Flower of Ruins
2 Chapter 1: Met again
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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2 Chapter 1: Met again

The masked man look at the remaining ashes that was once belonged to a house.

His face is ashen. This house was where he and his wife had lived. It's been almost half a year since he had last home. He hadn't thought he will be home only to see ashes. There is no home anymore.

His home belonged to where the woman that he loved is.

He can't see the girl's smile or hear her laugh anymore. Her lazy demeanor and cute complexion.

A man come forward and cupped his fist in front of the man.

"Master, we doesn't found anything except for the burnt clothes. I'm afraid -" He hadn't finished talking when the masked man raise his hand indicating him to be quite.

The masked man stare silently toward the ashes. His eyes is watering. His heart hurt very much. He swing his hand and walk away with half of his heart stayed along with the girl he loved.

'I shouldn't had abandoned her'


5 years later,

The bustling city is full of people. However they are getting lesser as the sky darkening. Lanterns is lighted everywhere, it's so beautiful to look at.

At the middle of the road stand a man in black with a blood red mask on his face. Even though with the mask, his handsome feature can't be concealed. With the aura of nobility and domeenering presence it make people felt scared to get close but at the same time make people to come closer to him.

He look up at the starry sky. It's full of twinkling stars and it's look really magnificent. It bring him memories.

'She really loves stars. I remember today is our anniversary'

He coldly laugh at the inside. She is not here anymore and it's all was his fault, he shouldn't have left her. He had promised.

He lose in his thought again. The stars is really beautiful today. No wonder she loves them so much.

He remember the way her lazy eyes twinkle in fascination every time they watch the starry sky together.

Suddenly out of nowhere come a man dressed in red from the behind. He pat the man back and forcefully pull him along to somewhere.

"Jin Feng, what are you doing?" The masked man said, he doesn't need to see who is was because he already know the man due to his high sense as a martial artist.

" Tian Yu! Just come with me! You had been like this for God know how long!" The man in red named as Jin Feng commented. He doesn't know why but every years of the same day , this friend of his will come out to the street and stare at the night sky. Had he gone nut in the head?

Only if Tian Yu know what this man had been thinking, he would surely beat there the crap out of Jin Feng. But well thanks for Jin Feng's wise thought of not voicing it out loud, he is safe for now.

Tian Yu just let himself to be pulled around by Jin Feng. Honestly he can escape anytime and Jin Feng can't even match up with him. He doesn't even bother to say anything.

Jin Feng truly felt frustrated, since Tian Yu back 5 years ago, he had drastically changed. He want the old less colder Tian Yu back! God is so unfair! Wuwu~

They stopped in front of a magnificent red building. There was lots of people around. The girls were waving their hankerchief and men were walking inside.

' Red Flower Brothel'

The sign read as. This place was in the red district, as the famous brothel in the capital , it is normal for it to bustling with people.

Tian Yu look at Jin Feng with a murderous glare.

"Why did you bring me here?"

" Tian Yu, it's been long since we spend our time together and you hadn't even have any fun! Lose up a little" Jin Feng replied. Who wouldn't know the habit of Jin Feng visiting brothel almost everyday. Even so they still didn't know that this man in front of him is as innocent as a little kid about the 'adult' things. He come only to have taste some eyes candies and maybe fold it a little...

Tian Yu know about Jin Feng's love for beauties but why does he even need to visit brothel? He can found beauties at different places, just like him who had found his woman.

His mind started to wander again. Jin Feng heive a sigh , " Just come with us for our brotherly friendships, okay? Even though you doesn't want to have beauties but there is still good wine to enjoy. "

Tian Yu think of it for a moment. He didn't reply anything, but he still hadn't move either. Jin Feng grinned and pull him inside.

It's actually quite loud inside.Girls and men voices and praise make Tian Yu's ear twitch with irritations.

" Xiao Fang! Where the fudge are you?!" Jin Feng hollered.

Tian Yu sigh, he forgot that he still have another devil as his best friend.

Immediately , come a man in dark blue walking down from the stairs. His face have a devilish smile. He stopped in front of them and laugh.

" Well you see ,us three monkeys is finally here. " Tian Yu's face blanked and so is Jin Feng's .

'Monkeys you say?'

Jin Feng opened his mouth to retort but before he can utter a word he had been cut by a high pitched voice of a woman.

In front of them appeared a woman that is old enough to be their aunt. Not to mention that these men were actually at mid 20. She apparently the madam of the brothel. You see ,that mean she is the boss in here.

She waved her hankerchief while talking, " Yu WangYe, Lord Jin and Lord Xiao it's a huge bless for us to have the three of the Lord here. "

Tian Yu nodded.

"So what can we do?" The madam ask, fully knowing wrong moves may bring bad luck. This is Yu WangYe she is talking to, adding with Sir Xiao that known for experimenting with girls, well if you count torturing is the same with experiment then. This is bad luck instead! It may bring huge income and she loves money but she love more to keep her head and her girl's head intact please.

"Just show us our room and prepare a performance for us." Jin Feng ordered and the madam guided them there.

The three of them sat on the stools in front of the table. There was screen divided behind of them and a bed while a huge stage sat in front of them.

Tian Yu fill his cup with wine and start drinking.

Few minutes later, once again the door is opened and there come the madam with few girls behind of her. They curtsied and walk up to the stage with their back facing them.

" The main dancer today is our best girl, she just come from the Silver Flower Brothel last week. Hope the three Lord enjoy and emerge with pleasure!" The madam laughed and walk out with their permission.

There were two girls which one sat at each side of Jin Feng and Xiao Fang. They accompanied them while slightly playing with their fingers and brushing their soft chest onto these men's hands from time to time while they were watching the show. Tian Yu indifferently drank the wine with a slightly dazed look in his eyes while twirling the cup im his hand.

Soon the music started, it is really pleasing to the ears. The girls all turn around and dance in circle with a girl in the middle. Their movement were very clear and gracefully but at the same time sexual. Their clothes show their bare shoulder and their curves well.

The girl in the middle is clearly the main dancer as she have different set of clothes and dance like a flowers and butterfly fluttering in the summer.

She removed her long sleeve that is covering her face and move her hands gracefully . The two men unconciously had bewitched look on their faces as they saw the girl. Her every movement is like a clear water and it bring pleasure to see her dancing . She is really beautiful. Snow white skin, long lashes, almond shaped eyes and moist red blossom lips. She is truly a beauty that can bring downfall to a city. Her face is dolled up and there is a red flowers drawn at the side of her right eyes. Moreover she have an unique pair of eyes, which is golden in colour.

Jin Feng is practically drooling over her. 'Fuck to all beauties he ever saw. They can't even compared to this beauty in front of him. Truly an eye candy.'

Xiao Fang's signature devilish smile craved onto his face, even though she is truly a beauty but she is only a prostitute after all. What excite him the most is the pair of eyes that belonged to her. He really wonder?

Tian Yu look at his friends and wondered why they are in that state, especially Jin Feng that is salivating . What is he? A kid with snot to salivate like that? Please!

Tian Yu raised his eyes to look at the direction they are looking at and immediately his body froze. His heart beats rapidly and his grip on the cup tightened. He felt really excited but at the same time shocked, she is here. His little wife, that had been missing over the years. He felt the longing and sadness burst from his heart.

"Bai Hua" he muttered the name under his breath but it's actually loud enough to attract the attention of other people around him. The girl look at him and for a split second she revealed a shocked expression and sadness in her eyes.

It is only for a split second tho, she still continue her dancing and smile at Tian Yu's direction.

'Look like we met again.'


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