Heavenly Curse
Chapter 237 Arrival of an old friend
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Heavenly Curse
Author :纳兰坤
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Chapter 237 Arrival of an old friend

In the inn, Mu Yi looked solemn. He didn’t expect that he would struggle to come back from his attack, let alone that Xu family would have been ready for his coming. However, the incident kept Mu Yi awake for days. Now, he understood that the Xu family was nowhere near as simple as he imagined.

Even without people from Hell, just Xu Qing couldn’t be underestimated. Although Mu Yi was not afraid of Xu Qing, he might not have been able to kill Xu Qing tonight with Nian Nuer and even in the absence of the people from Hell, and he didn’t know if the Xu family had any other cards.

Not willing to admit it, Mu Yi was at a loss this time. It was unrealistic for him to deal with the Xu family quickly. It would be more difficult for Mu Yi to find another chance after acting so rashly and alerting the enemy tonight. He would have to face the revenge of the Xu family. That was the rule of the game.

It was impossible that if he always attacked no one would fight back. There was no such thing in the world.

While Mu Yi pondered what to do next, Qi Yu in Tingyu Building was also reporting to Leng Yu what happened tonight.

“After all, he’s still young enough to believe that he can solve everything by force alone. If it’s so simple, the person sitting on the Dragon Chair now would not be a member of the Aixinjueluos,” Leng Yu shook her head gently.

“The Xu family and Hell are in close contact with each other. I’m afraid he will suffer from now on. Shall we step in?” Qi Yu asked.

“No, we just need to watch his trouble with indifference. It’s always good for young people to be more honed, and he’s still young. Even if he fails, he has enough capital to make a comeback,” Leng Yu said casually without care.

“But will this delay the opening of King Xian’s tomb?”

“No, the tomb of King Xian will be opened on time. Whether he can make it or not depends on him. Remember that we only watch them from the side and don’t interfere.”

“Yes,” Qi Yu’s pretty face changed a little, and she immediately responded.

At the Xu family’s house, there was a conversation between Xu Jingyuan and Xu Qing.

“I didn’t expect him to come, yet you couldn’t defeat him with Ghost Seven.”

Xu Jingyuan looked a little serious.

“It’s true that his strength is beyond my expectation, but I’ve almost made it clear. If there is next time, I will definitely kill him.” Xu Qing replied, and he was a little embarrassed, with the edges of his eyebrows burnt off and face dark.

Mu Yi’s five thunders charm was not so easy to escape or deflect. Although Xu Qing was prepared to block the lightning, he was still slightly injured.

“Next time? Don’t make it too easy. Since he has attacked, it’s our turn. If two first-class experts can’t defeat him, then we use four or even six. We will take him to death even if we have to pile up experts,” Xu Jingyuan said bitterly.

“But it will be hard for us to find so many experts at once.”

“Don’t worry, someone will contact us soon. Don’t forget that he has the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road. There are plenty of people who want it, but they haven’t been able to unite before. Even though he’s making a great uproar, it’s because the real giants haven’t paid attention to him,” Xu Jingyuan said confidently.

“It seems that everything is under the master’s control,” Xu Qing said. Although he was a first-class expert, he could not compare with Xu Jingyuan in terms of wisdom. Otherwise, he would not have chosen to stay with Xu Jingyuan.

Apart from requiting favors, the main reason was that Xu Jingyuan would help him achieve great things.

“Well, if it’s under my control, Xu Ziheng wouldn’t have died,” Xu Jingyuan sighed, and a flash of sadness appeared in his eyes. He thought he could win, but he underestimated the strength of his enemy.

However, Xu Jingyuan no longer looked down upon Mu Yi. He took him seriously with full consideration.

This time, taking precautions paid off. If he hadn’t paid attention to the enemy, he would not have made this arrangement in advance.

Xu Jingyuan squinted and looked at the gate. No one knew what he was thinking, including Xu Qing despite their closeness.

For many people, sleeping was difficult that night. As the protagonist of the event, Mu Yi put all his energy into practicing. He had a sense of urgency. He knew that a crisis was coming. In this case, he couldn’t ask the enemy to let him go. The only way to live was to increase his strength.

