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Hell Guardian Spirits
Author :AbyssDragon21
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Year 342, 5th day, Month of Lightning

When Alucard woke up he saw a dirty, brown, wooden roof. He looked around and saw a wooden fence. He realized he was in a cradle and when he looked beyond it, he saw a bunch of other babies.

'So i'm either in a slightly advanced hospital, which I doubt, or i'm in an orphanage which is more likely', thought Alucard, 'Hey system can you show my status.'

[ Status: Name: Alucard Gender:Male

Strength: 1

Defense: 1

Speed: 2

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 12

Dexterity: 1

luck: 25

Willpower: 50

Soul Spirits:

Hell Warrior Elephant(Sealed), Byakugan(Sealed)

Affinities: Lightning, Water, Wind


Upgrade (3/1), Appraisal Lv.Max, Gamer's Body]

'Can you tell me what the average stats of a normal human is and what the fraction after upgrade is for.', Alucard asked. [ The average stat of a normal human is 10 in everything, one soul spirit, and one elemental affinity. As for the fraction, god decided to give you 3 chances to upgrade anything of your choice. Choose wisely.]

After thinking for a bit, Alucard thought, 'Then upgrade my general comprehension and my strength. Also it feels weird calling you system, so i'm gonna name you after the most iconic butler of all, Sebastion.'

[Understood young master, and I just wanted to inform you, that when you upgrade something you spin a wheel, which decides, how big of an upgrade you get. After spinning the wheel your comprehension became a skill at level 4 and your strength increased by x10.]

'Thanks Sebastion', he replied.


Year 344, 3rd day, Month of Water

2 years later Alucard was up perfectly walking and talking. Today was the day he was going to start basic education. Classes at the orphanage usually began by teaching about geography and cultivation.

"First we are going to learn about Talwar city and it's neighboring geography. Talwar City is the capital of the Sword Empire and we are most known for our impeccable offense.

Next to Talwar City is Hundred Beast Rainforest, where the most common type of soul beasts are Water, Wood, or Dark type.

The most common soul beasts are Shadow Leopards, Water-Shell Turtles, and Bloody Treants. The most common plants are introductery alchemical shrubs, such as, Moon grass, Lemonblood Leaves, and Lightning essence weed. It's important to know this is only the edges of the forest, the further you go the better the treasure, however, there's more danger alongside it.

Remember kids, Hundred Beast Rainforest is on the West, on the East is Gladius City. Gladius City is where the Thousand Treasures Trading Den's headquarters are located. Now can anyone tell me what they know about cultivation.", taught the teacher. To which a student with brown hair replied with, "ooh, ooh, I know. There are 4 stages, they are called: the Body Tempering Realm, Spirit Apprentice Realm, Spirit Practitioner Realm, and Spirit Master Realm."

At this point Alucard stood up and asked a question. "Teacher what happens in each stage?"

The teacher says, "Very good question Alucard, in body tempering realm we use qi to toughen every part of our body like our skin, bones, heart, etc. so we can handle the spirit awakening, in spirit apprentice realm we awaken our spirits, with the help of Spirit Practitioners at the minimum." At this, the teacher shone with a white glow, making all the children close their eyes. When everyone opened their eyes they saw the teacher sitting on a turtle with red eyes and a black shell. "This is my spirit, a 2nd halo, white grade Bloody Turtle. In spirit practitioner realm we just cultivate qi until spirit master realm where we unlock spirit sense. Spirit sense allows cultivators to see inside ourselves and everything in a 360° angle which is very useful in fights, but the only person to ever reach that stage is the previous emperor. *RING* *RING *RING* Class ends here today, your homework is reading 3 pages of the history book I gave you and writing the alphabet 5 times ok, bye."


Alucard pov

Year 347, 1st day, Month of Lightning

So my birthday is in 4 days which is great because that means I can finally start cultivating. Hey, Sebastion can you show me my status. [Here you go young master.]

[ Status: Name: Alucard Gender: Male Age: 4

Strength: 1 ->12

Defense: 1->6

Speed: 2 ->15

Intelligence: 15->30

Wisdom: 12->16

Dexterity: 1-> 45

luck: 25

Willpower: 50

Soul Spirits:

Hell Warrior Elephant(80% unsealed), Byakugan(70% unsealed)

Affinities: Lightning, Water, Wind


Upgrade (0/1), Appraisal Lv.Max, Gamer's Body, Increased Comprehension Lv.4, Sneak Lv.5]

The basic conditioning worked out! It really increased my stats, coupled with sneaking out of the orphanage giving me the sneak skill. Hey Sebastion. [Yes, Young Master] What does the percentage next to my spirits mean?

[Well, young master, you see when God created your body, he made it so your weaker spirit can awaken even without a ceremony and you would have been able to feel your other spirit but you would never have been able to use it, hence the uneven awakening percentages.]

You mean to tell me that there was a possibility where I could have lived without the byakugan! [That is exactly what I am telling you, young master.] Good thing the church here does mass awakenings.


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