Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife
424 I am pregnant.
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Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife
Author :Vrinda13
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424 I am pregnant.

After 2 years

"And the award for best actress goes to Xin Mei." the announcer announced the name of Xin Mei.

Xin Mei was sitting in the audience. She smiled happily and excitedly hugged Su Yuchen. 

"I won, I won." She chanted happily and kissed on the cheeks of Su Yuchen.

"Yes, you won. Now go on the stage and collect your award."

Xin Mei nodded her head and stood up from her seat. With elegance, she walked toward the stage and climbed on it, to receive her award which she was winning for the fourth time.

"Xin Mei, Xin Mei…." she could hear the chants of her name which again made her overwhelmed like the first time.

It had been four years that Xin Mei had entered the film industry and she had made her name in it. Now everyone knew who Xin Mei was and she had her fan base and many movies, awards, and series in her bag.

Xin Mei was the first choice for the face of every brand, every director, and every producer. With Xin Mei in the movie, the movie was meant to be a success. 

Xin Mei had given many movies, many interviews, winning the hearts of millions. And when there was a disclosure about the charities done by Xin Mei, the world was in shock. 

At that moment, the world realized that she was a human with a heart made of gold.

"Thank you for this award." Xin Mei started her speech and smiled at her audience. "Like last year, this year also I will like to dedicate this award to my husband and my fans who are always there supporting me. I Love you Chen, muaaa."

Like every time, she ended her speech by again announcing her love for Su Yuchen. 

Now the whole country was aware that Xin Mei deeply loved Su Yuchen and she did not lag from confessing about the same in all her interviews.

Six months back, one of her co-stars had tried to spread the fake rumors that Xin Mei was cheating on Su Yuchen. She thought everyone would slander Xin Mei but the result was the opposite.

Xin Mei's fans had come in her protection. No one was ready to accept that Xin Mei could cheat on her Su Yuchen. Everyone knew how much the couple loved one another.


Xin Mei climbed down the stage and walked toward Su Yuchen. He immediately took her in a cozy hug. He did not dare to kiss her like the last time.

During the last award, Su Yuchen had pecked on the lips of Xin Mei. It was simple peck but some of the viewers had taken it negatively and had scolded him. Children were also watching the award show and it was not good for them to see a kiss.

"I am so proud of you, Mei."

"Finally, you can happily announce to the world that you are my husband." Xin Mei released a deep breath and smiled at him.


Su Yuchen and Xin Mei came out from the hall where the award show was organized and they were immediately surrounded by the reporters.

"Miss Xin, Miss Xin, can you comment on why you have rejected the offer from Hollywood? We have heard that they were giving you the role of the main lead."

"I rejected the role because I was asked to stay in the states for at least three months and I don't think I afford to stay away from my Chen for such a long time." She smiled at the reporters.

"But we also heard that you were kicked out of the movie."

"You are smart. You know whom to believe." Xin Mei possessively wrapped her arm around Su Yuchen and smiled at him.

Xin Mei was asked many more questions similar to the last question, and she replied to all of them. Once giving them their fill, with Su Yuchen she walked toward their awaited car and they were on their way to the home where Su Yuchen had organized a small celebration for Xin Mei.


"So, tell me, Xiao Mei, how do you feel when climbing on the stage and when receiving the award?" Xin Yan asked and lovingly rubbed the huge belly of his wife.

"Fantastic and nervous." Xin Mei smiled and looked at Da Chun. "Is my nephew still bothering you?"

"Yup, he is." Da Chun spoke in a tired voice. "His kicks are getting stronger day by day. I so wish if I can pop him at this very moment. I am tired of being pregnant." She groaned.

"I told you, pregnancy is not easy." Gu Nan pointed out while handling her two years old naughty daughter who was continuously wiggling in her arms.

"NanNan, give her to me." Xin Mei offered and Gu Na took a breath of relief.

"Now go to your aunt and trouble her." Gu Nan happily gave her daughter to Xin Mei. Xin Mei started to cradle little princess in her arms.

