Flower of Ruins
7 Chapter 6: That“s a good idea... Hua“er
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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7 Chapter 6: That“s a good idea... Hua“er


The sky was starting to turn red, Bai Hua stand at the kitchen while holding onto a wood cooking soup spoon. The warm from the stew being cooked can be seen and the aroma quickly filled the whole room.

Tian Yu, who was sleeping on the bed wake up, twitching his nose his stomach suddenly growl. At this time Bai Hua come in his view holding onto two bowl. He can see the heat coming from the bowl.

"Oh, you already wake up? You sleep like a pig." Bai Hua laugh and put the two bowls filled stew onto the small table at the side.

"It's already evening, come and eat." She gestured to the bowls on the table, she take one of it and slowly blow up before eating it. Tian Yu look at the eating Bai Hua and he cast his gaze back to the other bowl on the table. 'It does not look very appetizing..' he judged in his mind.

Bai Hua put down the bowl from her hand and as though as she can read what is in his mind, she commented " Don't judge something from the outside, or you may mistaken a rock as pearl"

Tian Yu remove his gaze from the bowl and look at the stew filled spoon in front of his face. "Open up." Bai Hua gestured. Tian Yu opened his mouth and swallowed the stew down his throat.

'It does not taste bad, in fact it's actually really good, tho the black substance is really suspicious...'

Tian Yu opened his mouth again and Bai Hua laughed. She immediately, help him to eat by blowing the stew before feeding him. At this time, she does not realise that her usually half-closed eyes appear more dazzling. Her golden eyes shine in Tian Yu's eyes.

He did not realise that a woman's eyes can be this dazzling and beautiful, or it's just.. her's


Weeks had passed and they still live in the old house. His wounds had almost healed completely, it's just the poison that is not completely cleared. Each time passing, the seed of affection starts to grow in their heart.

"Eat more and drink medicine~" Bai Hua slurred the end of her word and continue feeding Tian Yu after making sure the porridge is not to hot.

Nevertheless, Tian Yu opened his mouth and eat. It seem that it's already become a habit for her to fed him herself. Mirth filled Tian Yu's eyes. "You clearly know that I can use my hands now, don't you?"

Bai Hua raised her eyebrow and look at him questioningly, "What? You want to complain?"

He shake his head in amusement and docilely eat.

Bai Hua don't usually open up with stranger and socially lazy but she somehow can easily converse and interact with him, Maybe it is because he is the first person she saw and know since she arrived here.

After eating, she removed the bandages from his body. He does not need it now as his wounds had turned into red-ish scars. Bai Hua had long used of seeing his body, she does not blush easily too much now.

Looking at the strong muscular upper body, she realised that he does not have suitable male garments here. Even his pants had been used multiple times and rarely washed, even when it was washed, he is practically bare down there with only the blanket as the cover.

She look up and saw Tian Yu looking at her with an amused smile. She blinks her eyes questioningly. "Like what you see?"

Warm filled her face but she nodded and revealed a seductive smile. " Eight pack never lose it's charms"

Hearing her response, Tian Yu laughed and raise his hand to pat her head.

Bai Hua stretch out her arm and touch the scar on his face, slowly tracing down. She like to touch it, it have it's own charm.

"Am I ugly?" Tian Yu suddenly ask, making the finger tracing his scar stopped. He had been long want to ask this question every time she touched it. Bai Hua bring her gaze to his eyes and shake her head.

"but, if you think so then nothing can change your view.."

"but, for me it's not ugly.."

"instead it charmed me.." She revealed a smile and it quickly make his heart filled with warmths. He really want to pull her into his embrace at this moment. He realised that he like her since long, tho the time that they know each other is not very long but he always feel the warmth creeping inside his heart.

Bai Hua laughed looking at him. " If you are ugly then you can't marry in the future, why don't you marry me instead?"

At this moment, Tian Yu suddenly pulled her into his embrace. Her face rest onto his chest and her body was pressed tightly on his body. Bai Hua's gasped due to the sudden movement but she remain motionless in his embrace and innocently blinked her eyes.

His hand was tightly wrapped around her waist while the other was on her head. Tian Yu lowered his head and whispered in her ear. " That's a good idea... Hua' er"


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