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Living a First Class Life With a Third Class Degree
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4 Chapter 3: The Way Forward

Your result has definitely limited you; there is no need

denying that fact. Your mates with better results will be

offered better job opportunities with mouth-watering Yoffers. Most of these opportunities may likely elude you; but it is still not the end of the world. God has great things in stock for

you in the future.

Do not let your certificate intimidate you. Do not be

misinformed by your result. You cannot afford to miss out on

God's plan for you simply because of man's assessment of you.

There is more to your life than the degree you carry. You just

need to align yourself with destiny.

At this stage of your life, there is one of two visible options to

take: You either make a living by force or by wisdom. To make a

living by force, you have to engage in hard labour, serving

others, since you do not have the certificate it takes to get a good

job and lead others. No one will employ a third class student to

come and lead first class students. However, to make a living by

wisdom, all you need is to discover your potentials and build a

dream future around it.

Failing once in a while is inevitable in life, but it is convertible,

and these are the two ways to convert this present failure into

success. These are the two choices you have to make;

(1) Either to serve others, or

(2) To make others serve you.

To serve others really will not demand anything too serious from

you. However, if you must be served, then you must discover

your potentials and build a future around it. This is important

because your potential is a pointer to your purpose in life.

There are other possible ways though, through which you can

get to the top aside the two mentioned above. You can decide to

go through it all over again so as to make the necessary

amendments where you have earlier missed it. To do this, you

will have to sit for the qualifying examination into the higher

institution afresh, get readmitted for either the same degree or

another degree, in either the same school or a different school,

going through the stress and rigours of schooling as an

undergraduate once again. Certainly, considering your maturity

level, you will be more serious with it this time around, and you

are most likely to come out with a better degree.

Alternatively, you can go for your Post-Graduate Diploma, after

which you then go ahead to do your Masters. This will

overshadow your first degree and reduce the emphasis on it.

With the Masters degree, you are likely to get a better placement

in the society. However, the challenge here is that if you do not

have a very strong financial backbone, the bill for running a

Master's degree can be neck breaking for a jobless third-class

graduate like you (I do not mean to hurt you; just on a lighter


Much more than this, by the time you are through with your

Masters, you will possibly be overqualified for some jobs and

under-qualified for others. You will just hang in-between the

two categories of job seekers. Most job descriptions that will fit

into your Masters' degree and age specification will require

some years of experience, which you cannot boast of as at today.

So, you will be back to square one. You will have to start looking

for the right job again!

If you had chosen the earlier option of going through it all over

again, you are likely to be older than the generally acceptable

employability age for fresh graduates, especially in a country

like ours where employers do not forget to put age restrictions

when placing adverts for job offers - not more than twenty six

years of age, with a minimum of four years' experience in

relevant fields!

If you do not want to go through any of these, then you are left

with only two options: either to accept whatever life brings your

way in good fate, or you create your own job. Except for

supernatural interventions or strong earthly connections, you are

not likely to get the kind of job you want out there with the

certificate in your hands, but you can create the kind of job you

want for yourself; and no one will require that you submit your

CV for that.

This kind of job only requires one thing, not your CV, not the

school you graduated from, not the course you studied, not the

degree you graduated with, but discovering your purpose,

building a future around it, and living up to your dream future!


Discover your purpose. Discover your dream. Discover your

potentials. Discover yourself. Do not let someone else' opinion

about you abort your destiny. What anyone calls you does not

matter, what you answer to makes all the difference. You may

have failed in school, but if you key into your purpose of

existence on earth, you can still excel. If you lose your head

because of this failure, you will not see the glorious end that

awaits you. To get the best from this failure, rise up to the


What everyone should desire in life, even above academic

success, worldly fame and financial prosperity is the fulfillment

of his dreams. This does not only come through academic

achievements alone; it comes through fulfillment of purpose.

Until you know your ultimate purpose in life, you are enslaved

by the immediate future; every peep into the future becomes

scary. This is because both your relevance and your identity in

your generation are tied to your purpose and not your academic

qualifications. If you do not appreciate this God-given purpose

and talents, you will keep on depreciating in value in life. But the

instant the original purpose is discovered, past failures,

academic or otherwise, becomes a motivation for future success.

Even if you have a first-class result, that alone is not enough.

