Flower of Ruins
17 Chapter 16: Like a sack
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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17 Chapter 16: Like a sack

Somewhere in a residence.

A figure in black and golden robe sat onto the chair that almost resemble the throne to the kingdom. He rested his head on his palm that was leaning onto the armrest. His eyes were beyond cold and malicious. He had the resemblance of Tian Yu in his facial features.

" Where do you think you are going..Tian Yu?" The man look at Tian Yu that was standing with his back straight, on his face was a blood red mask.

Tian Yu did not replied instead he stared coldly at the man's eyes.

" Oh? Not answering ... ehh" The man smirked.

" I wonder... how is the girl now?"

The chill in Tian Yu's eyes intensify, his every words were heavy, " What do you mean. "

"Do you really think that you can hide her from me?"

The man on the throne stand up as he walk slowly toward Tian Yu , "Well, I don't like the way how you slow down our mission"

"Tian Yu , Tian Yu.. you forget that your life and your mother's life is in this wangye's hands... poor brother, I think I need to give you some warning..." After he had finished speaking, his cruel laughter filled Tian Yu's ears. Tian Yu's body froze and he immediately dashed out from there.


Bai Hua hold onto the tree as her support, her throat felt itchy as she had vomited. It had stopped but she still felt nausea.

Her head felt light and she brought her hands up to massage her temple. Bai Hua's eyes that were red and swollen look blankly infront as a thought flashed in her mind. Unconsciously her eyes shifted to her stomach, her hands held onto her tummy.

'It's been months since her last period.'

'Can it be?'

Her mind was in chaos , she does not know what to felt. Her husband had left her and she was alone.

'Yet now, there may be a chance that there was a life in her womb...' her maternal instinct know it.

Tears started to trick down her cheeks again, but this time, she does not know if it was the tears of sadness or happiness. She was only 19 almost 20 years old in her past life, tho she had cared for her brother since he was a little boy but it was different as this time it's going to be her own child.

A sudden realisation come to her, she actually had forgotten that this time she was in a body of a 16 years old teen girl.

'How would she take care of a child now? Moreover she lived in this kind of environment.'

She gazed at the old house and her surrounding.

Tian Yu also had left her and their child...

' No! She does not need him! '

'Why does she need to depend on the people that had left her.'

The sadness in her heart had slowly turned into hatred when she almost self destructed by losing control over herself.

She inhaled a deep breath and calmed herself, the still tears in her eyes were wiped away by her hand.

Tho the pain of being left and abandoned was still there but she need to be strong because...

she was not alone anymore..

Bai Hua gaze lovingly at the unborn child in her womb. She know that it was there, she just need to find a physician to confirm it's existence.

Bai Hua went back inside the house with a new strong will. She felt stupid for having a break down. She packed all her things except for some old clothes, she had decided that she will go down the mountain and search for a work that she can do. Looking around at the house that she once live for months , it had lots of memories but she will start anew. The memories will only make the pain in her intensify.

With a strong gaze, she let go of the torch in her hand and burn down the house to ashes. The fire slowly lick everything that touched it, the fire blazed rapidly eating all around. The flame look very magnificent while the white clothed Bai Hua walk away expressionless.

Not long after she left, black shadows appeared infront of the burning house, surrounding the place. Their faces were covered with black veil, based on the dragon insigna on the veil, one living on the top of the country would know the one who dispatch these group was not someone that can be easily provoked.

The leader of the group gestured with his hand toward his other comrade, with an unison nod, all of the men immediately dashed away down the mountain after confirming that no one was there.

Their movement were very quick and precise that one would had never noticed them if one does not have an equal standing with them in martial arts.

On the other side, Bai Hua had walk halfway down the mountain while carrying a bundle on her back. In her mind she was thinking about what will she do next...

'Now, where would she work?

Working as a doctor? that's not possible as it will only reduce her health. It mean that her lifespan will be cut short.

Waiter? It's dangerous! She was a girl and there is lots of beastly men. Furthermore she may be pregnant.

Other work won't do as it doesn't bring big income for their mother and her child's life. She also need to search for a place to live...'

'... ah, what am I going to do now?' Bai Hua smile at the sky while caressing her stomach lovingly , her thought was somewhere else when she suddenly felt a sharp pain on her neck.

Immediately, she fall down and lose her conciscousness.

A laughter was heard from behind, a man with a brawl body lifted her up like a sack and leap away with Bai Hua on his shoulder...

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