Flower of Ruins
20 Chapter 19: Dongfang Shun!
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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20 Chapter 19: Dongfang Shun!

Undescribable atmosphere was surrounding the room. Jin Feng stared at the broken table , he was more than startled. He doesn't even realize the droplets of wine tricking down his handsome face. For as long as he remember, he had never saw the cold and aloof Tian Yu to lost his control before, he know that Tian Yu was really cold and frightening when provoked but he mostly kept his composure stable , just like an ice block, staring coldly at everything and everyone around him.


What the heck that he, Jin Feng who had been living for 26 years had witnessed!'

The complicated emotion swirling in Tian Yu's eyes had turned Jin Feng into a stupor. He was confused as to why Tian Yu had that kind of emotion in his eyes.

He rubbed his chin in thought, and that's when he realised the stickiness of the wine on his head. He then turned into a stone... apparently the wine cup that was once on the table had landed on Jin Feng's head, giving him a free shower.

He gritted his teeth. He hate to take shower again ah!! " Oi! Tian Yu, what d- " his word was said halfway as Tian Yu had strolled out of the room in large stride with his increasingly darkening face. Once again Jin Feng was left speechless and frustrated. Xiao Fang on the other side, had been since amused, his fox like eyes gleam in interest . ' It seem that there was something more than to what meet the eyes based on Tian Yu's and that lowly courtesan interaction. ' He inwardly chucked , it seem that his days was going to be more interesting...

The expression on Jin Feng's face was one of the fool. He was really clueless! ah! this was highly frustrating for him, he can't ask anything that he wanted to know as Tian Yu had walk away, moreover the stickiness of the wine on his head was clearly irritating him by seconds. He then moved his eyes toward Xiao Fang, he had just wanted to open his mouth when he was interrupt by Xiao Fang.

" Don't go babbling and digging your own grave.. " His handsomely seductive face was decorated with his devilish smirk. Xiao Fang patted the back of Jin Feng and walk out of the room leaving Jin Feng alone in the room.

Jin Feng raised his index finger in mid air , " but.. I'm not digging anything??"

He really do deserved to be the foolest among them...



' Lots of things had happened in the span of five years... ' Bai Hua gazed at the full moon with a melancholy gaze. A sigh escaped from her sweet red lips.

Moonlight fell onto the earth, the light fall onto Bai Hua's figure, giving her the effect of a immortal as her figure seem to be illuminating heavenly silver gale with the white robe adorned on her body.

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Currently, the makeup-less face was slightly flushed with a jar of wine in her hand, she was half laying on top of a house. The soft night wind blow her white robe to the side, making some of her snow white skin exposed. She cared less about it. This scene was highly seductive to anyone that was watching. She raised the jar of wine to her red lips. The sweetness and the slight bitterness of the grape wine make her intoxicated. The mellow aftertaste of the wine made her to take another sips.

Her eyes was slightly blank as she was reminiscing the past five years. She was twirling the jar of wine mindlessly when suddenly she heard a familiar voice of a man.

" Huahua, what are you doing up there?" A man figure then appeared infront of her. He had leapt to the roof that Bai Hua was sitting at.

His eyes caught the sight of the jar of wine in her hand and shook his head. He moved to Bai Hua side and propped down his butt at her side while snatching away the jar of wine. With a raise of his head, he chug down the wine.

" Great wine! You should had invited me! " He laughed.

" Give it back! Dongfang Shun!" Bai Hua glared at him.

" Nope.." Then he emptied the wine into his stomach. Bai Hua tsked when she saw his action. Her gaze then returned back toward the sky.

" Anyway, why are you drinking wine when you rarely do so? " He asked.

Bai Hua did not look back at him, her gaze was still on the sky when she answered, " He was back"

Dongfang Shun remained silent , he want to know who was ' he' that Bai Hua mentioned but he doesn't because he know that Bai Hua will tell him if she want to.

Dongfang Shun's eyes linger on Bai Hua's face and smiled slightly, 'this woman really made him to want to protect her... '

'...just like two years ago. '

Bai Hua shuddered slightly, the chilling wind of the night was making her slightly cold. Her snow white skin was also slightly exposed due to the wind. Dongfang Shun shifted his gaze away with a soft cough when he saw the exposed skin underneath her robe. He immediately untied the cloak on his body and put it on Bai Hua's shoulder, he also made sure that she was well covered. Black cloak on white robe, it contrast with each other well. Bai hua touched the cloak on her body softly and smiled at him.

The mesmerizing scene , had made Dongfang Shun's throat felt dry but he smiled back with warmth in his eyes.

In silence, two people on the rooftop, sitting closely with each other , one was looking at the sky while one was staring at the other. The beautiful harmony stayed for a long time underneath the witness of the moon and stars.

It was unknown when Bai Hua had fallen asleep, maybe it was when Dongfang Shun was deep in his thought of the past. Her head was already rested on his shoulder. He raised his hand and swept her hair behind her ear, his smile was warmth as he look at her peacefully sleeping face.

' Huahua... I'm happy that I met you two years ago...'


Two years ago,

" Dongfang Shun! You ungrateful son! "

Author's note:

Y'know sometime the words of some of you that doesn't understand my problem hurt my feelings. I'm a student, I have my life, I don't live at home but at school! I got no access to fricking phone, laptop or computer to updates new chapters, I can keep in touch to look at the progress but that's only for a minutes, not more than 10 minutes.

Nvm, I'm still sorry..


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