Flower of Ruins
6 Chapter 5: He is not like this ah!
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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6 Chapter 5: He is not like this ah!

Bai Hua woke up to find the man was nowhere to be seen. Lazily yawning, she get up from the bed and dazely wear her garments.


Her head snapped at the kitchen, curiously she walk over and found the man with the firewoods scattered around him.

"What are you doing?" she asked, her heart is complaining with laziness, 'tsk, I'm certainly need to tidy it up'

"I accidentally collided with the firewoods" He replied with a straight face, but if you look closely, you can see that his ears is red and his eyes was looking everywhere expect at Bai Hua.

Bai Hua shake her head, and move to pick the firewoods up. "You shouldn't move around much. Do you think it's easy to treat you?"

The man look at her and absentmindedly nodded his head, his mind began to go back to the spring view that he had witnessed, making the slight blush to redden more. He inwardly curse himself for being a pervert. 'He is not like this ah!'

... but, it can't be his fault anyway, he is a man after all. After seeing the spring view, he will awkwardly tried to control his mind now as he tend to remember the view of her body beneath the clothes of hers.

"Come let me change the bandage" Bai Hua called as she walk inside the living room/bedroom and took some of her already ripped inner garments. She opened her arms and gesture him to come closer.

Nonetheless, he walk to her and sit at the side of the bed. Trying very hard to act natural.

She help him to move his right arm as it can't be moved too much. She unwrapped the blood soaked bandage, revealing the wounds, some of it already start to form scabs. Due to the man moving around, some of it had already reopen and bleed. It's still quite a terrifying scene.

The man look at his wounds, and realised that it had healed really well and fast, tho still bloody. His head tilted in confusion as he stare at her.

Seemingly realising that she has been stared at, Bai Hua raised her head and look at him. "What?"

"Nothing. It's just, how many days that I had been out?"

"Three days, why?"

"Nothing" it's had only been 3 days? He know that as a martial artist, his body will heal faster than normal, but he was seriously injured, it's Impossible to have the deep wounds healed to this extent. What is her identity anyway?

"Mmm" Bai Hua nodded her head, satisfied with the way she had bandaged him.

She yawned and asked. "What is you name?"

"..... " the man did not reply.


"Tian Yu"

" Tian Yu. It's sound nice. I'm Bai Hua" she introduce herself, with a smile and her half closed eyes curved into arch. It make the wooden face of the man subconsciously arch a small smile and blood rush to his ears again. He does not easily blush but this is the first time that he had saw a girl's body and she does not even have any ulterior motive. Usually, the girls that tried to seduce him would had been thrown out without even getting within 50 cm close to him.

"If you may, rest well and let me laz- I mean let me rest " Bai Hua coughed and lay down on the bed with her face buried on the pillow.

Her cheeks have been slightly red and she felt hot. "Look like I had caught a fever.. tsk, this body is far weaker than me before, no wonder she died shortly after exiled here." her mumbles were muffled by the pillow.

Because of his good hearing, he can hear what she said tho not really clear as it was muffled. His brows furrowed in confusion and his eyes stare curiously at her laying at the inner side of the bed. 'What does she mean by that? and doesn't she know that man and woman should keep their distance? Why is she casually lying there.'

Tian Yu rearrange his position and sat half leaning on the head board. He studied her sideway profile and unconsciously his lips curved into an arch. 'She is really interesting'


The next day,

*poke poke*

" Dude, wake up." Bai Hua pokes Tian Yu with the spoon in her arm. Tian Yu opened his eyes and saw Bai Hua poking on him on his face. He hadn't even realise her movement if not for her continuous poking and voices. Look like he had lowered his guard and senses had been down.


" Time for your medicine." Bai Hua helped him to sit and gestured the medicine in her arm.

"I can't.." Tian Yu replied.

"Why? " she asked but Tian Yu did not reply, instead he look at his bandaged right arm. Bai Hua's mouth form an 'O' in understandment. How foolish of her , he is injured of course it's hard for him to eat it.

"Then I will help you. " Bai Hua drag the stool to the side of the bed and sit down. Bai hua stirred the medicine with the spoon and slowly bring the spoon to his lips to fed him, she do it with care and warmth slowly filled Tian Yu heart. Unknown to her, the corner of Tian Yu's mouth curve into a suspicious arch.

Tian Yu furrowed his brows, the medicine taste like blood. He was shocked and want to know what the medicine contains, his eyes caught the sight of her bandaged palm. Suddenly, he got a rough idea on it, but he didn't question it. Nonetheless, the idea is ridiculous.

If only he know that his idea is actually really near the truth. What would he feel?

Bai Hua bring the bowl to the kitchen, but halfway she realized something. Her eyes narrowed and doubt filled her face. 'His wounds may still look terrifying but it should be okay to hold onto the bowl, maybe a bit inconvenience but he should be able to move his hand slightly to drink the medicine.'

Bai Hua glance back at the figure on the bed, with suspiciousness 'Did I had been taken advantage of?'

'mm, maybe I'm just overthinking things' Bai Hua shrugged and continue her way to the kitchen. As for Tian Yu, he started to feel sleepy and his eyes felt heavier. It is the side effect of drinking the 'medicine' prepared by Bai Hua, within minutes, Tian Yu's even breathing can be heard. His head was tilted while leaning on the headboard and his slightly opened lips make he look more handsome. Add it up with his half bare bandaged strong chest, no girl would escape this honey trap.

This is precisely the scene Bai Hua encountered when she arrived back at the living room/ bedroom. Unconsciously her lips turned upward revealing warmth filled smile. Tho Tian Yu's face was scarred, the long trail of redish mark trailing down from his eyebrow to his cheek does not scare nor disgust Bai Hua, instead she felt that it only add up to his appearance and it is more appealing.

Suddenly, she had the urge to trail the scar down with her finger, and she just do that.


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