Flower of Ruins
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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Bai Hua ran frantically. Her eyes are wandering searching for a certain little Jade like boy.' Does something happened to him?' She can't help but to think for the worst. She can't lose him, no she can't.

She finally breath out a breath of relief when she saw the little boy dressed in blue talking to a man that was crouching infront of him.

"Xu'er!" She call out for him and instantly the little boy turned around and saw the familiar face.

"Niang Qin!" His adorable face beam with happiness and his eyes turned misty, making him look pitifully adorable. He immediately ran to her and hug his mother legs.

Bai Hua crouched down and touch her son's face. "Where have you been? Niang Qin is worried about you! Silly boy!" Even though she seems to be a bit mad but she is happy that her son is perfectly fine.

"Niang Qin, Xu'er is sorry! wuwu~ " Xiao Xu cried in her bosom. Bai Hua is no different from her son, her eyes reddened. She continue to caress her son's hair.

He is very precious for her. Thinking about him being wounded, she already felt like dying.

The man that had been watching their reunion walk closer to them. Behind the blood red mask his eyes widen with realisation. His head tilted. He appeared to be confused and shocked before, but now his eyes filled with mixed emotions.

"Niang Qin? Hua'er , he is our son?"

Bai Hua froze in her position, that voice. Slowly she lifted her eyes and look at the familiar blood red mask.

Her heart stopped.

'What is he doing here?'


She, newly transmigrated to the past hadn't even suit herself when she encountered a wounded man and saved him.

They had live together as a wife and husband. His identity is still a mystery to Bai Hua.

One day, he left her for unknown reasons. He left even after promising of not abandoning her alone. She hate to be left and her heart hurt.

5 years later , once again they met. Different from the romantic reunion that people expected, they actually met once again in a Brothel.


"Leave me alone!"- Bai Hua

"Nope, you are my wife." - Tian Yu

"Are you sure? Look around now, who am I?" -Bai Hua smirked.

"Then I will redeem you" - Tian Yu


While he tried to win her back ,the other is busy trying to kill her.

"I will kill anyone that distract you from our mission!"

"Lowly slut, who do you think you are!"

"Woman only make us late!"


Lots of dramas, loathes, politics and plot twist. Add it with love and heartbreak.

Her life is surely a bitter sweet experiences and an interesting adventure.

Caught between the web of powerful forces, Bai Hua hadn't had any choices. Honestly speaking she doesn't even know what she had done to provoke anyone.

She have always been herself, with her lazy demeanor she doesn't even bother with anything that didn't include her. Bai Hua only wanted to work and live peacefully with her son.

Her job is nothing to be proud of, sometime she felt disgusted of herself.

This is her story,

'Flower Of Ruins'



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