Flower of Ruins
16 Chapter 15: The side of the cursed.
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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16 Chapter 15: The side of the cursed.


Only the shine of the sun and the silent chirp of the birds resound around the house. Bai Hua turned to her side, only to hug an empty space. Her hand move as she slowly open her eyes. At first ,she was calm but when there was only silent and no other sound of activity from the presence of the man that was always there, fear started to risen in her heart. Anxiety assaulted her heart and soul when she does not saw his face.

But she reassured herself that maybe he will come back later. Maybe he just went somewhere quite far. Maybe he just went to the town. Bai Hu decided to wait for a day.

but, days turned to weeks passed and there was no silhouted of Tian Yu entering the door. Bai Hua lay on the bed as she blankly stared at the door. It's been so long since. She rarely ate and the house was in a mess. The loneliness and sadness was torturing her each second.

Her eyes wander around as she sat up immediately. who was she kidding. He had left and may will never come back anymore. She muttered out his name slowly, " Tian Yu.. Yuyu.."

No one replied her just like before.

The fear tightly hold onto her heart as she felt an unfanthomable assault of pain.

She run out of the house franticly without even wearing her shoes. Barefooted on the ground, Bai Hua started to search from nook and crock. She even went to the place that they usually went.

But, there was nothing.

Bai Hua hold onto the doorframe as her body was sluggish, she staggered in. Her eyes were lifeless. She look blankly at their bedroom and suddenly her knees gave up. She kneeled on the floor as tears slowly trickle down her fair and tender cheeks.

She hated this feeling, so much, so so much that it hurt so much more.

She hated and feared to be left alone. Bai Hua can accept everything, even the cruelest torture, but she, can't when it's come to loneliness after being abandoned.

She was strong, she is.

Even so, her heart still felt the agonizing pain in her heart.

Bai Hua recalled the day when the little girl of herself tightly gripping the hem of her mother's dress, not letting go. The annoyance in her mother's eyes as she stared at her. " Niang, don't leave us here.... " Bai Hua sobbed. Her cries got louder but there were not even a pity in the woman's eyes.

It's was very painful when the woman she called as mother abandoned and left them on the dark street. It's even more painful when the tiny figure was sent flying, crashed onto the hard concrete wall. The little boy at the ages of 4 ran to her side as tears also tricked down his lovely cheeks.

" Jiejie.. jiejie... " he call out to her as he tried hard to stop the bleeding on her head.

Bai Hua at the age of 8 was sprawled on the ground and look lifelessly with grievance in her eyes at the tall figure of a woman mercilessly walking away. She does not even glance back. The figure walking away under the rain was imprinted in Bai Hua's mind forever.The cruelness and pain that she felt was still in her heart as she grow up. Why did she always dismiss this thought?

She also remember the times where she had rearrange her life. The rotten girl that was even younger than her was the one who help her when she and her brother was still on the street. It was in highschool, she had friends, good friends, she shared everything with them. But one day, they suddenly treat her like a ghost, as if they can't see or hear her at all. It was so painful because she was suddenly abandoned by the people that she cared. Just because of one friend, all of her best friends left her. They even spread all kind of nasty and personal information of her.

She heard them talking bad about her.

She saw her boyfriend kissing that once best friend of her.

She felt the pain of being treated as non-existence.

She was left again and again in her life.

but why.. why? she still doesn't learn. She should know, she should. Only the rotten girl and her little brother stayed with her.

She had forgotten about the pains she felt in the past but the fears always linger. It always there, dancing with joy each time she let other people in.



'Why... why even he left her?

Bai Hua raised her right hand to cover her eyes while the tears fall furiously onto the floor. She chocked onto her sobs and her other hand hammering her chest.

It hurt...

Hurt so much... she gasped for air as she felt hard to breath.

He had promised to stay at her side forever. Not leaving... but he still left...

She hated this, she loved him... the feeling of being abandoned by the person that you loved the most, hurt more. It hurt more than when her mother had abandoned her.

Cruel laughter latched with bitterness filled the house, her shoulder shakes as her eyes turned full black. Black mist suddenly swirled around her body. Bai Hu gritted her teeth as to stop her scream from coming out.

She know what was happening but she don't have the control over it. Her mind went crazy, her surrounding shake violently, dust and pieces of woods fall from the house.

The still trickling crystal tears from her eyes slowly replaced with blood. Each droplet fall onto the cold floor, adding contra to the clear tears on the floor. Bai Hua removed her hand from her eyes, revealing her black darkness eyes, there were not even a speck of white. It look like an empty eyes socket but, it's still there, producing blood tears. This was the side of the cursed...

Her heart filled with hatred and bitterness. The hands holding on the ground were clenched tightly. She hate this feeling so much. She hated it!

because it's so painful...

The mist swirling around her intenstify as the house shake more violently. It look like it can't hold on anymore. Even the animals within had ran and flies away.

But, when it almost collapsed, Bai hua suddenly stopped, her cries and the dark mist abruptly stopped. Her eyes come back to normal as she staggered out of the house and suddenly puked...

Note: Don't leave me! The book is still going and mass updates will be posted on one week holidays in march!! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ 🌸ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ ❤

Sorry making you guys wait! 😫


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