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Hell Guardian Spirits
Author :AbyssDragon21
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Year 348, 5th day, Month of Lightning

Alucard Pov

Today is the day I can start to cultivate but to get the cultivation technique I have to go to class. Well let's go.


"Today is the day you guys will start to cultivate, but before we start, we have to measure your guys' talent.", said the teacher

I got up and asked, "Teacher, how do we measure talent if we don't get to know about it until we awaken our soul spirits in the Spirit Apprentice Realm?"

"To answer that question, first let me tell you about martial skills. Martial skills use qi to attack, defend, heal, and more. Soul Spirits use what cultivators call martial abilities. Martial abilities are martial skills specific to your soul spirit. Now the grade and halo of a soul spirit tell us how powerful those martial abilities are, how many martial abilities that soul spirit is likely to have, and a few more tiny things, like your elemental affinity.", explained the teacher.

I thanked the teacher and sat down. After my question we started the talent measuring. Suddenly a man walked out of the teacher's shadow, and I noticed he was holding a glass ball.

He put the ball on the table, ignoring everyones gasps of surprise. The man called the other kids' names and made them put a hand on the glass ball. The ball would shine white with varying degrees of brightness and the man would just shout out the talent. Most kids had low-low to low-high talent. There was a boy who looked average, he had mid-low talent and there was a girl who had mid-mid talent. It shined green for both of them.

After about 15 or 16 more kids, some of who were happy, others who were crying, they finally called me up. I nervously walked up there and put my hand on the ball. Nothing happened for five seconds, and just as I got dissappointed in my talent, it burst in a bright red light.


Inspector Pov

Once the teacher finished talking to the kid with white hair , I walked out with the talent-measuring instrument. Ignoring everyone's surprised faces I walk to the prepared table and started call kids up one by one. There was no one worth noting except for a girl and a boy, until the same kid who asked about martial abilities came up.

When he came up the ball didn't respond so I thought it might be broken; however, when I started walking towards the kid, it burst forward with a red light. I instantly activated a communication talisman to call the Singh Royal Academy headmaster to tell him about the kid, after that I walked towards the kid.

Alucard Pov

I noticed the inspector walk over to me. He knelt down infront of me, to eye level, and asked, "What's your name little boy?" I responded with, "Alucard, good sir." He asked me if I wanted to join the Singh Royal Academy, thinking it was a good oppurtunity I obviously said yes.


I went to my room and packed my stuff, which wasn't much, just a diary, some clothes, and a hunting knife. We were going to leave that day. I went to the front gate of the church to see him talking with a person in front of a carriage. He called out to me and told me to get in the carriage.

Once we got in the carriage, I felt some movement, telling me thay we were on our way to the Singh Royal Academy. While we were riding the carriage, the inspector started some small talk, who by the way, was named Kent.

"So what do you know about Singh Royal Academy?", he asked. "I know it's the most prestigious academy above even Greenwood Preparatory School and Lightning Dragon Academy. I also know it's very expensive and only nobles and extremely talented people go there. So I must be very talented if you offered me this chance, but , as you know, I don't have any money.", I replied.

"Hahaha. You don't need to pay, you're going on a scholarship.", he said. After that little talk we don't say much and I fall asleep.


He woke me up a bit before we got there. I looked outside and the sun was setting. As we were getting off the carriage, "I almost forgot here is the basic cultivation technique you were supposed to get and here are the keys to your dorm room, you can just ask any of your senior classmates for the directions to the boys dorm.", he exclaimed. He handed me the two objects and dissappeared into the shadows.

I asked the first person I saw for the directions to the dorms, and was able to get to my dorm room without much hassle. I unlocked my door and set my things up. There was a bed, a table, a closet, a bathroom, and a small box with a bunch weird writing on it. When I opened it I felt a waft of cold air hit my face. Must be this world's version of a fridge.

By the time everything was set up it was night time, so I sat on my bed and opened the cultivation book Kent gave me.


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