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Hell Guardian Spirits
Author :AbyssDragon21
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Alucard was a very charismatic young man who lived in phoenix, arizona. His parents died due to severe blood loss and a head injury, both the result of a car crash. When they died they each told him one thing: always smile and work hard. He was 10 years old at the time.

After his parents died he was adopted by his abusive aunt and uncle who would assault him whenever they could, but he always smiled.

When he got to high school he took all advanced classes and joined as many clubs and sports as he could; because he was always smiling he was friends with the whole school. The teachers loved him because he was a good role model and the students loved him because of his charismatic personality and always smiling face.

He got number 1 in class rank and graduated early with a scholarship to Harvard University at the age of 16. In College, Alucard decided to major in bio-engineering, mechanical engineering, biology, and a minor in teaching.

Once he graduated he spent 10 years on cancer cell research, creating a permanent cure for lung, brain, and liver cancer; however the cure could only be used in the final stages of cancer.

After that, he got married to a pure and humble woman who was 30 and her name was Mary.

Once he married he decided to teach at the high school he went to, while teaching the students math. All of his students loved him because of his smiling face and all of them graduated at the top of their year.

Starting at the age of 40 he would always give 20 percent of his earnings to the poor and needy and another 20 percent to orphanages all around the world.

At the age of 70 he retired and lived with his kids, still giving whatever he can to the poor and orphanages. His wife died at the age of 80. At the funeral, all of his students were there to give their respects. Alucard was still smiling but everyone at the funeral saw the sadness in in his eyes.

He finally died peacefully in his sleep on his 100th birthday. That day the whole world mourned his death even creating the first W

world-wide holiday.


When Alucard woke up all he saw was a white space((A/N the conversation is in parenthesis because they're in soul form and don't have actual mouths)). (Hello child), (hello) (You don't seem surprised to wake up in an unknown environment.)

(well I was a hundred years old i had to die at some point. So should i call you God or....) (yes, just call me God, the reason i called you here is because of your life. You see your one of the few humans on earth that didn't blame for anything or justify my actions as "punishment", those ignorant fools, instead you helped the poor and needy, and even helped shape the next generation into commendable human beings that made the earth as a whole a good place to live in.

Because of your hard work and effort you were able to achieve world piece, and for that reason humans were able to focus on real world problems like pollution and the lack of trees. Your students created an organization that helps clean up the seas and plants as many trees as possible; plus the generation after that created a machine that helped with the communication between humans and animals. Because of that i shall give you a few wishes.)

(Hmmmm... so this is like those light novels and fanfictions i read during highschool.) (Exactly like that.)( Then can I be born in a cultivation world with spirits and the like.) (Done, next)

(Let's see for my 1st wish i would like to keep my memories of this life.) (Smart most humans forget that.) ( For my 2nd wish i want twin spirits the first one being an elephant spirit with at least the life attribute; while my second one is the byakugan that can evolve into other eye powers.

3rd i want a system that only shows my status and can compare it with others, and I want it to be able to talk to me, it should be sentient but like an older butler. Lastly i want the ability to be able to upgrade any attribute of anything, randomly, irrespective of cost whether it's effectiveness of a pill or the processing speed of my mind, once a month.) (HAHAHA those are some good wishes, still cheats but not to the point where everything is handed to you.)

(Got it, now, do you want to transmigrate or reincarnate?) (what's the difference.) (Transmigration means that i will create a young body for you and send you to place in the universe of your choice, reincarnate means you're sent their as a baby) (alright then can I reincarnate with white hair, and eyes that change colors based on my emotion, but when I activate the Byakugan they turn into regular byakugan eyes.) (Ok done. Anything else?) (Not that I can think of) (Well then have a nice life.)(Thank You) *a few seconds later* (Even after death he's nice)


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