It was hard to improve his grasp on Yu’s Steps quickly, so Mu Yi turned his energy to his charm work. In addition to the five thunders charm, the next target he for was the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm. He drew the charms many times, but he never succeeded. Just like the rejuvenation charm, he always felt something was missing.

One night’s practice passed quickly. The next day, Mu Yi opened his eyes and a little disappointment flashed across his face. He thought that he could understand this level with the help of the copper lamp, but he was still stuck. He hadn’t practiced long enough and his foundation was too shallow, especially his understanding of charms.

However, Big Slave seemed to have made rapid progress, which comforted Mu Yi.

After Mu Yi got up, he heard a knock on the door. He couldn’t help wondering who would come to him.

Since the tragic death of a family in the next yard yesterday, all people living in other yards moved out. After all, there was nothing more important than their own life. Therefore, only Mu Yi was left in the inn.

After the last lesson, the innkeeper dared not drive Mu Yi away. Even Mu Yi vaguely heard that the innkeeper was trying to transfer the possession of the inn. He was afraid. But in this case, who would dare to take over?

Things had been in an uproar for a few days. Although it was hard to say that everyone knew it, at least the people who could afford this inn knew that there was a demon, an executioner who killed hundreds of people.

For ordinary businessmen, money was important, but their lives were more important. None of them dared to approach Mu Yi.

Even the staff of the inn went away. Only the innkeeper was left.

However, Mu Yi didn’t care. He stayed there and didn’t leave, which worried the innkeeper greatly.

When Mu Yi opened the gate and saw Mo Ruyan standing at the gate, he asked, “You?”

She was very beautiful, carrying a large box that made her seem petite. She was still in black clothes that were clean and tidy. They had been separated in Luoyang. She was supposed to return to Qingjiang Mansion, but for some reason, she was here in Cangzhou.

“Why can’t it be me? Aren’t you happy to see me? “Mo Ruyan smiled as if she was very satisfied with Mu Yi’s reaction.

“No, it’s just an accident. Why are you in Cangzhou?” said Mu Yi shaking his head. “Didn’t you tell me that if you want to be promoted to the first class, you need to find your own way? And now I’m on the way.” As Mo Ruyan spoke, she walked into the yard without thinking of herself as an outsider.

She continued, “After you left Luoyang, I began to challenge heroes from everywhere, especially those who use guns. Along the way, I had a lot of feelings, especially recently. I heard that there was a gunmaker in Cangzhou, so I wanted to meet him. I didn’t expect to hear your name when I arrived in Cangzhou, so I came here. Won’t you welcome me?”

“Welcome, but since you have arrived in Cangzhou, you should know that I am in trouble now. It’s not wise to be close to me,” Mu Yi said. Although he was not a public enemy now, it was almost the same. She would be in danger if she remained near him.

“Are we friends?” Mo Ruyan suddenly turned around and looked at Mu Yi seriously.

“Friends?” Mu Yi was stunned, turning the word over in his mind, and then he smiled, “Yes.”

Mu Yi felt warm. He was now in the center of the storm. He was used to being alone for a long time. When it came to friends, Su Jinlun could only be counted as half of a friend. Mu Yi had no others.

Mo Ruyan was originally half of a friend as well, but when she asked this question, Mu Yi thought she could be counted as one. Although he wasn’t with her for a long time, their relationship was good.

“That’s okay. Since friends are in trouble, how could I stand by?” Mo Ruyan smiled and said. She looked happy.

“Well, I am willing to receive your help, of course, but if it’s too difficult, you don’t have to help me.”

“Don’t worry. Although I’m going to help you, I don’t want to die with you. But if you die, I will avenge you,” Mo Ruyan said casually, but according to her expression, she was joking. Maybe she didn’t think Mu Yi would die at all. After all, she knew Mu Yi’s strength. Unless those old monsters in the world did it themselves, who would kill him?

“Then, I’ll thank you in advance,” Mu Yi said with a smile. It seemed that with the arrival of Mo Ruyan, the pressure on his shoulders had been reduced a lot, and he had more confidence.

“Big Slave, do you remember me?” Mo Ruyan looked at Big Slave, but Big Slave just grinned. At least according to his reaction, he still remembered Mo Ruyan.


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