Flower of Ruins
10 Chapter 9: I love the starry night sky
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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10 Chapter 9: I love the starry night sky

"He is not simple"

Bai Hua inwardly agreed with them. Sure enough, tho Tian Yu basically was her husband now but honestly, she does not know lots of things about him. He never tell her about his background, when she mentioned it he will be very secretive about it.

"Let it go! You ! " Su Xing screamed as she tried to tug her whip away.

Cold glint pass through Tian Yu's eyes. He disliked this kind of girl the most, does she think that she can do anything that she want just because she was a miss from a rich household. With a tight clench from Tian Yu's grip, the whip snapped, or more likely the place that he hold turned into a powder.

Su Xing did not expect that , so because it was so sudden, she stumbled backward and fall pathetically onto her butt.

" How dare you!" She cried and raised her head to hatefully glare at Tian Yu. But, her face immediately changed when she saw the coldness and chill in his eyes, this time she just realised that the man had a very dangerous aura around him. Tho he was wearing commoner clothes but Su Xing couldn't help but to felt that now she was facing with an enraged sleeping dragon. Just now that she felt profile of this man look very familiar...

Her back felt a chill and her face immediately paled. If before she dared to act all mighty and arrogant due to her identity as an high ranking official's daughter, now she can only shrink herself.

Tian Yu turned around and walk out from the inn with Bai Hua. Immediately after they stepped out from the inn, Bai Hua giggled.

" You know, it is funny looking at her expression. " She commented as she hooked her arm around his arm.

Tian Yu glance at her in amusement. "Am I not scary?"

Bai Hua nodded, "Ya, but I'm not the one receiving it"

' but I don't think that she had got her lesson enough. '

Bai Hua thought about it. She was basically lazy, but when it include herself in it, she will make sure that the work will be done till the end and receive a very statisfying ending. She had heard something about them searching for herbs in the mountain and precisely know which mountain that they mentioned, she will just need to wait for then to come to her territory.

Secretly she revealed a smile that does not look like a smile but it quickly disappeared when she raised her head to ask a question:

"Where are we going to sleep now?, moreover with all the stuff that we just bought " She glanced at the tied cloth filled with stuff on their back. How could Tian Yu did not saw her smile before, it just that he let Bai Hua to do or think what she wanted.

So , in response of her question, Tian Yu casually shrugged with a teasing smile on his face.

"Wherever with you is fine"

"So chessy.." Bai Hua pinched his waist and laugh. " If that so then follow me"

Unbeknownst to her, a shadow was secretly watching them attentively since long. Tian Yu noticed since long and glanced at the shadow from the corner of his eyes but he decided to act like nothing was wrong and ignored the shadow. He know very well, why the shadow was here.


Under the starry night sky, two figure can be seen embracing each other. Tian Yu and Bai Hua lay on the hammock made by cloths tied on the trees. It slowly swing, the scene look very sweet with the man glancing at the girl in his embrace lovingly.

Bai Hua look up at the night sky filled with stars, her eyes shine and twinkle brightly under the reflection on night.

"I love the starry sky" She said in amazement as she shifted her gaze to the man embracing her.

"You know, I love it so much because it accompany me when I'm alone or when I shed tears either because of happiness or sadness. I felt that I'm being comforted by the night sky filled with stars. Even the moon look very beautiful. "

Tian Yu raised his hand to pat and play with Bai Hua's silk like night sky hairs. They lay in a comfortable silent. Everyday, Bai Hua will always look out from the window and each time, her gold eyes will shine more brightly than ever. Tian Yu was also there, to look at her with warmth in his eyes, there was nothing more beautiful than the scene of his little flower filled with amazement and happiness.

He hope that this moment will freeze forever. The moment where they were loving and happy with each other. It filled him with warmth that he never felt.

Unfortunately, he does not know that his decision in the future will ruin the flower that he treasured and loved the most.


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