Flower of Ruins
22 Chapter 21: So, are you my father?
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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22 Chapter 21: So, are you my father?

Dongfang Shun followed the girl till they reach a small town, of course while he was following her, he hides his presence well. Behind the bushes and trees he hide well. The town was quite bustling and the deeper they went in, he can see that the buildings got bigger and there were more shops filled with people doing business. Sure enough this town was actually prosperous.

He thought that this girl lived around this area but the girl took a turn and went to an alley that lead them into the common folk residence. The place was very peaceful with a few womenfolk chatting among themselves. He was following attentively when he heard their words:

"Look really can deceive people, the girl looks very pure and kind but who would guess that she was a seductress. I heard from old Wang that her son-in-law was seduced by the girl till he neglected his wife that was pregnant. Poor them."

"Really? Or are you just speaking some nonsense. She was really kind to me before. I won't believe you."

"Why would I speak nonsense; don't you know the place that she works at? It's shameful! We wouldn't know that there was someone like her live among us if not due to Xiao Jun, the old Wei daughter saw her."

Dongfang Shun who had heard their conversation was really curious and at the same time felt bad for the girl who had saved him.

At last, he followed the girl till she stopped and entered a small courtyard. The place was located quite far from the other houses. The girl was about to close the gate when suddenly a woman arrived and yanked her hand. She was pulled outside and a loud slapping sound cut through the serene quietness.

The girl's veil had fallen and her head was turned to the side. It revealed the red mark on her fair jade like cheek, despite that, the girl still revealed a calm face. Her mesmerizing eyes simply look at woman in front of her lifelessly.

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"You vixen! How dare you seduced my husband!" the woman screamed. Anger and jealousy was boiling in her. This afternoon she overheard his husband words with his friend that he had taken a liking toward this girl in front of her. She hated it! Before this vixen arrived, her husband really loved her and only had her as his only woman but now, he wanted to took this vixen in! She knew that it must be this girl's scheme as their family was wealthy!

The woman was Madam Hu and the main wife of a wealthy businessman. When she saw that the girl did not even respond a bit to her, her anger rose! "Such a slut! You already have children and still dared to be with my husband! I bet you don't even know the father of your children! "

The girl still kept quiet but if you observe closely you can see that her hands were bawled into fists. 'The father of my children? 'In her mind, she saw the image of the man's loving gaze toward her, but it brought stinging pain in her heart.

Just when the woman wanted to slap her again, Dongfang Shun who was there at the side line appeared and caught the woman's hand. His eyes were fierce as he looks at her.

"Who do you call as slut? I'm her husband, why would she ever wanted to be with your ugly husband?" Dongfang Shun said as he self-proclaiming his status. His calm and sharp gaze, make he seem to be telling the truth. Under his gaze the woman felt intimidated. At the moment, suddenly her husband arrived and immediately pulled the woman away. The woman harrumphed as her husband scolded her. The man turned toward Dongfang Shun and the girl and apologized. He immediately pulled his wife home roughly. He felt like he had lose face!

The girl was dumfounded as she stares at the unknown man at her side. She remembers him as the man that she had save but why would this man here? Stalker much? Dongfang Shun realised the girl's gaze on him so her turned his head to look at her staring at him suspiciously and awkwardly rub the back of his neck.

Just as he wanted to apologized for suddenly calling himself as her husband, the gate of the courtyard was suddenly opened and a little shadow, that was a jade-like boy in white robe appeared in front of him. The adorable little boy features were perfect and smooth as jade, even at this age he knows that he would turned up to a handsome young man in the future.

The boy tilted his head while looking at him and asked, "So are you my father?"


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