Flower of Ruins
9 Chapter 8 : He is not simple!
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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9 Chapter 8 : He is not simple!

" Hua'er Is it that good to have money?" Tian Yu asked as he look at the brightly shining eyes of Bai Hua.

Bai Hua nodded and expectantly glance at him, " You won't understand the feeling of not having money. It really hard to be broke." In the past, she hardly have any money to support her brother and herself. If it not for the rotten girl, she would not know about the underworld and make money for herself. In the Enchant Country, tho some of them was gifted with evolved power but in truth it's actually a curse. These kind of people was called as the cursed. Of course, where there come a power, there was also the consequences.

' When I bring you back then I will give all the money and things that you wanted' Tian Yu glanced at her and think to himself. But, the problem was, he does not want her to be involved in the imperial struggles.

" Why don't we register our marriage while we are still here?" He suggested, his lips curved upward as he look at her affectionately. Bai Hua nodded and intertwined their hands together. Her beautiful face craved with a lovely smile.


The sun shine from above, the amber light fall onto the couple face, making the people around them to stop and look at them. Their intertwined hands and smiling faces , looking at each other. They look very harmony and breath taking. It make people think about the world, 'Match made in heaven'.

They had already registered their marriage and bought the daily necessities they needed. They had also bought some things needed for a simple marriage. Tho they had already officially married but Tian Yu won't let Bai Hua lose the chance to have a marriage ceremony. It make his heart ache because it is only this simple. Glancing at the girl next to him, their gaze met.

"What?" she asked.

Tian Yu shifted his gaze and look at the setting sun, "It's getting late, why don't we search for an inn to stay the night?"

" I did not realised that time had passed so fast. " She exclaimed. Tian Yu leaned his head close and whisper next to her ear, his hot breath fan across her ear and cheek, making her shudder involuntary and faint colour of red appeared on her cheeks.

" Because you spend the time with me~ "

"What ..... "

Tian Yu laughed as Bai Hua nudged him on his rib. " Shut up, you are so chessy despite your cold and unapproachable appearance!" She complained and glare at him with a flustered face.

Seeing her red faced, his heart flutter in happiness and It only make Tian Yu to laughed out loud, attracting people gaze.

"Such an a cute couple."

"Tsk, young love!"

" I felt like eating too much dog food, ah! I'm so lonely...I do need to find a wife.."

Hearing the discussion around them Bai Hua humped and turn to left the still laughing Tian Yu.

He raised his hand and call for Bai Hua to wait for him. "Hua'er, Hua'er! Wait for your husband!"

The only reply he got is only a hump from her. His eyes was full of smile as he follow slowly the small silhouted infront of him.


Dragon Inn

Bai Hua and Tian Yu arrived at the inn. It is quiet full but they managed to get a room. They had used to stay together in the same room so it's won't be a problem.

The innkeeper gave the key to Tian Yu but before it can reach in his hand, it was snatched away. With an indifferent gaze Tian Yu look at the person who had snatched the key away.

The girl humped arrogantly as she play with the key in her hand. " It is the last room, you guys don't deserve it! Better to give it to me!"

Bai Hua scrutinized the arrogant girl. She have quite a beautiful face but it was ruined by her arrogance . Her clothing was made from a good fabric and tailor made. It had a fine details and was embroidered with lilacs. In one glance, her appereance scream ' arrogant rich miss'

Su Xing, the arrogant girl raised her chin arrogantly as she cast a glance at the inn keeper, she does not even bother with the 'pheasants ' infront of her. With a wave of her hand, a pouch filled with money arrived on top the desk. The inn keeper face turned troubled, it is obviously the young couple who had arrived first but looking at the young miss and her companions, he know that they were not people that they can mess with. His inn was the only inn in this small town, in addition it was also an average sizef one. He can't afford to risk his business.

Tian Yu move his mouth to say something, his body excluded a cold and chilling pressure. The other people can feel the cold pressure but it seem that Su Xing had not felt it, or it's just that she is dumb. But before he can say anything, Bai Hua held his hand and cut him off as she shifted her gaze to Su Xing, " Sure, you can take it. I don't want to bother with bitch - I mean miss like you. " it's true, she was too lazy to bicker in this kind of situation. After all Bai Hua can always make her pay. Inwardly, she smirked to herself.

After being called as a bitch, Su Xing's face turned uglier, from red to white back to red and white again. While Bai Hua was conversing with the Inn keeper to return their money, Without warning, Su Xing raised her hand and a whip powerfully swing toward the direction of Bai Hua.

"How dare you to call this miss a bitch! I shall teach you!" She screamed. There was no one that ever called her or talk to her in that kind of tone in the capital. If it wasn't for the rare herbs growing in the mountain near here than she won't even bother coming to this place.

The whip move ferociously, Bai Hua glance at the upcoming attack and did not move. The inn keeper face turned nervous as he can already expect what will happened.

But, before the whip manage to touch Bai Hua, a hand caught onto it and wrap it in a tight grip. No matter how hard Su Xing tried to pull it back, the grip would not lossen. Tian Yu stared at Su Xing with a murderous gaze decorating his phoenix eyes, how dare she make a move on his flower infront of him!

Su Xing was shocked that her attack was stopped, even her companions that was silent before, can't help but to stare at Tian Yu and mumble among themself,

'He is not simple!'


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