Flower of Ruins
21 Chapter 20: Follow her silently
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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21 Chapter 20: Follow her silently

Two years ago,

"Dongfang Shun! You ungrateful son! "The whole sect head's residence shook by the angry roar of the family head. The birds residing around even had flew away, shocked by the loud shout.

Dongfang Shun who was leaping tree by tree snickered. 'Old man, you won't be able to force me to marry a stranger as a wife!' As if he was on fire, he quickened his steps. Sweats rolled down his forehead. In whatever case it was, he would never ever let himself to be caught. It was already hard enough for him to be able to get out from the tight security of his sect and did the old man hope that he, Dongfang Shun would be captured easily? Hell, no!

'He would not let himself to be a marriage tool in order to enlarge and empower their influence in the Jianghu!'

Dongfang Shun was in glee, he can already saw his freedom ahead but it seems to be shattered when he felt chill run down back. Slowly he glanced back but his foot never stops moving, "Oh, for God sake no!" He screamed with a fearful face on when he saw the two silver moon wolves belonged to his face was chasing him from behind.

"Old man! How could you treat your poor son like this?! Am I not your biological son!" He grief, he felt like crying but did not stop using his qinggong. He was so pitiful to be chased down by the pets of his father. It was already hard enough to escape one silver moon wolf but now he was being chased down by two! 'Ah! Father, just let me go! I even almost lost my footing. What if your only son falls and accidentally died! '

Just like that, Dongfang Shun was being hunt down pitifully.


It was a peaceful evening, the birds chirp happily in the jungle. Suddenly, at the outskirt of the jungle, a silhouette of a person emerged, his hand was holding onto the tree, using the tree as support. The person's clothes were tattered and he look very pitiful with his dirty face. It was no other than Dongfang Shun! He pitied himself so much, he escaped early this morning and only managed to shake of those beasts after hours. He even falls from the tree so many time and was also bitten. His soul was practically coming out from his mouth. He was so tired!

Nevertheless, Dongfang Shun sighed in relief. He sat on a rock nearby and ate the bread he keep inside his bundle. 'The sky is so vast and bright. How would his life now that he had gained his freedom?' He thought while looking at the road that would be leading his way toward the village nearby.

"Oh, what did we have here? A beggar or a scholar?" A man suddenly spoke. Dongfang Shun immediately stand up and saw a burly man with his others men behind of him. Dongfang Shun immediately become wary because he can tell from their eyes and expression that they were up to no good. He observed that these men were armed with weapons.

"Boss, just look at his hair crown and clothes, though he was slightly tattered but we can see that he is a rich man due to the way he is dressing. "the man next to the burly man said.

"I bet he bring quite a sum of money with him!" Another person with a thin moustache spoke while rubbing his hands together.

The burly man they referred as boss guffawed, "Boy, you better hand off your money now!" Dongfang Shun narrowed his eyes. 'Money? Money? They wanted his money? No way! How was he going to survive without his money?!' He was ready to fight or flight anytime soon, but his spiritual energy was very low at this moment. He knows his body well, he was exhausted after fighting and running away from the two legendary beast of his father, the silver moon wolves. It had taken quiet a huge toll on him. This was really bothersome.

"Oh, not giving? Then we can only play hard then! It's a pity your handsome face was going to be ruined, I, this big boss just thought of bringing you home with me!" The burly man licked his lips with a wicked intention. Dongfang Shun shuddered, 'Dang, this ugly man is disgusting! Not only did they wanted his money but the man also converting his body?!'
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They came closer to encircle him with their weapons out but Dongfang Shun was not going to just let them. Even though he was at disadvantage but he was after all was a man and he need to toughen up. Moreover, he was the only heir of the Heavenly Fang Sect!

He cracked his fists and ready his stances, his eyes at the moment were as sharp as the wolf. With only bare fists, he managed to hold on from their attack. He managed to knock out half of the men but quickly come to his disadvantage when they had cornered him near the cliff. They still outnumbered him. His breathing become slightly ragged as his spiritual power weakened, but his sharp eyes never waver. This was the spirit of the man of Heavenly Fang sect!

When he thought that he would lose in a shameful way and ruined the name of his family, suddenly the sound of bell rang into his ears. A figure in white suddenly appeared in front of him.

Thin string of red thread suddenly flew out of the girl's hand, it wrapped tightly onto the nearest man, "Outnumbering a single man, that's bully..." As soon as the girl's sweet voice rang, she pulled her hand back and the man fall with his head detached from his body. The scene made the other men shiver in fear and even Dongfang Shun felt like puking. He never saw someone being beheaded like that. The other bandits were intrigued and immediately moved to attack the intruder.


The thread was even faster than the bandits, making bleeding cuts onto them. Her movement look surreal, no man had managed to injured the girl, when they got nearer they will fall lifeless onto the ground. The thread was even more sharper than any blade. The robe on her body move gracefully with her every movement, as if she was simply dancing. White veil was covering her face, only giving Dongfang Shun the view of her upper face. Her golden eyes, mesmerized the frozen Dongfang Shun.

The fight ended with the girl winning. It was unknown since when Dongfang Shun was rooted on the ground without moving, but he seem to be still dazed after watching the girl's agile movements. The girl only stands there after the fight and only glanced once at him before moving away.

He doesn't know what had come into him and sparked him but he slowly decided to follow her silently.

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