Flower of Ruins
19 Chapter 18: You know, I come from there..
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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19 Chapter 18: You know, I come from there..

The music was very pleasing to the ears, the dancers were all beauty but.. in Tian Yu eyes, he only saw the gold eyed beauty dancing beautifully in the middle of the group.

The way her slight smile captured all the emotion in her every movement. Her gold eyes shimmer lightly under the lighting of the room.

It's as if he was in his own world, watching his little flower dancing in slow motion. He remember the way she dance when they were still on the mountain. That time, she was covered in mesmerizing glow with her eyes sparkle in happiness.

But why, why does somehow she look different now. Tian Yu can't pin point the different but it were there, it as if it was trying to haunt his memory now and then.

Without him knowing, the dances had come to the end. Those dancers bend their knees elegantly with each own's smiles.

She was also looking at him, with an indescribable smile on her face. She had changed, she look more skinnier and maturer than before. It's been five years. He doesn't know how to respond to this encounter. He do feel elated but deep inside there was guilt and sadness in his heart.

" You, the main dancer, what was your name?" Jin Feng suddenly ask. He really wanted to know the name of the beauty infront of him. When Tian yu heard his question, the place there were currently at suddenly come to his mind. Something flash through his eyes.

" This lowly person name was Mei Xiang... " Her sweet and alluring voice was heard within the place. Jin Feng's heart almost melted.. Ah! Beauty's voice was as beautiful as her appearance.

Jin Feng gestured with his hand for Bai Hua to come close. Without saying other words, Bai Hua slowly walked toward him, the light sound of bell can be heard with her every movement, tho there was no bell that can be saw attached on her body. Ru Hua, the other dancer had already bite her lips in annoyance, 'since the vixen had come to this place, she had already caught the eyes of high profiled clients.' She complained.

" Come , come sat next to me Mei Xiang! " Jin Feng patted the place next to him that was unoccupied with a candid smile on his handsome face. He sure do look cute and not lecherous at all. This gave Bai Hua a nice impression of him.

Tian Yu's eyes chilled, the temperature around the room drastically dropped, before Bai Hua can seat next to Jin Feng, he had already pulled her away and unconsciously make her sat onto his lap.

Jin Feng was stunned, and when he saw the look in Tian Yu's eyes, the hairs at the back of his neck immediately stood up. Xiao Fang, at the side was smiling devilishly while looking at the scene in interest with his head propped up by his right hand.

' Tian Yu never let anyone to get too close to him, especially women. So what make this lowly courtesan the exception... '

Bai Hua stared at Tian Yu's face, her lips revealed a smirk. She stretch out her hand and touch the red blood mask on Tian Yu's face. The mask felt cold on her fingertips. Slowly, she untied the string at the back and removed the mask away from his face. Tian Yu's gaze never left Bai Hua's eyes since she had removed the mask.

Xiao Fang malicious and frightening gaze had already chase out the other people in the room. Leaving them 4. The girls had all went out in annoyance toward Bai Hua.

Jin Feng was very clueless, his face was blank as he doesn't know how to respond to this new scene. Had.. the.. cold.. faced Tian Yu let Mei Xiang to remove his mask?

'It really is him..' Bai Hua's heart fell into chaotic mess. The finger tracing down his scar was slightly shaking. The look in Tian Yu's eyes, she can't understand at all. Bai Hua removed her gaze away from Tian Yu , she immediately recovered her emotion and a slight smile was craved onto her face. She look at Jin Feng and Xiao Fang, the shifted her gaze back at Tian Yu.

" Do you want to hear a story?...

Silver Flower Brothel was quite known far and wide for it's 'service' ... "

Tian Yu's face immediately darkened... the brothel was also known in the capital and he know about the Silver Flower Brothel and it's way of dealing with their 'workers'

" The ways of them getting the girls was always unknown, because it's different between people. There were some that was bought and abducted..

To them who was trying to escape or not following the orders given, they will be placed in the dungeon to be 'trained' on how to serve their customers...

moreover, those who were pregnant, will lose their child in the most cruelest and filthiest ways... "

Bai Hua stopped, unconsciously when she talk she look sad but she still smile at the end. Jin Feng that was looking at her since the begining can't help but to felt the sadness too.

Bai Hua leaned over to Tian Yu's ear and whispered, " You know, I come from there.... "

Then, she stood up, the smile on her face was latched with hatred. Bai Hua started to walk away but was stopped when her hand was grabbed by Tian Yu. " Hua'er..."

Jin Feng and Xiao Fang existence was long ago ignored, they were only just like the audience watching at the sideline.

Bai Hua look at Tian Yu in mockery, " You must be mistaken, I am only an abandoned courtesan named Mei Xiang..." She loosened the hand on her hand and immediately walk out if the room accompanied by the sound of bell jingling.


Tian Yu was left tongue tied, the hand at his side tightened. He can't do anything to reverse the past, it was his choice...

His face turned dark , with a loud slam, the table infront of him turned into dust.


Bai Hua went back to her room. The door was opened by Xue Mei.

" Xue Mei can you please get out for a moment?" Bai Hua instructed. After Xue Mei went out of the room, Bai Hua's knees suddenly felt weak, she staggered toward the stool infront if the mirror and sat down. Her elbow was rested on the dresser.

Tears suddenly trickle down her snow white cheeks...

' After all she was still weak, she still don't have the strength to face him again.. '

Why? She thought that it was all in the past.. she thought she can move on.. she thought she was already numb..

'but.. it seem that this tears won't stop falling..'

Bai Hua laughed and mocked herself.

she hated this feeling so damn much..


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