"Xiao Mei, instead of asking her how her pregnancy is going on, you should ask me this question. Da Chun has made me crazy with her midnight cravings." Xin Yan groaned. Da Chun poked his chest and glared at him. 

"Xin Yan, if you can't fulfill her cravings then send her to my place till the time of her delivery. I am sure I can look after her cravings." Su Yuchen spoke strictly and glared at him.

Xin Yan huffed and rolled his eyes.

In the last two years, the relationship of Su Yuchen and Da Chun had improved very much. Their bounding had become very strong. Su Yuchen was very possessive about his little sister. He always looked after all her needs and demands.

"Da Chun, call your brother if you need anything. I will arrange anything for you."

Da Chun grinned widely and looked at Su Yuchen as if he was a God. "Brother, can you open an ice-cream shop in front of my house? I love ice-cream!" Droll slipped out from her mouth making everyone laugh.

"Sure." Su Yuchen immediately pulled out his mobile and called Huang Chu, giving him the orders. "You will have your ice-cream shop tomorrow."

"Thank you, Chen." Da Chun hugged him and he wrapped his arm around her, smiling brightly.

"Cle…Cle…" little princess wiggled in the arms of Xin Mei, trying to gain the attention of Su Yuchen. Xin Mei chuckled and passed her in the open arms of Su Yuchen.

"Hey princess." Su Yuchen carried her in his arms and threw her in the air, making her laugh.

Su Yuchen started to play with the little princess and the direction of their conversation turned into the topic of how good of a father Su Yuchen would be in the future.

"She admires you." He Ye commented when he saw his daughter happily talking with Su Yuchen in her babish voice.

"Why not? She knows I love her so much. Right princess." Su Yuchen tickled her making her laugh.

They talked and chatted for some time before it was time for the dinner. 

"Give her to me Su Yuchen. She can create a mess when having dinner." He Ye spread his arms in front of Su Yuchen.

"No, let me feed her." 

"Your wish. But I am warning you, get ready to see food all over your shirt."

And that was what happened, instead of eating her food, little princess preferred to play with it or spit it on the face or shirt of Su Yuchen.

All this while, Su Yuchen patiently fed her the food.

"You are patient with her but I am sure you will lose your patience with your kids." Gu Nan commented when she saw how Su Yuchen had not scolded little princess for once till now. If she was in his place then little princess was going to be a crying mess till now.

"He will never lose his patient because I know he will be the best father in the world." Xin Mei commented and lovingly looked at him.

"After seeing my Chen'er with the little princess, I can't wait to see him with his kids." Bai Yue commented and looked at them with longing smile.

"Soon grandma, soon your wish will come true." Xin Mei commented and placed her spoon in front of Su Yuchen's mouth who gladly accepted it.


After seeing off everyone, Su Yuchen and Xin Mei returned to their room. 

"Chen, I am to tell you something." Xin Mei smiled and pulled on the hand of Xin Mei.

"What?" he asked and the next second, his eyes widened when she placed his hand on her stomach. He looked at her grinning face and then at her stomach.

"Oh my god." He jumped with excitement before kneeling on the floor, in front of her belly. "Am I going to be a father?" he looked up at Xin Mei with a lot of hope in his eyes. 

"Yes." Her voice was husky. Tears appeared in her eyes.

"But how, I thought you were on pills!"

"I stopped taking them three months back. I planned to gift you with my pregnancy on our anniversary, but guess what, god planned to delay my gift."

"Thank you, Mei. Thank you for this beautiful gift. You have made me the happiest man today."

Su Yuchen exposed her belly and started to kiss all over it. Xin Mei could feel hot tears on her skin and she knew happy tears were flowing from his eyes.

Su Yuchen and Xin Mei had always avoided the topic of her pregnancy because of her career but now she was ready. She was ready to start her own family. Somewhere, her pregnancy was another reason she did not accept the offer from Hollywood. She wanted to enjoy her pregnancy with Su Yuchen.

"Mei, I promise to be at each step of your pregnancy. We will face it together."

"I know. I can always count on you." She chuckled and pulled him up before sealing her lips with his.

The End


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