Flower of Ruins
8 Chapter 7: She hit a jackpot ah!
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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8 Chapter 7: She hit a jackpot ah!

Bai Hua's cheeks burned, abruptly she get up and cover her burning cheeks, " I'm just joking. No need to take it seriously."

Tian Yu lifted his brow and laugh , his eyes full of mirth, "Why? You don't want me?"

"Well, it's not like we have some affection tho." She sat down and propped her chin. Her lips pouted.

Tian Yu smirked and stretch out his hand to hold her chin up. Leaning closer he said in a low sexy voice, " I have never said that"

and with that he lean in and plant a sweet short smooch onto Bai Hua's lips.

" I actually like you "

In response, Bai Hua smile, her rosy cheeks appeared appealing in his eyes.

'It's actually not bad marrying him..'

'Since long, she had wanted to find a man to be her husband. Too bad, she died young. '

'There is nothing to lose anyway..'

'Moreover, her heart flutter everytime he is around.'

She stretch out her hand and trail the scar down his face. " Promise me that you won't be having or marrying other woman as long as I live !"

She is not stupid, she know that almost all the ancient man usually think woman as their sex toy and place to produce descendant only. To put it simply, there are lots of women in their sideyard.

Tian Yu caught the hand on his face and softly said, " I promise" He felt that only having her , is already enough.

Bai Hua giggled. She stare at the phoenix eyes filled with honesty and think that she can trust him.


The next morning, after spending sweet times with Tian Yu. They decided to go to the town downhill that they heard from the passing hunter.

Rummaging through the wardrobe, which infact was already old. Bai Hua search for a cloth that can be sew as a upper garments. Looking at the worn out cloth inside she felt depressed. She is really poor now. She only have some broken taels and copper coins, which does not worth much.

She grab the black colored cloth and drapped it over Tian Yu's body before marking his measurement. With the needle and threads she start sewing and cut the leftover cloth. She turn the cloth into a simple men upper garment and the leftover cloth as belt.

While she is doing all that, Tian Yu had been watching her every movement, without feeling bored, infact he felt happy because this scene look like a doting wife sewing for her husband.

Bai Hua instructed Tian Yu to wear the garments and bring her pouch before going out of the house to collect some vegetables, herb or fruits that she can sell to earn more money.

Tian Yu put on the garment and its perfectly fit his body. Tho there is only two layer , he was already grateful and felt warm wearing it. The stitches was not very good but it passed. With a smile on his handsome face, he strode out and they start their way to the town.

With the help of nice passerby they managed to arrive at the small town after half a day journey on foot.

"You look funny.. " Tian Yu commented in amusement. Currently Bai Hua face is covered in some weird things that make her skin appear darker and she look very slopy with her hair slightly messed up. She does not look like a noble now and her beautiful appearance had been reduced a few notch. It is more convenient to move around now.

"Look who is talking.." She laugh and replied. Tian Yu's appearance was the same but his back was ramored straight, not helping at all covering the powerful aura around him.

They look like an ordinary couple and does not attract attention much, but due to seeing new faces in the small town which everyone know each other some people paid extra attention on them. Seeing that their appearance is only pass ordinary, less and less pay attention to them.

Which is good and won't be giving them a problem.

She is not narcissistic but! Her appearance was very eye-catching and honestly speaking she can be count as one of the most beautiful beauty in this era. In addition her eyes color, it is very unique. There was also some people that have different eye color in this country due to their mixed blood through their mixed marriage with foreigners at the border. But her gold colored eyes was only one in thousand.

Bai Hua look around the place and search for things that they need, while at that she also tried to sell the things that she got from the mountain.

They arrived at the Linghun Hall, the shopkeeper look at them curiously and walk forward to ask them.

"Shopkeeper, I have some herbs here. I wonder if you wanted to buy it."

"Miss, let me see the herbs first" He said and gestured for them to go to follow him. Unhurriedly she put the blue and yellow herbs on the table and noticed that the shopkeeper's eyes widen in disbelief and amazement.

She curiously look at him, the herbs that she collect from the mountain look exactly the same with the 'pasion flower' in her previous world. This is a common evolved herb in the her world, she does not know the use of it but she know that it is a useful herb.

"Is there is any problem? "

"No no, wait let me call for my master!" The shopkeeper shake his head and hurriedly left. Bai Hua turned dumbfounded and look at Tian Yu's face. She whispered, "Is there is anything wrong."

Seeing that his flower look very clueless, Tian Yu does not know if he should laugh or cry.

"How come you don't know that the herbs in your hand is a very rare kind of herbs that can help cultivators to smoothly breakthrough their rank?"

'ehh, there is actually cultivation in here?! She does not know that.. in the previous owner's memories she does not mention it'

Bai Hua look at the blue and yellow colored herbs blankly. 'She unknownly hit a jackpot ah! '

With that they who came in broke as hell become rich when they come out. They received 1000 taels of silver for only 3 stalks of herbs. Walking out , Bai Hua's face remain blank but her usually half closed eyes opened completely and shine in happiness.

'Who does not love money ah!'

Pasion flower: It's exist!! But the real uses is to help reduce and cure anxiety or headache


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