Flower of Ruins
5 Chapter 4: Responsibility
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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5 Chapter 4: Responsibility

Three days, three night that was how long the man stay unconscious. His Cold Fever also keep relapsing , making Bai Hua as his warm blanket.


The sound of birds chirping early in the morning. The ray of sun shine through the window, the man's eyes slowly opening, showing his phoenix like eyes and bottomless black orb. His face show coldness, his eyes move in confusion. Suddenly his coldness broke, rage surging from within his body when the first thing he saw was a girl face. Her thick eyes lashes just like a beautiful fan resting on her delicate skin. He previously wanted to toss the girl out but he stopped.

He abruptly sat down as heat rush to his cheeks. Both of his ears tinted in red. As if the cold man before was not the same person. He look at the girl again only to be shocked to found her body only covered in thin inner clothes, that's barely hiding anything from his view.

Her long white leg, thin waist and two delicate bunny on her chest. She have voluptuous bunnies. Due to her laying sideway it is pressed together making two attractive valley.


Drops of bloods fall onto the blanket. The man's nose bleed as his face beet red. Never in his 20 something life that he ever encounter something like this. Even the obscene picture in his limited edition book that he read secretly can't compare to the view he's facing now.

Slowly Bai Hua opened her eyes and her eyes lashes fans her redish cheek. She furrowed her brow as she realised the man was not at her side. She move and saw the man staring at her with blood flowing down his nose.

'Oh well... '

She secretly laugh watching him. She sat up and look at the man deep in the eyes. Her movement make she look more alluring.

" Done staring?" Her sweet voice is really pleasing to hear to. The man snapped out from his daze and his mouth moves but no words come out. He want to speak but didn't know what to say.

'This is too embarrassing!'

Bai Hua smile and lay back down on the bed. " You better sleep, you hadn't completely cured yet"

She clicked her tongue and started to drip to sleep. Her body felt hot. 'Look like this body is far weaker than her previous life. '

The man look at her flabbergasted 'She can fall asleep in this kind of situation? Who is she anyway?'

The last thing that he remember was being ambushed after his escape before. He should felt suspicious toward this girl but somehow he felt safe around her and there is something that he can't describe about it. He also didn't felt disgusted only a moment of rage at first. 'Moreover, based on this situation, look like she is the one who saved my life.'

The man look at the girl and tilted his head with a small smile. When he hear a soft even breathing, he realized that the girl had already fallen asleep. He lay down next to her and look at her slightly red face. Look like she is sick, was it's because of him? The man ask himself. He know his condition very well and his wounds were very serious, even he afraid that he won't survive the day before but somehow this girl managed to tend to his wounds and saved him. Due to his seriously injured body, he know that there was a chance of dying when the fever attacked him.

He take a deep breath and circulated his qi to check his body. Indeed his wounds is already treated. His eyes snapped open when he detected poisons in his body. 'Ice Fire Poison ' this poison is really dangerous as it burn the victim body from inside, they will feel hot temporary but they will only felt coldness as time pass. If not treated, only death await the victim. No wonder that they managed to defeat him even though he is one of the most powerful cultivator in the Xuan Country. He is already at the Highest Deity Realm on his early 20.

He look at the girl laying next to him and his lips slightly tugged upward. 'She is a good girl and brave enough to save an unknown man like himself. She can even categorised as a fool! She even sacrifice her reputation to treat him with her body.'

He close his eyes and thought to himself. ' I will be responsible for her and make her mine. This is the first time for me to feel really comfortable with someone, especially toward a girl. '

'moreover he is not an irresponsible man'

With this thought, the man went to the dream land peacefully next to her.

Unknown to Bai Hua, the man had already had the thought to take her as his. This is the start of their relationship.


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