Flower of Ruins
27 Chapter 25: You are my wife!
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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27 Chapter 25: You are my wife!


The madam called for a manservant to show Yu Wangye the way to Mei Xiang's room. She smiled politely toward Yu Wangye but when he left, her expression changed to one of the unfanthomed . The madam raised her head and instructed a girlservant at her side to move closer. She whispered to the girl's ear. The servant girl left after bowing.

Madam's eyes stared at the direction that the men had walk to, her gaze was undescribable, as though as she was contemplating with her scheming smile, " Yu Wangye... mm.."

Somehow, the look she was giving was kinda scary .


The manservant left after pointing out the Mei Xiang's room to Tian Yu. Tian Yu stand there infront of the door unsure either to knock or not. It was rare that he was having a debate with himself.

Right in front of the door room, Tian Yu's hand stopped midway. He was hesitant, no, he just doesn't know how to face his wife after long years of him leaving. Nevertheless, he steeled his heart and push the door open. He was gretted by no one, yet he can hear the sound of waters splashing inside of the room at the other side of the screen divider.

Tian Yu walk toward the direction, curious as to why there was the sound of water inside of the room. He, humslef doesn't know hut his heart was beating faster than normal. The scene that received him was shocking, the type of scene that could make any men's heart beat faster that it would skip a beat- especially Tian Yu's heart.

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" Xue Mei, why are you standing there? come- " the word stopped in Bai Hua's throat. She had turned around and unexpectedly saw someone that was not Xue Mei, it was her so called husband, Tian Yu. Who would ever thpught that she would be meeting him again in another bizarre situation. tsk.

In Tian Yu's view , he saw a mesmerizing sight. It was very exciting. He can feel his face heat up and the blood rush into the certain part of his body. In his eyes was the sight of his beloved flower, the droplets of water had enhance her snow white skin, making it look softer and glistering under the light.

Bai Hua was just finished bathing and had already step out of the tub with only in her wet undergarments, which stick to her body, highlighting her curves more. Her skin look supple and soft, added with her currently sexy beauty, she look rather inviting - this had made Tian Yu's throat to feel dry

His ears blushed hard! He can fell his blood boil in his body. His gaze were deep, unlike another men's lecherous gaze, his gaze doesn't made one to feel disgusted. He was staring at Bai Hua, uncertainity was in his gaze.

Bai Hua was shocked and her body froze but unlike Tian Yu, she recovered faster. In a blink of eyes, a small smirk made it way to her face. She had been good at controling her expression in front of people these past few years. It's not like Tian Yu was not good at controling his expression, itwas all simply because of the fact that he would automatically drop his guard in front of this woman that he love. She can feel Tian Yu's gaze bore deep into her , that made her body shiver but she just nonchalantly smiled and step closer to him. Her movement were seductive in his eyes.

Their gaze had never once move from each other up until their bodies was an inch apart. She tip toed and Bai Hua intentionally blew her breath at the side of his neck as otw as his sensitive part. She can feel Tian Yu's body shudder. The soft hot blow had made Tian Yu more aroused and his little brother feel stuffy in his pants. Honestly, this feel rather pathetic, it was after all only a small teasing from her but the effect was huge.

Bai Hua stretched out her hand at her side and move it behind him. When she retrieve her hand back , there was a white robe in it. All along, she was trying to reach for her robe hanging on the screen divider!

After she got what she wanted, she wrapped the robe around her body and tied the stash on her waist, not bothereing whether her body was dry or not. The she took a few step away from him.

" What do you want coming here, mm? Yu Wangye.. " as sweet as she can mustered , she asked.

Tian Yu cleared his throat, " I'm herrme to redeem you."

Hearing him, Bai Hua laughed then with a mocking tone she replied, " Redeem me ? Oh ! Why? Aren't it was beneath you for a prince to do this? After all, I'm only a LOWLY COURTESAN"

Tian Yu's gaze turn fiercer when he heard the word courtesan from her mouth. If one to look closely, one could see his hands was tightly clench at his sides.

" Why? You are my wife!"

Bai Hua laughed once more, the mocking in her eyes can't be hidden. 'His wife her said, hmph! Doesn't he know that when he suddenly left her!'

Bai Hua brought her hand onto her chest area . She grip onto her collar and loosened it up. A pattern of silver flower tattoo was resting on her right upper chest.

" I guess, you are blind as you can't see this mark over here! Don't you understand?" The smile on her face was taunting him.

Whether it was the main branch or the side branches , each one of the girls which belonged to the brother will be marked by different flower patterns on their body. The tattoo was planted onto their body using a hot metal rod that will burn their skin. Almost each of the girl will pass out from the pain of the burning skin. It's all to make the girls to know that they were the brotherl's tools to serve their customers.

" I am not yours! I am not anymore! " 'Well not since you step out from my life.'



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