Flower of Ruins
13 Chapter 12: He know...
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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13 Chapter 12: He know...

At the other side of the mountain, Su Xing and her companions were walking through the thick jungle. They were equipped with jungle trekking equipment, their robe were short and comfortable, it were suitable to walk through the thick jungle without their clothes being stuck to the branches and plants around them.

Su Xing was getting irritated as they had been in this mountain for 2 days already and they haven't even found the 'passion flower' that they need. She hated it here, it was not comfortable at all and there were lots of bugs and mosquitos. Even the food was bland!

Su Xing and her companions' food supplies had almost run out, so they can only eat simple dishes now. Su Xing was not used to this!

Well, it was her fault, she ate extravagantly even though this was a mission. It was the biggest grievance for her other companions. Their group were a total of 5 people, the food supplies should be enough to last them at least a week, but due to Su Xing manner of eating, which were having plates of food in a meal and throwing the tons leftover later. Come one! Each meal can already feed them for 2 days!

They wanted to complains but they just can't, they were only guards, servants or a low ranking official daughter.

Even the low ranking official daughter in the group know not to waste her food, but look at the 17 years old girl leading infront of them. This was the perfect example of an arrogant but brainless brat.

Why does master hand this mission to her? Just because she was his favourite concubine's daughter and was quite famous in society, he spoiled her rotten and give her an important mission to give her some experiences so that she can be more greater.

" Why are you guys so useless?! You can't even search for the 'passion flower' in here!" Su Xing yelled at them. She had enough of this shitty place.

' It's actually not their fault... I had already sold it for 100 silver taels. ' Bai Hua speak in her mind. She had been walking around here to search for edible fruits or vegetables when she was lead here because of Su Xing's nonstop complains.

Hiding on the tree, she sat on the branches while leaning forward with a smirk in her face. She bite onto the apple and look meaningfully at them.

" You are so arrogant and even dared to hurt my husband and I?"

She glance at the snapped tree branch behind of Su Xing, her golden eyes glimmered and thin gold thread appeared swirling around the branch. It were thins and almost see through, if one didn't have sharps eyes then one would not even noticed it.

Suddenly the branch floated in the air and swing heavily and swiftly toward Su Xing's knees from behind, making her knees injured as she kneeled painfully on the dirty ground . It hurt so much! Blood trickle down her knees.

The branch still floated in the air, Su Xing's companions were all shocked and Yue Ling the official's daughter was trembling with pale face.

What was this?! There was no one there! It is surely black magic or evil spirits! They all shared the same thought. Even a grandmaster in martial arts won't be able to move object that were not their designed weapon like this! Except ,if they cultivated black magic arts, which were highly forbidden in this continent !

Su Xing was angry that someone hit her. She grab onto her whip and swing backward hatefully but the scene of the whip only hitting onto the floating branch made her eyes wide.

Suddenly, a shrill laughter echoed throughout the place, the leaves and the branches shake violently.

" It seem that you love to use your whip very much?.... "

" ....Well, too bad it's very ugly"

The voice stopped quickly as it came but the leaves and branches still shake violently, giving them a chill and felt goosebumps all over their body. Suddenly, their body froze, they were rigid inside as they can't move their body at all! Then Su Xing's suddenly screamed painfully. She felt an incredible pain on her wrist , it moves till the end of her fingertips, and the whip on her hand was suddenly shredded into pieces.

" Haha! Don't come here again! I dislike human being like you!" the voice echoed and entered their ears again, their knees buckled down as the force holding them were suddenly gone. It was like a horror movie for them.

Su Xing was terrified, she stared at the once whip in her hand with pale face. The whip was gifted by her father and it was not easy to snap as it was made by special leather. It only happened once when the man she encountered turned part of the whip into powder. Now, it's were broken twice. Moreover, her knees and wrists were injured pretty badly this time.

" Wh.. who.. are you?" she stammered.

The voice laughed, " Me? I'm just the guardian of this mountain.. nothing special!" Bai Hua lied, she was having fun doing this, tho she felt her energy was reducing bit by bit but it's worth it. She bite onto the apple again and clicked her tongue, " tsk... revenge sure is sweet."


While Bai Hua was having fun at the other side, Tian Yu was standing with his back straight with his hands on the back. His face was ice cold, " Why are you here?"

The shadow kneeled on one knee infront of him. His head was bowed, " Your lordship , Hao Wangye had dispatched his men to investigate your whereabout... he... "

" I know, dismiss! " Tian Yu cut him off before he can finish his words and walk away. He know....


At home, Bai Hua arrived at the same time with Tian Yu. She wear a gleeful expression on her face. Tian Yu chuckled and pet her head lovingly but this time his eyes were filled with some kind of emotion that Bai Hua can't pin point...


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