Flower of Ruins
28 Chapter 26: I am not yours!
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Flower of Ruins
Author :MissHua
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28 Chapter 26: I am not yours!


Bai Hua had intentionally arranged her words so that it will taunt his very existence. She wanted Tian Yu to feel how much it was painful since he left.

" I'm not yours anymore, my body may once only reserved for you but now you are not man I had served! Aren't I after all only a prostitute in the people's eyes!"

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Her words had made Tian Yu to clench his fists more, his heart was assaulted by an undescribable feeling.When he thought about the possibility that there were another men that had touched his wife , he can feel jealously and a painful at his heart. " Hua 'er... enough! You are not !" his voice was dangerously low.

Bai Hua scoffed, and touched the flower on her chest once again. " Can't you see this mark? I am a brothel girl now! It had been so for 5 fricking years! It's my job to pleasure man, in another words I am a pros - ti -tude!" With a mocking smile she look at Tian Yu. She really wanted to anger him to death!

Under the mask, Tian Yu's dangerously narrowed, the grip of his hands tightened. It was a good thing that it hadn't bleed yet. Then he walk toward her slowly, like a preying prey. His steps had made Bai Hua to unconsciously reverse till her back touch the cold wall behind of her. His towering self made him look very domineering. He lean in , " You are mine! You are my wife! They are not allowed!" His warm breath fanned her face.

Both of their eyes met, never once did it leave each other. Both of their gaze were hard, as though as they were ready to fight each other anytime. Well, they were indeed fighting verbally...

Bai Hua replied,her gaze doesn't waver " Me? I am your wife? I am Mei Xiang! Since you left years ago, I am not yours anymore!" To actually dare to call her as his after suddenly leaving her hanging, he was shameless!

Tian Yu's expression was strained and underneaths the mask, he carry a scary expression.

' I am not yours, I am not yours ' her words enchore in his mind again and again.

He closed his eyes and in a breath , his face changed into a different expression, he look calmer and it is scary. Bai Hua was startled with his transformation. He raised his face and removed the blood red mask from his face, revealing a handsome jade like face with the scar on his face. The mask was tossed somewhere in the room.

" Oh.. you are not mine? " he look at her up and down. The inner robe she was wearing was half transculent due to the fact that it stick to her wet body. It made her look very seductive. The two valuptous bunnies on her chest was partly revealed. He leaned closer and his left hand was at her side, performing a perfect 'kabedon!'

Bai Hua felt slightly uncomfortable under his weird gaze, she opened her mouth, " what- " but she was cut off before she could finish her words, Tian Yu had raised her chin with his right hand and attacked her red lips with his. It happened so fast, that Bai Hua hadn't managed to react properly, for a few moment she was frozen.

His kiss was soft as he slowly savour the taste of her lips. Bai Hua was shocked, her heart skipped a beat when she was suddenly being kissed by him.

Yet, she came to her sense and bite onto his lips. Tian Yu stopped from kissing her and look at her flushtered face. She was angry, but he doesn't care, he licked his bleeding lips , which in fact look very sexy.

Bai Hua wanted to slap him away but unexpectedly he suddenly lifted her on his shoulder and walk toward the only bed in the room. He throw her and trapped her underneath him. His body was plastered to her and his face was an inch apart.

His hot breath fanned her face as his hand softly carres her face. " Aren't your job are pleasing men. Then why don't you pleasure me then? I'm also counted as your customer after all." Bai Hua seem to be struck by lightning as she doesn't move. A slight smirk play at the corner of Tian Yu's mouth, his eyes traced on her blossom red lips. Lust and possessiveness were in his eyes. He then lean in and caught her lips in a fierce and possessive kiss. He grinded himself on her, his little brother playing in between her leg, slowly getting harder than before as he rub himself on her private part.

Bai Hua's eyes wide and she can feel anger, she wanted to fiercely bit down onto his lips but Tian Yu had let go of her lips at the exact moment before she bit. Tian Yu's kisses trailed down on her neck, sucking and bitting , making sure a red and blue patches appeared on her white neck. His two hands were roaming and groping her body. No matter how hard she struggles but she still can't escape from Tian Yu's strength. She started to feel danger and almost panicked. She pounded onto his back again and again. Her eyes almost teared up.

When Tian Yu arrived on her chests, he tore her robe open. Making her bunnies revealed to his eyes. The robe had turned useless as it hang without covering much, even her two milky leg were revealed as Tian Yu continue ravaging her...



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