Fortunate Wife
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Fortunate Wife
Author :Qiū Shuǐlíng Er 秋水靈兒
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Li Man jumped in fright, looking at the thin man wailing and spitting out blood and saliva. His painful complexion turned hideous as he roared at his servants, “Damn you all dead servants, all of you are just standing there even after seeing this father got beaten?! This father will strip off your skin first thing when I get back home!”

Once the cursing was shouted, all of the rough servants became like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey, and one after another attacked and jumped on Li Shu.

“Li Shu, quickly run!” Li Man’s heart thumped wildly and almost went out of her throat. Looking at Li Shu’s face full of anger, taking a posture of wanting to risk his own life, she hastily grabbed his sleeve, dragging him to run to the city gate. They both would only lose everything if they fight.

As expected, those people were not to be trifled with as someone already ran to their side and blocked their way out. About a dozen of thugs encircled them from all four sides, wanting to catch an easy prey and let their young master to handle them.

Li Man was extremely nervous. The past her was someone who was protected, and this was actually the first time she experienced firsthand a dire strait of being intercepted by hoodlums. She held on tight to Li Shu’s sleeve while her legs seemed to tremble a bit.

“Don’t be afraid.” Li Shu held her hand tightly and consoled her in a soft voice, protecting her while retreating back little by little, until they were cornered by the walls. He suddenly felt a wooden pole at the corner of the wall that was put by someone. He picked it up and swung it to the thugs enclosing them. This one swing caused a few of the thugs to retreat back.

But when Li Shu stopped, they immediately got back to their place. Some even grabbed a few stools and steelyards from the nearby vendors.

They really wanted to hit them, Li Man was scared to death but she still exerted her all to not show it on her face, to the extent that she followed Li Shu and grabbed another wooden pole and tightly held it in her hands.

She thought that even if she couldn’t help anything, she still shouldn’t be a burden to Li Shu.

“Little lady, you want to fight with us? Hahaha, how much strength can your tiny hands exert ah?” Looking at Li Man’s appearance holding the wooden pole with a fighting posture, those burly fellows who intended to fiercely fight all laughed wickedly in ridicule.

“That’s right, I see that you still have a lot of energy to serve our young lord.”


The skinny man who was supported by someone looked at those fellows that still had the gall to seduce his beloved woman, so he immediately stepped forward in anger and kicked them down while raining out obscene language. He then pointed his bony finger to Li Man and Li Shu, “Get that young lady and give her to this father to go back home, don’t you dare to hurt even a hair on her body. As for this man, this father will give him to you. Beat him for this father, beat him to death!”

“Yes!” Those thugs listened to his command and didn’t dare to delay the time anymore. They one by one lifted their tools and struck Li Shu.

Li Shu’s double fist couldn’t rival four hands [T/N: one person couldn’t fight many person]. Although his strength was big and he usually liked to fight, but he nevertheless couldn’t be compared to those burly and trained men. So in just a few moment, his body couldn’t endure their attacks anymore.

Li Man also gripped the wooden pole in her hand and swung it to one of the thug, but her strength was really too small, so when the pole struck that burly solid-muscled body, they only felt a tickle. The pole was snapped broken as they paid no heed to Li Man’s attack, and even captured her like a small chick.

“Bring her.” the skinny man saw that Li Man was caught, his heart was tickled with joy as he rubbed his hands and instructed the hooligans.

Li Man was flung at the burly man’s shoulder, her hands and feet simultaneously kicked and hit around as she watched helplessly that her attempts were all for naught. She became anxious, and suddenly bowed her head, directly biting at the man’s ear in a death grip.

That burly man finally struck with pain, he instinctively threw Li Man to the ground.

“AH!” Li Man cried out in pain, her whole body ached all over when she tumbled with the ice-cold hard surface of the ground, all of the internal organs of her body felt like they’re about to burst out.

Li Shu heard her shout and looked at Li Man on the ground. His pair of eyes suddenly became red, grasping the pole and sending out an insane swing towards those bastards. After a while, he made a bloody path and ran in panic to support Li Man. But when he just wanted to stretch his hand out, the person behind him grabbed a stool and wanted to ruthlessly smash it on his body

“No, don’t!” This scene was seen by Li Man, her stomach shrunk in fear. Li Shu groaned in a low voice and fell down, and Li Man embraced him in a flurry.

“Wife, cough…are you okay?” Li Shu only said a sentence when he spitted out a mouthful of blood.

Li Man’s hand trembled as she covered his mouth, afraid that he would spit out more blood, “Okay, I’m okay, don’t speak anymore.”

“Wife.” Li Shu’s expression was like he wanted to cry, “I let you suffer grievances, I really have no use.”

Li Man hugged him tightly, looking at his bloody nose and swollen face while the corner of his mouth was stained with dark blood. She was crumpled in distress as she shook her head, “No, you’re really brave.”

Li Shu looked at her, and he felt even more distressed, “Wife, I won’t let you suffer anything.”

“I believe you.” Li Man’s finger blocked the corner of his mouth. She didn’t want Li Shu to say anything anymore. She was very afraid, looking at the crimson red blood inside his mouth threatening to spill out.

“What are you guys doing just standing there?! Hurry, take the beauty and give her to this father!” The skinny man suddenly was filled with anger as he was looking at the two people embracing each other in one place.

Li Shu’s pair of eyes became red once again, he struggled to stand up, but Li Man hugged him in place, “Don’t move.”

Li Shu was a bit dumbfounded as he listened to Li Man talking with the thin man, “Gentleman, don’t you want me? Why the need to handle it this way?”

“What? Beauty’s meaning is…?” the thin man heard Li Man and immediately asked while beaming with joy.

“A forcibly picked melon is not sweet [T/N: if sth isn’t meant to be, it’s no use trying to force it to happen], if you really want to use this boorish and rude method to capture me, I also won’t submit to you like a good child. Moreover, he’s my husband. Suppose you really want to beat him to death, I dare to vow on my life, if I don’t kill you one hundred times over, then I wouldn’t be worthy to be called human anymore.” Li Man stared with her eyes opened widely at him.

Li Shu trembled inside. Such a gentle and lovely woman living inside the protection of him and the other brothers, she was even so timid and overcautious, bu she unexpectedly could speak out in such a stern and imposing manner.

The thin man was also clearly dumbfounded by her, “Then what does beauty suggest?”

“Release my husband, I’ll go with you.” Li Man bluntly said.

“Wife.” Li Shu held Li Man back, the blue veins on his forehead stood out, “Even if I have to die, I won’t give you up to that swine of a man.”

“You fool.” Li Man looked at him in distress, “If you die, your brothers would be worried to death ah. Moreover, I also don’t want you to die.”

“Wife.” The rim of Li Shu’s eye suddenly dropped a crystal clear tear mixed with blood, “Wife, I’m gonna risk my life and…”

“Hush.” Li Man once more covered his mouth, preventing the following words to get out, and glued a warm and soft lips on his swollen cheek.

From the others’ perspective, they only seemed like kissing, reluctant to part with each other. The wives who were buying vegetables at the side blushed shyly and turned their faces.

On the other hand, the skinny men along with those thugs’ eyeballs felt painful the more they look at them, wishing that they could immediately drag and ravage Li Man.

However only Li Shu, at this moment, opening his big eyes and staring at Li Man with a dumbfounded expression, she said…

“Hear me, alright?” Li Man supported herself and slowly stood up.

Li Shu nodded his head, “En.”


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