Flower of Ruins
3 Chapter 2: Does it come too?
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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3 Chapter 2: Does it come too?

5 year ago,

Silent night, there was no sound that can be heard as though as the night were mourning in silent.

The night is cold, on top of the hill stand an old house that is surrounded by trees. It look rather abandoned, but it's not, as there were light from the inside.

On the bed lay a lifeless body of a young girl around 16 years old. Her clothing is a bit haggard but it still look decent, just like the clothes of abandoned noble. One look at the body, men would surely felt aroused as the girl is really beautiful. Her eyes closed decorated with long lashes. Her body is like snow, it look really soft and pretty even though she look pale. But due to living in mountain without any maids, her skin had turned a tad bit tanned but it still didn't lessen her beauty. Her sword like brow is perfect and her red blossom lips is really alluring.

Unfortunately, her eyes is closed as she had died. It such an a waste.

Suddenly, her once closed eyes opened and revealed her gold lazy and clear eyes . She look left and right and immediately jerk up.

'Where am I? This is surely not the hospital'

She look down on herself and examine her body. Oh well, she look fine despite being engaged in an accident to save her younger brother.

She rub her forehead in relive , but then froze.

After a few seconds, she finally snapped from her frozen state.

"Whattttt? I'm not injured and am I wearing hanfu....?" She look at her body and realized that she is wearing light green hanfu. She blanked out for a moment and come to a conclusion.

'I had transmigrated.... '

She turned dumfounded. She felt happy to still be alive but at the same time this is an era that she doesn't know!

Suddenly her head hurt and she felt like fainting. In her mind there suddenly a flood of memories that doesn't belonged to her. It seem like she got the previous owner 's memories.

The previous owner name is actually Bai Hua the same with her. She is the first legitimate daughter of the Bai family but then got exiled due to the hateful woman's scheme. She had previously stole the first wife place from Bai Hua's mother and now she planned to make her daughters to rose and she doesn't want anyone to compete with them, especially Bai Hua that is known for her beauty.

Such an a motterfucker of a bitch. Bai Hua silently curse. Well sorry for her colourful choices of words.

For her, revenge is surely sweet, but she won't be doing anything if they hadn't provoke her first. Even though she had occupied the previous owner's body but she had not any reason to seek revenge in her state. She's sorry but she will take good care of the body.

The day is still night, the moon shine brightly through the window. Bai Hua lay back down then closed her eyes and pull the blanket to cover half of her face.

"Well, I'm sleepy. Everything can wait tomorrow." She yawned and within a seconds fall asleep. Habit die hard, she is like a cat. Love to lazy around and play.


The next morning,

Bai Hua woke up and stretch her body lazily. Her half closed eyes, scan her surrounding slowly. She got out of the bed and wear the coarse shoes at the side of the bed.

The house is small and only have barely enough necessity, but she will manage. She had used living in a village after all.

She found a basket outside of the house.

'This will do' she thought.

She walk toward the woods to gather vegetables, fruits and firewood. The house have a small kitchen but there is no firewood left.

Bai Hua walk a few meters away to the west when she found a river with the water as clear as crystal, the water shine under the sun and it look practically dazzling. Bai Hua stared at the water and saw her reflection. She is quite shocked as their face look almost alike, except for the fact that this new body look more beautiful seductive than she is in her previous life.

Not only that but she look younger and her gold like eyes is almost here with her. Actually Bai Hua is already 18 years old in her previous life so that mean now she had become younger than before.

Bai Hua touched her face, well beauty is known to bring trouble at this time right? Huh look like she will be facing with lots of trouble. She sigh and contemplating on her future fate, she is too lazy to deal with it.

She rise her face with the river's water and continue her walks. She will remember this place so that she can come again to bath or something.

Bai Hua walked a long way and gathered quite a lot of eatable ingredients and firewoods. The sun is already up high on the sky, it must be around 1 or 2 pm now. Bai Hua's stomach grumble.

"Well I'm hungry, I think it's enough for a few days" she talk to herself and started to walk home from the path that she had come from before. She have a good memories and can remember it easily.

On her way home, she suddenly heard the sound grunts from the bushes. It appeared to belonged to a man.

" Who?" Bai Hua asked but got no reply. Curiously, she walk toward the sound and is shocked to find a man in black heavily injured. He is leaning against the tree trunk with his slightly torn robes clinging on his body. There is blood all around, and if she hadn't heard the sound and see the movement of the man, Bai Hua would had already thought he is dead.

The man look at her, with his blurred vision he can't make out the figure clearly. He should be aware of people coming closer, but because he doesn't felt any malicious intend coming from the person, he let the person do whatever he/she wanted. Or it's just, he already accepted his fate.

He felt weaker and weaker. He can feel his life slipping away from him and he lost consciousness.

'What does a man doing here? And with heavy injuries at that!' Bai Hua walk toward him at the same time he lost consciousness.

Bai Hua pulled him and let him lay down on the ground. She is lazy to do lots of things but she can't just ditch a human's life. For God's sake! This is a human's life!

Bai Hua examine his body. There is deep wounds on his body and it is bleeding non stop.

She tap her chin, 'does her ablities come with her too?, well her gold eyes is here.'

She rip his upper robe and let his upper body bare. With full of concentration Bai Hua raised both of her hand located it over his open wounds. Suddenly there come out a threat like golden light and the wound started to knit together on itself.

It heal up just enough to stop the bleeding. Bai Hua already felt weaker. Nevertheless, the bleeding was stopped so he should be fine now.

Therefore, now she can bring him up to her house safely without the risk of him dying halfway.


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