Flower of Ruins
11 Chapter 10: I love you
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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11 Chapter 10: I love you

The next morning, they went back to the mountain, it was already evening when they arrived back in the house.

Bai Hua busied herself by decorating the old house in red. Two candles and wine on top of the red covered small table. The words 'happiness ' were patched on the wall, the red cloths were hung around. Sure enough the house were covered in red.

Bai Hua was in middle of wearing the red hanfu, when suddenly she heard a blow from the kitchen. Black smoke was coming out from the door and a black ashed face creature walk out from the kitchen. His hairs was in ruin and he was covered in black ashes. If the creature was this bad, then Bai Hua did not want to think about the kitchen's conditions.

She covered her mouth to stop in her laughter from cracking out. Under the ashes, Tian Yu, the creature's face was red. He felt the shame in his blood.

" I tried to cook.." He rubbed the back of his neck. He look so foolish doing that in his current condition. Thus, the laughter that Bai Hua tried hard to stop sounded around the house.

" If you include blowing the kitchen as cooking then sure~"

"... you look foolish..." She stated in between her laughter.

"Too bad then, that you married a foolish man like me " Tian Yu walk closer and with a raise of his hand, he smeared the ashes on Bai Hua's cheek and nose. He laughed as he look at the scrutched up face of Bai Hua.

Bai Hua humped and push him away to the kitchen, " Go and tidy up the mess. I'm too lazy"

All along, Tian Yu laugh until the door of the kitchen slammed infront his face. ' She really is quite lazy..'

He rubbed his chin and look around at the mess that he had created in the kitchen. The kitchen was in a hella mess, he bet that he also look alike to the kitchen's condition. Since when he, a royal blood was ever been asked to work in the kitchen? Tian Yu smirked, 'Well, it will worth later this night'

Night quickly roll in, the candles flicker in the dim room. Two figures in red stood infront of each other as they bow the last bow toward each other as husband and wife. Tian Yu handsome face look extra mesmerizing under the candles light, he look deeply at Bai Hua as he guide her to the bed.

Under the red veil, Bai Hua eyes look at the view of the feet infront of her. She appears calm but deep down she was nervous. It was after all the night of consummation, tho she was from the other time system and she had share a same bed with Tian Yu but it were after all innocent.

This was her first time in both of her lives.

Sitting quietly on the bed, Bai Hua waited as Tian Yu slowly lift up the veil, revealing his handsome face. Tian Yu look lovingly at his wife's face. Her face was dolled up with a small amount of makeup, making her look more beautiful. Her blossom lips were red and look very inviting, he raised his hand and slowly caress her lips. Their gaze were locked at each other.

" Beautiful.. " his soft voice arrived on Bai Hua's ear. It sent tingles around her body. Her gold eyes shone brightly than before, it only hold the reflection of Tian Yu's face.

Bai Hua smile and hold the hand on her lips. "Wait, I have something to give you"

She turn her body toward the small desk and pulled a drawer, a pouch of bag was inside of it. She gave it to him and Tian Yu curiously opened the bag, there were a jade tassel engraved with her name on it, a detailed flower engraving was accompanying her name. Other than the jade, there was also braided silk like hair tied with red thread inside.

"I don't have much to give, but I want you to always remember me and have a part of me with you anywhere. " As far as Bai Hua know, this kind of gifts was usually used as a love token. She wanted to give it to him, because she had to admit that she... liked no.. loved him.

Tian Yu held the gifts in his hand and put it aside carefully after a moment, he raised his hand and patted Bai Hua's head. " I will always have it with me. I want you to have my keepsake too. "

Tian Yu removed the jade thumb ring from his finger and gave it to her. The ring was carefully done, the green colour of jade look slightly transparent and the words 'Heaven Jade ' (Xuan Yu) was engraved inside of the ring.

"It was a token of love"

He suddenly said as he took the ring from her hand and put it aside. Tian Yu leaned over and whispered with his low and charming voice. " I love you" Anyone can call him crazy for falling in love with a stranger in a short moment, but she was the only one in his mind and heart. It felt like he had known her for a very long time. Each seconds he spent with her, he felt completed and it all was engraved deeply inside of his mind and soul. Her pair of gold eyes that will shine dazzlingly each time she was happy and excited. Her soft and enchanting smile or even her lazy nature that loves to sleep each second she got to, he loved it all. He does not realise when, but he knew that she was very important to him more than anyone else ever be.

Bai Hua blushed when she heard his confession, her eyes darted left and right as she shyly replied, " I.. Love you too" She does not easily like people nor she can easily fall in love but with him, it felt different, she fall fast and hard. Every moment with him was very sweets. She had heard once before, that tho 'the cursed' were hard to fall in love but when they met the destined one, they fall fast and hard for them. There were no second after the first.

She also heard that there was also heartbreaking moments that will fall suddenly. It was the most painful experience that almost all of ' the cursed' will face, dying and living it was unknown, but she keep it at the very back of her mind.


Immediately after her confession, Tian Yu leaned forward and place his lips onto Bai Hua's lips. His kissed were sloppy but it was hard and demanding, just like he wanted to express his feeling with his movement. Bai Hua was stunned for a moment but later move her lips together with him. Tian Yu licked her bottom lips and parted it open, his hot and warm tongue intertwine with her. Bai Hua's soft moans sounded in his ears.His big and strong arm tightly pressing her soft body with him. His hands were restless, with a soft push, he pushed her down and pressed her body underneath him.

The beast inside of him was slowly awakening.

His large and scorching palm went up her chest and parted her clothes away. Her fair and delicate shoulder and her voluptuous bunnies were revealed. She did not wore her dudou this time because honestly, it was not comfortable.

Their lips parted with a silver thread in between. Their breath were short and their face were red. Tian Yu's gaze shifted to her chest and saw her white voluptuous perks. The slightly pink dot placed ontop. Bai Hua look at him and subconsciously whined, with a smirk on Tian Yu's lips he tugged at her belt, revealing her full body before connecting their lips again for another breath taking kiss.

He placed his hand on her private part downtown and play with her sensitive button, Bai Hua's breath quicken and her moans filled his mouth. His other hand rest on her right bunny and started groping.

Tho, his seemingly smooth movement but actually he was ranking his brain to remember exactly what to do next based on his limited edition obscene book. He was nervous as he follow his man's instinct.

Thanks lord he had the books! o(≧∇≦o)

Soon, his clothes were off and their body intertwined as one. Her cries of pain and pleasure and moans filled the room followed by his grunts and quick pants. The bed creaked along.

The room was filled with the scent of love making for a long night...


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