed the thigh of roasted boar and then chomped on it. After chewing it, he threw a glance on the lizard again and he was shocked by its reaction.

|Why the heck is this lizard drooling for? And he's staring at the thigh I am eating eagerly as if he wanted to eat it too.

"Do you want this?" Then, the lizard nodded its head.

Dominic was shocked by the response of the little red lizard. It responded as if it understands what Dominic is saying.

Dominic sighed, he then grabbed another thigh and threw it in front of the red lizard. The lizard's eyes shone in excitement. It immediately gobbled on the thigh. Then it used its tail to slap away the cicada as it was disturbing him.

| I really thought lizard's foods are some kind of insects. But why did this red one eat meat? | Then after thinking about the mater for some time, a thought entered his mind.

| Does that mean that the Lizard is actually hunting the boar?!| Then he turned his gaze to the lizard who is still eating his portion of meat.

He immediately ignored the matter and turned to sleep after eating.


"Hmmmm. After this dense forest is already the City of Tamfaken?" then Dom put the map he is holding back into his bag.

After traveling for another 15 days, he finally is finally nearing to his destination.

He rested for a while. And a red lizard can be seen sitting on his shoulder. This red lizard was the same red lizard he saved from the boar. Their intimacy with each other was greatly increased after the 15 days of traveling with each other.

Dominic continued to feed the red lizard hoping to tame it. He patted it and the little red lizard seems to like it.

He was walking to enter the forest when he saw a luxurious carriage and normal carriages surrounded by suspicious looking people clad in black.

Dom silently activated his movement skill 'Wind steps'; it is a normal and common skill consuming only a small amount of Fantasia. Its purpose is to conceal someone's footsteps as if the user is walking directly in the air. Although this is not enough for him to hide from them, with the concealing prowess of his Soul Overload, everything is perfect.

He immediately hides behind a tree while watching the commotion silently.

"Give us all of your belongings or prepare to be beheaded." Said by the big man wearing different clothes than the rest of the people clad in black. He seems to be the leader.

Then a man came out of the luxurious carriage. He is a tall old man. "Don't you know who are you offending?" The old man asked.

"Of course I knew! I know that the young mistress of the city of springs, Tamfaken. Am I right?" the leader of the robbers haughtily said.

"Then why don't you scram? Or do you want to die right now?" The old man threatened them.

"Do you think I will be afraid of you? Hah! Men, prepare to kill this bunch of idiots!" then a sword appeared on his hands.

The old man also commanded his troops and both sides entered the battle mode.

When the gang wearing black clothes was about to attack, Dominic gets out of his hiding spot and said.

"Senior brother, please don't rob them. "

Dom rushed to the scene and appeared between the conflicting team.

"Huh?! Who the hell are you?" The leader looked angrily at Dom, his eyes filled with killing intent.

"I am Dominic Stellarium. A cultivator." Dom proudly said as he looked up in the sky.

"And I hated to see someone getting rob, so I was asking you to stop and scram in this place." The Dom turned to the leader and threw an icy glance.

The leader laughed and then said, "Acting like a hero, eh? You just wanted to get closer with the young mistress of Tamfaken, Right?"

"Who is the young mistress? Oh well, I don't even care who is that." Dom said as he scratched his head.

"So you're just acting like a hero eh? Let me tell you a piece of advice from an elderly, don't act like a hero because you'll die prematurely because of that." The leader said as he laughed at the ignorance of Dom.

"And also based on your age you're just a Mortal Mid-level or Advance level, right? Even you're a genius Earth level early stage is the maximum you can achieve. And all of us here are at Earth Level and I am at the Post stage already, so how can you even defeat me? Huh?" The leader said as he is trying to deduce Dom's strength.

"Ugghh, why am I wasting time on you?" then he walked towards Dom and grabbed his collar and lift him up. To act weak, he activated wind steps to lighten himself up. Because if he will not do this, the earth level bandit will never be able to lift a sky level cultivator of Dom's level.

The leader laughed and then said, "Scram kiddo and leave your belongings behind"


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