Flower of Ruins
12 Chapter 11: Being a shadow guard is not easy ah!!
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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12 Chapter 11: Being a shadow guard is not easy ah!!

The very first thing that Bai Hua saw after waking up was Tian Yu's face looking at her. His obsidian eyes were so deep that she can practically lose in it. Bai Hua curved a smile and raised her hand, tracing the scar on his face. She always did that, tracing the scar on his face with a fascinated gaze in her eyes, it seem to turn into her hobby everytime they was together.

"How are you doing? Is it still hurt?" Tian Yu asked. He wrapped his arms around her and place a smooch on her forehead.

" Only a bit sore ... " Lie! It's ain't a 'bit' sore! When she thought about what happened yesterday night, her face flushed red. Tho, she had saw lots of man's private part, she was a virgin okay! in this and previous life! It was different to 'saw' and to 'do'

She giggled as she buried her head in his broad and strong chest, it was her safe and favourite place. Only breathing in his scent she already felt content and happy.

They stayed in that position for minutes comfortably, engulfing in each other scent. Their naked skins felt nice and hot onto their own.

Until, Tian Yu stood up and wore his pants and hang his robe loosely on his shoulder. With a mischievous smile on his handsome face, he scoop her up in one motion. Of course, he does not forget to wrap her up like a burrito in the blanket. Bai Hua shriek in surprise and immediately hook her arms around his neck.

"What are you doing? Put me down!"

Instead of putting her down, he act as though as he had lose his hold and almost make her fall down. Surprised by that, she cried and wrap her arms tighter onto his neck.

Tian Yu laughed and brushed his nose softly with her's, " Hua'er Let me wash you, you may felt uncomfortable now because of yesterday night."

With a few leaps, he brought Bai Hua in his arms to the river that was not so far from their house. This river was usually the place they use as bathing water and other things. The water look really clear and it was not too shallow nor deep, it was just perfect.

Before putting Bai Hua down on her feet, Tian Yu glare at the tall tree meters away from them, the chill in his eyes was very terrifying. The shadowy figure on the tree immediately felt the chill down his back, sweat broke out from his forehead.

The shadow understood that if he keep spying on them, His lordship would certainly gouge his eyes out before killing him. He left considerately and never turn again, not really tho cause he would be there after they had their 'fun'.

Tian Yu shifted his gaze and removed the blanket covering Bai Hua's body, revealing her white and tender body that were decorated by love marks. At this moment, Bai Hua just realised that she was naked, immediately her face turned a bit red as her hands move automatically to cover her private part.

She was not the only one blushing, Tian Yu ears were red and his face was looking away after getting the glimpse of the spring view that he had devoured and marked before.

Bai Hua saw his ears and she was amused, she should be the one embarrassed, shouldn't she? Yes, she was standing naked at the place that can be considered as 'public' but she can just thought it as wearing an invisible bikini, moreover this mountain was desolated, there were only a handful of people that had ever come. The trees and the rocks around also help to gave them some cover.

She walk toward him and hugged him tight, her voluptuous bunnies were pressed on his bare chest . Tian Yu can feel the curves of it clearly on his skin. His body turned hot, and the blood rushed toward a certain place as he look at his flower's beautiful face. No matter how, or why, she was the only one that can make him hot and bothered like this. In the past, there were also some daring women approaching him naked and seductive, which was sent by his own mother. Yet, he only coldly look at them and threw them out in a blink of eyes. He felt helpless, it seem that his mother always worried about him not having a heir, dude, he was only 20 something and young... but she will said that, " Men your ages, had already have litter of children on the floor"

She does not know that Tian Yu would not touch anyone that he doesn't like. He have his own need too but he can do the business himself and there was also that limited edition books hiding somewhere in his chamber. No one would ever thought someone that known as cold and domeneering in the capital will had this different sides in him.

Tian Yu carried her up and walk to the river to have a bath.

"No funny business."

His robes was discarded on the riverbank. They thoughtfully wash their body, but due to his flower seductive temptation, it was a hard tasks for him to stay calm. Bai Hua intentionally teased him, she can saw and felt that Tian Yu was quite innocent ,er not really but yes, innocent was one of it. She could not help but to mess around with her hubby.

Due to her teasing, halfway bathing in the river, Tian Yu admited defeat and slip himself inside her when she was not paying much attention. Later, Bai Hua gasped and look at him in disbelief. Tian yu smirked and moved his hip, increasing his speed with each thrust as his hands sneaked to massages her voluptuous bunnies.

Her delightful moans was slightly muffled by the sound of water flowing in the river. She tried hard to not make a loud noises in their ecstasy.


Somewhere, away from their place,

The previous shadow crouched down on the ground as he draw circles with the stick that he found. He sighed heavily, he can hear some.. lewd and weird noises coming from their direction. Apparently, he was not far enough, maybe far from their and his eyes sight but not far enough to be out of their noises range and to make it worse he can't go more far than this because he need to be always by his lordship's side. This was the first time that he regret having a sensitive and sharp ears. He raised his head in grievance toward the sky and silently cried,

' Being a shadow guard is not easy ah!!'


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