Flower of Ruins
18 Chapter 17: Fate surely know how to joke around.
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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18 Chapter 17: Fate surely know how to joke around.

"There was a tale..

When a cursed like us failed to overcome the test of our life , our body will turned into the shape of our soul. It will be blown away by the wind and left nothing except for the grieving people behind of us...

Moreover, there will be no chance to reincarnate.. one who was gone, will be gone.."

"There is really something like that, Xi Shi?" She asked curiously, she never heard of it before.

Xi Shi, the 10 years old girl giggled at the 11 years old Bai Hua. " Yes there is, and I witnessed it myself too. " She sighed.

" My uncle's wife is a cursed while he is a zero. I saw she turned into beautiful sparkling flowers and fly up to the sky... It look very beautiful but at the same time very sad and lonely... I remember how my uncle drowned in sorrow as he helplessly look at his wife slowly turning into the shape of her soul..."

" Why did she died that way? " Bai Hua ask curiously as both of them look at the starry night sky together.

Xi Shi shook her head, " I don't know why.. but I know that she failed and my uncle was also involved in her failure.. It's just that I don't know what she failed at... "

She turned her head to look at Bai Hua, and smiled, her chubby fair cheeks make her look really cute. " Huahua, let's don't fail... "

Bai Hua nodded, " Yes, let's don't fail. I don't want to leave this world like that... "


Bai Hua slowly open her eyes, she look at the same view of forest since 5 years ago. The birds chirped happily as the sky is very blue and the wind blow softly.

She jump down from the tree branch lightly, her soft red robe and silky black hair flutter lightly as her fingertips slowly touch the ground.

The very first second her foot touched the ground, her half closed eyes' gaze sharpen. The thin red thread decorated with golden bell wrapped around her right hand give her more allure. The bell jingle along with her every movement.

Using an excellent light foot work, her figure move away, the wind make her robe and hair flutter, highlighting her beautiful figure. Anyone that saw her, would surely be bewitched by her immortal like beauty.

Soon, she arrived at a big red building. She went inside through the backdoor and walk toward her designed room.

The face she saw in the bronze mirror, had changed a lot. Her face look much skinnier but in a healthy way. Her skin is as fair as the snow and look very delicate. Her silky black hair glowed in contrast with her fair skin, her gaze now look more focused and mature.

" Miss you come back.." a petite looking girl greeted her. She wear a light pink servant clothes and her hair was put in two loop.


" Xue Mei, dress me up"

When Xue Mei was done dressing Bai Hua up, Bai Hua sat infront of the bronze mirror and slowly done her makeup. Spider lilies flowers was drawn at the corner of her right eyes. Her brows were dark and sharp and her lips were painted with glossy cherry lips. Her hairs was let down without any accessories.

Xue Mei, the maidservant was still amazed by her miss's beauty tho she had been serving her for a week now. She had never saw anyone that was more beautiful than her in this Red Flower. 'Sure enough, my miss is the best!'

The white robe worn by Bai Hua was embroidered with butterflies patterns and flower in red thread. The belt on her waist was red in colour and highly highlighted her thin waist and hour glass figure. The shoulders of the robe was slightly loose, giving the impression of wanting to fall down. It gave anyone that glance at her to have wild imagination. No doubt she was a goddess of seduction.

Bai Hua glance outside of the window, the evening sky was starting to get darker, even this stars was already showing, the lanterns also were lit in colourful colour. It look very beautiful. Her golden orbs flashed, " It's been five years already... "

She shifted her gaze away from the view, it will only pained her to remember.

Bai Hua walk out of her room accompanied by Xue Mei . Her presence attract many men's gaze. Either it is her figure or her eyes, it didn't matter because, she was a goal everyone set their eyes on.

Bai Hua or Mei Xiang was the top courtesan that seem to be out of reach for many men that desire her.

No one know who had touched her, but they know that they will pay any price in order to be the first.

A slight smile was craved onto her face, she doesn't need to do much but to only walk around waiting to serve people, it's been like that for years now ...

" Miss Mei Xiang, the madam called for you to serve at the private jade box ." the male servant informed her. Then, Bai Hua nodded with her smile still intact.

" This way please." he gestured and wait for Bai Hua to walk first before following her.

When they arrived there were already other girls waiting with the madam. Obviously the courtesan summoned were among the top beauty in the Red Flower Brothel.

The madam, shifted her gaze to Bai Hua when she had arrived..

" Mei Xiang, don't drag us down.. " Madam said. What does she meant by that .. or is there someone with an identity that we can't and shouldn't provoke. Should it be there, does she need to...?

In response to the madam, Bai Hua only smiled" I, this miss, will not put you down."

Madam nodded and ushered them to follow her in.

Inside, the madam smiled greatly and waved the hakerchief in her hand around.

" Aiyo, the main dancer today is our best girl, she just come from the Silver Flower Brothel last week. Hope the three Lord enjoy and emerge with pleasure!" The madam laughed and walk out after receiving the guest's permission.

They move toward the stage and positioned themself. Bai Hua stand in the middle of the group with her long sleeve covering her face. Soon the music started, the song was really pleasing to the ears of everyone that heard it. They moves in sync with the song, dancing like the flower in spring.

Bai Hua's body move gracefully along with the song, the long sleeve fluttering around, giving the expression of a butterfly gliding beautifully.

When she dance, she will dance, her focus and mind were doted on it. She put her every needed emotion in the dances. Her every movement was like a clear water and it bring pleasure and somehow statisfaction to see her dancing.

Her snow white skin,her golden eyes decorated with long lashes, moist red lips and the slight smile on her lips. It can bewitch anyone looking when she dance.

She was in full concentration up until she heard a voice that she will know anywhere.

"Bai Hua " the man with blood red mask on his face muttered under his breath but Bai Hua heard it. In almost immediate, she raised her gaze to look at the man and sure enough, she know who he was, her face revealed a shocked and sad expression for a split second but immediately recovered.

With a slight smile, she gazed at the man that she hadn't see for 5 years already.

'Look like we met again'

' Fate surely know how to joke around...'


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