Flower of Ruins
4 Chapter 3: It can do for now
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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4 Chapter 3: It can do for now

Bai Hua cleaned the man's face with a rug and the water from the river's. Now she can see clearly the face that belonged to the man. Unfortunately there is a wound that trail down from his eyebrow to the side of his right eyes. It is a terrifying looking wound.

'It will surely leave scar later. '

She averted her gaze away frim the cleaned wound and trace his facial features with her eyes. She is actually shocked to see a familiar face. He have the same handsome face as the stranger that she had once met in her previous life, and also the man which captured her heart.

His handsome feature was unfantomely perfect. Slightly healtly bronze colored skin skin and slightly pink lips. Sharp and thick brows. He look heavenly defyingly handsome.

She wonder, how would his eyes look?

Afterwards, Bai Hua cleaned the man's body.

His perfectly sculptured lean and masculine body make Bai Hua can't help but to blush. Even though she is from the modern life but she is still only a young pure maiden and would blush when seeing a drool worthy body of a man. Dang, she honestly had catched her friend's rotten illness. Haha, She laugh. 'How is she and my brother now? She hope they are well'

Done cleaning the wounds she teared up her own inner clothes to make a bandage for the man, even though the wound was healed by Bai Hua's but it's only half of it and not completely.

She only managed to knit the deep open wound enough to stop the bleeding. She only have 5 hanfu which actually barely pass decent in here and some old cloth that she found in the closet. She also already turned one as a bandage for the man.

'It's going to be hard to survive in the winter.' she thought.

While bandaging the man, she realised that her abilities is actually really useful in this era. Unfortunately, she can't cure herself with her abilities and it will only make her body and energy weaker if she always use it. Which also will be shortening her life pan, if used to the max.

Based on the bruises and wounds on his body, Bai Hua suspected that he have internal injuries as well. Not only that but his nail is grey and his blood is black indicating that he had been poisoned.

His face crunched up in pain. Look like the poisons and internal injuries is acting up against each other. Bai put a wet towel on the man's forehead as he is burning hot with fever.

Bai Hua ran to the kitchen and grabbed a small knife that she found. She also bring a bowl of water and a spoon.

Bai Hua cut her palm with the knife and let her blood drip into the bowl of water, then she stir it with the spoon to make the blood dissolve in the water.

Bai Hua bring the spoon to the man's mouth to feed him. Her blood is really special, it can cure internal injuries and poisons if being continuoesly consumed.

She tried to feed him but it only failed in vain as the water will only flow out from the edge of his mouth.

This make her eyes twitched,

"Oh come one! I only want to help you. Drink up you little mouth!"

She actually sound like a crazy woman talking. She sigh and drink up the medicine her self, but she didn't swallowed it. Bai Hua bring her lips toward the man's lips and kissed him.

With her tongue she oarted his lips and inserted her tongue inside of the man's mouth and let the water pour down. Finally the man swallowed it with gulping motions. She repeated it for 3 times until the 'medicine' finished.

'His lips taste great and soft.' and

'Why and what is she even thinking about?'

Her cheeks is already turned red because of this. She had gave her first, second, third, and forth kisses to this man. Moreover he is a stranger and unconscious.

'Will it be taking as she taking advantages of a man? '

Bai Hua smile a little. The man look more in ease now, so she doesn't need to worry for the time being.

She know that its going to take a long night. It's better to save up energy and sleep. She yawn lazily, today she had consumed quite a lot of energy. It make her body feel weaker.

She fall asleep at the bedside of the bed, even though it's not comfortable but at least she can take care of the man if anything happened.



The man face crunched up in pain as sweats rolls down his face. His body tremble as his breath quicken. At one glance you can tell that he is in a lot of pain. Bai Hua slowly opened her eyes as she can feel movement and come to face the man. His condition look really bad.

She put her palm on his forehead and instantly she can feel his body burning hot.

'This is terrible, he is having a high fever, before his body temperature had decreased so why would it accelerate now?'

Bai Hua glance at the man. She honestly doesn't know what to do. She can only put a wet rug on his forehead and wipe the man body with water in hope that his temperature decreased.

Apparently it doesn't work much as his temperature not only hadn't decreased but it's getting higher instead.

Bai Hua bite onto her palm and pinched the man's cheek to open his mouth. Bringing her lips closer, she let her tongue slip in and let her blood poured inside the man mouth. His Adam-apple bobbed up and down.

She wipe the corner of her mouth and sat down again. She play with the blanket and wait for the 'medicine' to work. Even though her blood is 'magical' as it can cure internal and poisoning but it can only heal completely if being consumed daily according to how serious their wound is. The worst someone's injuries is, the longer the time it needed for it to be healed completely.

Somehow, the man body's temperature dropped rapidly and he turned into a block of ice. His body is so cold that it can already make ice -cream . Look like the poison is triggered and acting up, even though after consuming her blood, the poison hadn't subsided instead it act against it and rapidly attacking his body.

Bai Hua sigh, she know really well on how her blood work, so she was sure that it's going to work and successfully fight the poison. The problem is, it need more time as the poison in his body is really powerful.

The man hivered.

"Cold" the man mouth move slightly and pronounced the word. Bai Hua look around her and take her other robe to cover the man. She draped her clothes onto the man's body and tucked him in with the blanket and her clothes. It's only make a pathetic job as it doesn't really help on warming the man's body up. Furthermore, the man height is a head taller than her and her clothes can't even cover the man's leg only the thin blanket managed to cover it . His condition is going to be worsen if he is left in this condition.

She massaged her forehead with her hand and sigh.

'Look like she doesn't have any other option.'

She touch the hem of her robe and slowly start removing her clothing.

One by one her clothes fall onto the floor and she is left standing only in her really thin inner clothes and dodou that doesn't even help covering her body. It can even be called as see through, but hey it's better than nothing.

She entered the pile of cloths and lay close to the man. The clothes before was already added onto the pile. She place her cheek on the man's chest and hug him close. The man's body is really cold to the touch. Bai Hua transfered her body's warm to the man. It will work even better if their body contact skin to skin, but it will do for now.

Bai Hua cheeks reddened, who wouldn't if they are in placed this condition.

She smile slightly, she is lazy to countinue thinking about other things and started to fall asleep next to him. She need to wake up before him.

"You need to responsible for me now" she muttered under her breath.


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