You need much more than a certificate to fulfill destiny. True

success only comes through the fulfillment of one's original

purpose. If all you can boast of now, and you will forever pride

in, is just the man-awarded-degree, you may live an unfulfilled

life, and worse still, you may not know it until it is almost too

late. Your self-worth is in the potential God has embedded in you

and not just in what you make out of school.

Sincerely, the course you study may not be the course to follow.

If whatever they inputted in you in school does not connect or

come to terms with what God has imbedded in you, then one

should give way to the other, and you rightly determine which,

the former. Do not let your discipline in school destroy your

destiny in life.

The world promotes first-class grades. This is understandable

since most of those who get it really laboured for it. However,

they over-celebrate it to the detriment of other grades. So, it is

easy to get caught in this web of materialism if you do not have it.

Men rates credentials, but God celebrates potentials. Your

credential is the evidence of your training in school, but your

potential is the substantial confirmation of your area of talent in

life. When you begin to walk in this God-given purpose prepared

for you by the creator, you are no longer going to be ashamed of

your academic qualification and you will be very grateful to God

for whatever you have passed through. If you realign yourself

perfectly with your purpose in life, maximizing your talent and

gifting, the success you struggled to get which eluded you on

campus will come looking for you with ease after graduation.

It is that easy. Discover your purpose, build a dream future

around it, and align yourself with it and good will start coming

your way. It is this process of discovering yourself that is called

'self discovery'.


Do not settle for anything less than what God desires for you.

Often, most men fail to realize their full potentials in life because

they do not look at the right quarters. They focus elsewhere

without understanding the full range of what God has placed

within them.

This is the time to appreciate the deposits of God in your life; for

this is the reason for your existence. There is a great potential for

success in you. It may really not be academic success, but it is not

less significant. That is how God has created us all.

We all do not have to be academics at the same time. Some will

have to be something else, or else the world will not be an

interesting place to live in. Hence the saying, 'varieties is the

spice of life', and fortunately academic failure may disqualify

you from the best of jobs, but it does not disqualify you from

enjoying the best of what God has in stock for you.

You no longer should deceive yourself at this point. The die is

cast. It is left to you to either prove the school wrong or right; you

either confirm their assumption that you are truly a failure, or

you alter their mindset about you by proving to the world that

you are not what they said you are, that you indeed have

something significant to offer your generation.

Make a move today; an undiscovered gold is not worth the price

of a discovered chalk put to use. You will never know what you

can do if you do not make a move.

The examination of life is not about doing eye-service to get

favour from the school lecturer or trying to bribe the examiner.

The great examiner, Life itself, cannot be coerced into giving

you a pass mark when you do not labour for it. You only get what

you deserve. So, take a step, and do it today; do it right now.

Take time to discover yourself; but do not let it end at that. Take a

step. Make a move. Do something today, and in fact, everyday,

towards the fulfillment of your goal.

God has bestowed you with everything you need for what is

ahead of you. You do not need more capital than you have today.

You do not need more connections than you have today.

For now, you do not even need better degrees than you have now.

A first-class degree is not one of it. If it is, He would have given

you. All you really need is within you. All you have is all you

need. All you need is all you have. If you need more as time goes

on, He is able to provide when the time comes; but for now, you

have all it takes to succeed at this level.


Man's time on earth is limited. Each closing year, each ending

month, each rolling week, each setting sun, each tick of the clock

shortens his days of existence on the surface of the earth and

swiftly but silently carries him on to his grave unconsciously.

After your demise, only two things will you be remembered for:

what you did and what you did not do; your fulfilled dreams and

your aborted dreams. Nothing will be remembered about the

school you went to; nothing will be remembered about the

course you studied; not much will even be remembered about the

degree you graduated with. All that shall be left shall be what you

did and what you did not do, the dreams you fulfilled and the

dreams you aborted simply because you did not make a firstclass.

Aborted dreams are what you could have done but did not do;

dreams you could have accomplished with the third-class result

and little resources you have but have nonchalantly abandoned

because you do not have more than enough; visions you could

have built on to make a world acclaimed edifice, but have

deserted in a dilapidated stage because of your degree. What

major thing will you be remembered for after you are gone, that

you had a first-class in school or that you had a first-class in life?

If you are living a life without dreams simply because of your

present academic status, you are living a wasted life. It might be

too late before you discover this. A life without a dream is a life

that just passed through the world without any meaningful

influence or significant impact on its immediate or extended

environment. There is no proof of its presence on earth.

