How To Become A God
3 Chapter 3. Suicide NSFW
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How To Become A God
Author :vandit
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3 Chapter 3. Suicide NSFW

First sex scene, I don't know if it will be good or just be awkward

Once again, pls forgive this humble servant for his upcoming mistakes.


Loud moans filled the red Lamborghini.


There was nothing as satisfying as fucking this stupid gold digger in the morning thought John. He always wanted to know how it felt to have sex in the car.

He grabbed her tits and twisted them as hard as he could while pounding her from behind. This was only possible in such a tight space because John was in the back seat while the gold digger was leaning forward into the middle area of the car.

"Give me more daddy" John thrust faster and faster into the whore who was pleading for more.

John originally picked this girl up from the club he was at last night. The moment he got off of his Lamborghini, this chick flocked to him like gold. She wouldn't leave his side all night till he fucked her, and in the morning she asked him to pick her up for school.

What did she think? That I'll be her boyfriend? She's only good for a couple days till she gets boring.

After releasing his fill, he threw the condom out the window. But he wasn't done this morning, he grabbed her plentiful breasts, turned her around and sucked vigorously on both of her tits at the same time.

"John we're going to be late for school!" said Sabrina while grasping for air. The redness covered her face and she was still huffing from the rough session.

"Don't worry my dad owns this town, we'll be there in 5 minutes, " John said slowly, since he was tired from all the sucking.


John was driving 3 times the speed limit trying to get to school on time, while Sabrina was hastily trying to fix her makeup. She redid her red lipstick, fixed her hair and straightened her clothes.

Sabrina looked over at John, who was driving, although we were only going to school this man was wearing a Louis Vuitton Jacket, Armani watch, designer jeans, shoes and a gold chain, like we were going to the club.

The gold chain was swaying side to side as the car was speeding through traffic when suddenly Sabrina yelled "Watch out!".

John was maneuvering the car left and right when he shouted,"Get off the rode FUCKER!" He almost ran a nerd over when he was turning into the school driveway.

John got out of his car and ran towards the nerd, with the intention to tackle him to the ground for his mistakes.

Thump! The nerd flew back and lost his glasses in the process. He hit the ground and rolled several times before he came to a stop.

All the commotion attracted the students to the dispute nearby. Most were excited to see action this early in the morning.

"Stupid fucker, you almost ruined my car!" cursed John.

"HEY!, stop it, it's your fault for driving like a maniac" shouted Karen.

Karen was chatting with her friends happily when she saw a Lamborghini pull up and nearly ran someone over. Now if that wasn't bad enough, the driver got out of the car and started getting physical with the victim.

Such audacity thought Karen. She knew whose car it was, there was only one person in town who had a red Lamborghini. Karen would have minded her own business usually, since no one wanted to mess with the biggest gangster in school. But the person John was hurting was her cousin Zack.

Karen ran to Zack side to see if he was okay.

Zack said in pain "Not a manic but a fucking retard!"

"See if I don't sue you, my moms a lawyer" threatened Karen.

"WHAT did you say to me..." said John as his voice slowly became inaudible.

"I can't find my glasses" Zack said to Karen.

When John saw it was the fairy Karen, who ran to Zacks side, he was hesitant. On one side was the chick who's pants he's been trying to get into for the last month and the other was just some fucking nerd.

Man, those tits are huge for someone her age thought John. Karen was wearing tight jeans and a loose pink top, her breasts were siting tightly on her bra.

John was about to apologize when Sabrina came to his side and said "Slut, who do you think you are!".

"Excuse me?" Said Karen.

"That's right, how dare you! His dad is the town mayor see if you will get away with trying to suicide and then blame it on us" pointed Sabrina to Zack.

This was one smart gold digger thought John, originally he was afraid of ruining the family name further since his dad was already in the hot spot, and Karens mom was a lawyer. But now.....

Suicide! Genius! This whore was brilliant! He could quickly settle this now. John kissed Sabrina with affection like she was the best thing to happen to him.

"Suicide?, see how I make you commit suicide" said Zack having been recovered after the surprise attacks on him.

Zack wasn't someone weak, he's been working out for the last 2 years every day, but he was shorter than most. But after almost getting killed and getting caught off guard from the tackle, he needed a second to recover.

Zack made a move, he sent an uppercut hitting John right in the chin. John lost his balance and slipped on the grass because of the morning dew.

Caught surprised John couldn't do anything but get hit and moan in pain.

Seeing their boss get hit, John's hoodlums who heard his boss was in a situation arrived and started beating up Zack.

Being outnumbered 4 to 1, Zack was being pushed back and was thrown on the ground again. The fury of kicks landed on him.

Seeing Zack getting beaten, Karen was about to go in and break the fight when a firm hand landed on her shoulder.


See you tomorrow




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