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Living a First Class Life With a Third Class Degree
Author :SOS_Publications
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1 Introduction

Everyone who moves around with a third class certificate

has the potentials to live a first-class life. This is what this

book is all about, learning to live a first class life with a third class certificate. I am not too bothered that you have failed

in school. My concern is how you can bounce back and become

someone to reckon with in life, even with your third-class


Truly you have failed, but this is not the worst of your failure.

You have failed several times before now, and have successfully

bounced back effortlessly. You may not remember this, but I do


The very first time you tried walking as a baby, you fell flat on

your face, not once, not twice, but you rose up again, and tried it a

few more times, until you learnt the act perfectly. Today, you

walk about without giving it a thought, as though you had never

failed in walking before.

The very first time you tried to swim, you almost drowned;

thanks to God for the lifesavers around you then, you would have

lost your life untimely and would have been buried and long

forgotten. Today, you swim as though it is a natural thing to do.

You can even dare a swimming competition, just because you are

sure of how good you are at it, without remembering you had

failed in it before.

The very first time you learnt to drive, with a big bold red color

letter 'L' on a white cardboard pasted both in front and at the back

of your car, you mistakenly matched the brake instead of the

clutch, took the turtle for the brake, and almost hit the wall, but

for your driving-lesson tutor beside you. You wondered then if

you would ever really know how to drive a car because of the

constant mistakes you were making during the driving lessons.

All those are stories now! You can drive fifty kilometers without

any difficulty. You are now an expert at driving, a skill you once

taught you would never know.

These are just a few of your numerous records of failures in

times past. However, you have been able to cross over from the

boundary of failure to the side of success in the same ventures

that sometimes ago seemed you really would not be able to find a

way around. The same factors that worked for you then, can still

work for you now, irrespective of who, or what is against you,

third-class degree notwithstanding!

It is not very unusual to fail in your first attempt at something.

Since this is your first attempt at getting an academic degree,

your failure is not something to kill yourself over. Do not worry

about this failure. You have not yet committed an unpardonable

sin by failing. You have bounced back at other times you failed

before now. So, I am very certain that you will bounce back this

time too, if you can only do the right thing.


RESULT, is not to blame you of your failure, but to let
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you know that you can bounce back again, and teach you the

'how to', until you become the talk-of-the-town.

It is possible! You can still live a first-class life, even with your

third-class result, if you are willing to do what I am about to

show you. Others have done it before, and you also can.

Happy reading

Sam. O. Salau

(Africa's Leading Author on Campus Issues)


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