That is a meaningless life - a life that is not worth living. If you

are living such a life now simply because of your academic

disadvantages, the moment will soon arrive which will close

your life on earth, and you would have ended up living a wasted


Every great invention in the world today started out as a dream,

not only from the minds of those who were the best of the bests

in the classrooms alone, but also from those who were willing to

contribute their quota to better the lifestyle of humanity,

irrespective of what their lecturers think about them.

These are the two sets of people on the earth - the dreamers and

the spectators, academic results notwithstanding. The dreamers

make things happen, but spectators watch things happen.

Do not be a spectator in life be a dreamer. History is filled with

such people: Men who have done extraordinary things and

changed the course of their generation through the fulfillment of

their dreams. Your world is waiting for you, stop wasting away.

So many have attempted to give a detailed and generally

accepted definition of this word called 'dreams' but have come

up with a conglomeration of words of various parts of speech to

illustrate their idea and drive home their point.

For the singular purpose of this study, it shall be defined simply

thus: Dreams are invisible ideas in the minds of creative thinkers

(first-class graduates, third-class graduates, or staunch

illiterates) that can be processed into visible blessings which

men can relate with.

If well explored, a dream can become the tool that closes the

door on your past, gives you the drive for the present and inject

you with the needed aspirations for the future. It builds hope and

expectation for great things to come. It is the thoughts that

totally overtakes and motivates you towards your destiny,

despite your success or failure in school.

Your dream is your passport to the future, not your certificate.

Your dream is your destiny, not your degree. Your destiny,

simply put, means God's purpose for your life: your appointed

and ordained future. It is what God has in mind that you will

become, the sole reason why you were born. When you discover

it, you will command public attention but if you do not, you will

miss your place in destiny and when you miss your place in

destiny, you will be thrown into the archives of life.

A 'dreamless' man is a 'futureless' man. Your dream determines

your future. Your dream determines your placement. Your dream

determines your greatness. Your dream moulds your destiny.
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Your dream creates a pathway to get you to your destination

early in life.

Majority of the failures in the world is caused through lack of

dreams than through lack of good grades or lack of ability. Lack

of dream is worse than lack of degrees and poverty of purpose, as

is commonly said, is more destructive than poverty of purse.

Life is not as difficult as it appears. The issue is that many have

no goal, no dream, and no aim. Without these things, life is a

waste. Lack of dreams and vision is a formal invitation to the

peril of irrelevance among peers.

If you do not have a dream in this present predicament that you

are, you have no reason for living. A dream is all you need for a

turnaround in life. With that dream, you can be what you want to

be. With that dream, you can get what you want to get. With that

dream, you can have all you want to have at your disposal. With

that dream, you can get much more than a first-class result will

offer you.

It is possible to have a quick flash of heaven-sent, earthlyneeded,

wealth-generating idea cross your mind from time to

time. Your ability to understand them on time and pursue them

with all of your might makes you a dreamer.

Dreamers are men of ideas; men of ideas are men with dreams,

and men with dreams are men of destiny. They may neither be

recognized nor awarded a first-class degree in their respective

schools at their graduation ceremonies, but life itself will always

award them a first-class material before their demise because of

their contribution to planet earth.

Anyone who lacks a dream is irresponsible. It does not matter

whether he has a first-class or a third-class degree. It does not

even matter whether he lives in the ghetto or in a penthouse; if he

has no dream, he has no future. He will soon be expelled from

the list of the history makers the world needs.

Your dreams will lead you to boom but lack of it will lead you to

doom. Your dream will cause an explosion in your life and

everyone around you will be glad to associate with you. Even

those who have mocked you before for graduating with a poor

result will want to identify with you and become your friend.

History is for dreamers, if you are not a dreamer, you are a goner.

Dreamers rule the world. Dreamers are the architects of the

world to come. The dreamers who lived yesterday made the

world that we live in today. The dreamers who live today will

build the future, which we will live in tomorrow.

If you refuse to dream today, the generation to come will miss

something which you have been created to contribute to their

well being. They may not really be able to pinpoint what it is, but

your creator does, and will certainly not be too pleased with you

for denying men what you are meant to offer them. Dreamers are

the saviors of the world. All the world needs are more of such.

Live a purpose driven life; be a dreamer. God appreciates firstclass

graduates, but He respects dreamers as well, and He

rewards them too. Dream and dream well.


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