Flower of Ruins
15 Chapter 14: Let“s go!
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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15 Chapter 14: Let“s go!


The flowers blooms, the leaves shone in vibrant colour. Puff of black smoke slowly made it way out from the small chimney out of the old and small house.

The view of the house gave people the impression of a happy and loving family. It was so warm that even the birds chirps merrily.

Too bad, happiness won't stay forever.

Bai Hua and Tian Yu sat on the stools made by him, simple lunch were on the table, cooked by Bai Hua.

Her cooking skill had improved, it look more appealing than before,there were no more suspicious black substance, more to Tian Yu's relief. Bai Hua gaze at the foods infront of her while putting some of it on Tian Yu's bowl from time to time. Tho her food look more appealing and tasted nicer, but it will never be as good as the rotten girl's cooking, ah she missed the rotten girl and her little brother.

'How are they doing now?'

Bai Hua ate in daze as she thought about the people that she had left behind. She knew that the rotten girl will take care of her little brother, Bai Xiao well. She just hope that they will continue with their plan to exit the underworld society. She believed that the accident that lead to her death, was no coincidence. If she didn't push her brother out of the way quick enough then the victim would not be her but her brother instead. She hope that they were okay.

Tian Yu had been always looking at her since the begining so when he saw that she was absentmindedly eating he stretched his hand out and taps on her nose teasingly and reprimanded her, " Don't ate in a daze, you will choke on your food."

Bai Hua's dazed eyes cleared when she heard him, she shifted her gaze and look at his handsome countenance, then she scrutched up her nose and playfully tried to bite his finger off.

Shaking his head, Tian Yu continue eating his food.

Bai Hua stare at him, they had been married for more than a month and she actually realised that Tian Yu seem to be quite off this days. There were always a look in his eyes that Bai Hua can't understand. He act normally but there were always something that Bai Hua felt wrong. As if he was having a problem.

Sometimes, she saw flashes of sadness and hesitation in his usually affectionate gaze. It were only for a moment and then it will vanish immediately. It was complicated and confusing.

...and somehow, something in her heart suddenly felt afraid. It ached badly.

She raised her hand automatically and traced the scar on his face. It was a habit, by touching his face especially his scar, she felt reassured and content.

He stopped eating and placed the chopsticks down, he smiled warmly as he lean in more so that she can continue touching his scar easily. Her enchanted and amazed look on her beautiful face always made him happy.

At this moment something flashed in his eyes again. Tian Yu were eyes glued onto her face , he look at her with a small smile and a loving and sad gaze that he does not even realise himself.

Tian Yu recalled what the shadow had told him yesterday. It make him felt complicated. He had postponed his time to be with her as long as he can, but it seem that this was all that he managed to do.

Tian Yu admitted that he was powerful, he can win if he want to, but he have no interest in it even a bit. He was doing it only to be free in the future, he wanted to back out but he had stuck too deep in the muddy water. Moreover there were always man among men and dragon among dragons. Hao Wangye had a powerful force backing him in the dark that he himself can't and shouldn't provoke, but if he dared to step onto his bottom line, then he can only blamed himself for doing so..

Tian Yu will use other meticulous methods if he need to.

His gaze subconsciously chilled down as the temperature around him decreased, but it had no effect on Bai Hua just like he had unknownly made sure that he won't be able to hurt or scare her away. It was an automatic instinct to protect.

" What are you thinking about? " Bai Hua asked him curiously, her face had came closer to his face when Tian Yu come back to his sense. He quickly regained his composure.

A smirk formed on his lips as he made an excuse, " About you and a table.." His warm breath fanned her face, his voice was low and hot, it made Bai Hua breath quicken.


Tian Yu suddenly remember about one position in his limited edition book, he wanted to try it out, so he brushed the foods away and pull Bai Hua up to the table, his knee pressed her legs apart as he positioned himself in between her legs. The thoughts he was having before had already been thrown at the back of his head.

He doesn't want his time with her to be ruined by it.

Bai hua was shocked by his action but she quickly played along as she smile seductively and ran her fingers down his muscular body.

Tian Yu brought her knee up to his shoulder as he removed her pants, and slipped her upper garments down to the side, not completely taking it off so that her voluptuous bunnies, smooth stomach and shoulder were visible and look more enchanting.

His head leaned down to her forbidden kingdom and he suck, lick and bite softly, enticing moans coming out from her mouth. Bai Hua bite her lips bottom lips as her cheeks turned red. She felt somewhat shy because it was the first time he was doing this, he never do that.. you know.. untill now.

Her soft moans made his lower body swelled. He removed his robes and placed both of Bai Hua's legs onto his shoulder. He pressed her down on the table hard, her knees were bend and touched her body without leaving anymore space. His weight were on her but not enough to crush her.

He reposition himself and slide right in along with a low grunt. Her cave felt tighter and she felt full to the brim. He kissed her softly as his lower half pounded hard into her body again and again. Her body was locked in position and she can hardly move.

The sound of wet slapping and love making filled the place. He came right into her, filled her to the brim with his hot seeds and start a new rounds again with different positions.


It was already night, Tian yu hold Bai Hua's body tightly in his embrace. He caressed her face lovingly , he planted a kiss onto her forehead and slowly get up. Then, He cleaned and dressed himself and her before tucking her in.

He look at her peacefully sleeping profile. He imprinted her image in his mind and once again planted a sweet kiss onto her forehead, before lowering his head to her ears and softly whispered something.

Then, Tian Yu stood up and slowly walk out of the house .His face was ice cold. In a flash, Shadow appeared infront of him and bow down.

" Let's go! " Tian Yu commanded as his figure quickly flashed away without even glancing back, followed closely by shadow from behind.


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