Flower of Ruins
14 Chapter 13: Why? Is it working?
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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14 Chapter 13: Why? Is it working?

At home, Bai Hua arrived at the same time with Tian Yu. She wear a gleeful expression on her face. Tian Yu chuckled and pet her head lovingly but this time his eyes were filled with some kind of emotion that Bai Hua can't pin point...

"What's the matter?" Bai Hua look straight in his eyes curiously. Tian Yu saw the look in her eyes so he smiled and pulled her into his embrace, " Nothing..."

He whispered softly, his warm breath fanned her neck. Bai Hua wrapped her hands around his waist and said nothing. She know that he does not want to tell her about it, so she did not pressure him.

" You know I want to tell you something..." She said as she raised her head to look at him.


Bai Hua removed herself from his embrace and move to the kitchen. She come back with a small knife in her hand. Tian Yu tilted his head slightly , he look at the knife in her hand and back up at her face.

"Stretch out your hand" She instructed and he complied, slowly Bai Hua brought the knife to his palm and cut a small line, drawing droplets of blood out. When she do that, Tian Yu did not even flinch, as though as she was not cutting his palm at all.

Bai Hua put the knife down on the table and cover her small delicate hand on top of the cut on his palm, she shifted her eyes to look at his eyes as thin flickers of golden like thread appeared.

Then she removed her hand, Tian Yu look at his palm and was surprised that the cut was gone without a trace. It's just like it was never there at the first place.

Bai Hua had been observing him all along, she was looking if there was any changes in his facial expressions but there were nothing except for the small moment of surprise passed through his eyes.

She was genuinely surprised because she expected that he would at least freaked out or maybe flabergashted but there was nothing on his handsome face. She should had known that this man would still stay cool and unmoving on everything since they had lived together for quite a long time, because except when he was around her or talking with her, there were nothing on his handsomely wooden face as far as her results of observations. It give people the chill by just looking at his cold face. She had figured it out that he was different with others when there were in the small town.

... and the cold and powerful aura coming out from him when he was facing Su Xing in the inn was hella domeenering and she loved it!

*cough* ' a little out of topic here..'

" No wonder.. " Tian Yu's lips moves, Bai Hua heard what he said and saw that he was nodding his head just like he had come to a conclusion. He shifted his eyes back to meet with Bai Hua's after a moment of times,

" Is it black magic? " It was weird because usually if someone was practicing black magic he should had noticed if there were any black mist swirling around the practitioner when one used the arts.

Bai Hua shook her head, " No, I was born with it"

Tian Yu graps her hand and closed his eyes, warm flown through Bai Hua's body from her hand in that instant.

Then, he opened his eyes. He had entered a small amount of qi from his body to her and confirmed that there were no dark symbol of a dark magic practitioner in her. Usually there was different symbol of darkness in the practitioner's body as a mark indicating that he/she was a cultivator of the dark magic. That's meant that she was not cultivating dark magic arts and that relieved him.

" Hua'er sure is special and unique" Tian Yu mouth slightly curved as he raised his hand to rub her gold eyes.

While her eyes were closed and his hand rubbed gently on her eyelids, Bai Hua pursed her lips, " You are okay with it? "

" Why wouldn't I, whatever you are, whoever you are or even wherever you are, it does not matter because you are Hua'er ..."

"... and I love all the part of you, in and out. "

Bai Hua laughed, " You does not talk much but whenever you flirted with me it's was so chessy but sweet. " It really was a contrast with his personality and appearance. Imagine if one that know Tian Yu as his cold and unapproachable person met with this kind of loving and sweet Tian Yu then it will be a huge shock for one and unbelievable. After all, Tian Yu was also a loving man and husband.

" This husband shall flirt with wifey so that wifey won't search for other more handsome man.." It make Bai Hua smiled when she heard it , under his slender fingers her almond eyes were curved into crescent moon .

" Then tell me about you.. I mean more about you, more than what I know now... "

Tian Yu's body immediately stiffened but he instantly recovered, his identity was not something important but he just does not want his lovely flower to get involved with it once she know about his identity. Tian Yu does not want his flower to get pulled in the muddy water with him.

Tho, Tian Yu instantly recovered, but there was no way that Bai Hua did not noticed it. She removed his slender fingers from her eyes and tip toed to touch the now faint scar on his face. Bai Hua can already be considered as quite taller than other girls at her age but Tian Yu just simply tall, his back was always straight, he had a lean body and strong muscles on his body, also long strong legs .He was not a scrawny man, he was more to the burly side, his body was handsomely proportioned well.

To put it simply, he was taller and bigger than Bai Hua's slender and curvy body.

" In the future, I will tell you.. but not now. " Tian Yu raised his hand to hold onto the hand on his face and in one smooth motions he scooped her up by the butt and wrapped her legs around his waist. They stare deep into each other eyes.

" Is this your way of changing the topic? " Bai Hua lifted one of her brow. Tian Yu chuckle and rubbed his nose with her's softly and said in a teasing manner, "Why? Is it working?"

Bai Hua leaned in and place a smooch on his lips, " Maybe, but I just want you to know that I will always be there for you..."

"... so you also need to stay at my side, always okay?"


In the end, tho they ended up making their way to the bed but they did not do anything, they simply lay in each other embrace warmtly as they sleep.

Tian Yu arm were tightly wrapping Bai Hua in his embrace , his once closed eyes opened slowly under the dim light of the candles. His obsidian eyes look at his flower in his embrace as she breath steadily while sleeping. Her red blossom lips were slightly open making it look more attractive.

Tian Yu look at every details of her face, her slightly rosy cheeks, her straight willow eyebrows, her thick and long eyelashes, her lips, nose and everything, just like he tried to imprint the picture forever in his mind.

He knew that his time with her won't last long, he will still met with her but their time will be short... he doesn't want it to turn that way but if he can keep her safe and away from the muddy water then he will try his best.

Unbeknownst to him, future sure love to play because the time that he decided to go, was his last moment with her.


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