Living a First Class Life With a Third Class Degree
5 Chapter 4: Locating A First-Class Dream
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Living a First Class Life With a Third Class Degree
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5 Chapter 4: Locating A First-Class Dream

What makes a man great is his ability to locate what his

dreams are early in life. This is why you need to quit

grieving over your past results early enough and start creating a future for yourself. The real value of life depends on how early dreams and visions are located, pursued and


Taking time to lament over what has happened in the past is no

crime, but when such actions begin to take more time in the

present than it should, especially to the detriment of the future,

then something should be done about it on time. Rather than

mourn about the past, create the future you desire. Work on a

dream that can put your name on the list of the first class

personalities in the world.

You may not need to begin to pray and fast for a dream again. You

probably have one already with you right now as you read this

book. There is one lurking somewhere in your heart which God

has intended that will take you to the top. Find it out on time.

The best opportunities in the world are hidden near us but most of

us fail to recognize them even when they stare openly at us in the

face. Ideas that would change the tide of events in the world and

have ceiling impacts on generations to come are what most of us

sleep and wake with daily without any consciousness of them.

We waste the resources of heaven on hourly basis and still

complain that God is not too fair to us simply because we did not

make a first-class degree like our mates. What an irony!

Those thoughts, ideas and concepts that cross your mind often,

either when you were in school with high hopes of a high-paying

white collar jobs after graduation, or now that you have

considered that an illusion, considering the degree you

graduated with, are dreams in disguise.

That particular proposal which never seems to leave your mind

could be your dream. That single purpose in life that is so

enjoyable that you are eager to carry out, regardless of whether

there is a reward or compensation, could be your dream. That

project in your hand could be your dream. That desire in your

heart could be your dream. That picture in your mind could be

your dream. That single thing you pursued while on campus, that

made you drop from first-class to third-class degree could in a

way be related to your dream.

See to it that this dream does not die prematurely. That picture in

your heart will put your future in your hand. You do not have to

be a Methuselah before you can have noteworthy impacts.

Starting from today, you can make every single day of your life

count by just one thing - a dream. Life is too short to be spent

doing irrelevant things. Maximize your potentials while you are

still young. You do not have to spend an eternity on earth before

you begin to make waves. Locate your dreams; and that quite

early. The earlier the better for you!

There are few things you will need to know about dream as we

continue. Firstly, do not expect anybody to dream for you; you

may be disappointed. Dreams are by personal discoveries. You

find it out by yourself or else you die without realizing it.

In natural sleep, no man helps another to dream, no matter how

closely related they are to one another. Every man who wants to

dream must go to bed for himself, no matter how busy he is. So

also, no man can have a dream for you. It is something only you

can do for yourself.

People around you will not discover your dream for you. The

best they can do is to suggest what they think suits you best. They

may be right; and for all you care, they may also be wrong! Only

you can discover what you have to do for yourself and now is the

best time to do that. There is no better time.

Secondly, dreams are also often not inherited. They are not

necessarily passed from parents to children, nor derived from

family achievements. Very few people succeed on their parent's

dream as much as they do on their own dreams. They just

manage to get along. Each person on earth needs to have his own

dream. Any dream passed down to you through parents, friends,

relatives, and neighbors stand to cause a division between you

and them when the dream grows big.

Thirdly, dream is limited to no one in the secular. Everybody can

dream - the rich and the poor; the white and the black; the big

shots and the downtrodden; the educated and the illiterates; the

males and the females; the old and the young; every one must

have a dream, and more importantly, see to it that the dream

comes to pass. It is your responsibility. Nobody will do it for you.

So many graduates are still waiting on God to give them a

heavenly dream that will save them from the nationwideinvested-

peril of unemployment, when in fact God is waiting for

them to work on the ones He has deposited into their hearts. It is

often noted that these ones are the indolent ones who do not want

to do anything and are only using God as an excuse. This is the

same reason why they failed out of school - indolence, laziness,

nonchalance, and procrastination. It is time for such to change.

You have waited long enough for the Holy Spirit. If you think He

has not given you one, then be proactive. Give yourself a dream.

Keep working on that until He deems it fit to give you one.

Never forget this - home or abroad, never for once be without a

dream or an important goal that you are working on. It is your

first step in living a first class life with a third class certificate.


Truly, dreams differ with each person. Many have no dreams,

some have little dreams, and very few have big dreams, these

last set of people shine brightest on earth. Strive to be among

these few for they control the affairs of the world.

Uncommon achievements are made through uncommon

dreams. A second class dream cannot yield a first-class result.

You may not have a first-class result in school, but you can have

a first-class dream in life and only this first-class dream will

guarantee you a first-class placement among your friends with a

first-class academic result later on in life.

Great dreams are the raw materials for great destiny. If only you

can have a dream that is beyond others' comprehension, then you

are on your way to soaring to an enviable height.

Despite your result, do not either consciously or unconsciously

plan to be less than you are capable of being. Always long to do

something larger and bigger. Get a big dream. Explore new

areas. Develop new techniques.

The secret of greatness is either in doing what has never been

done before, or doing what has been done before in a way it has

never been done before. To become an extra ordinary personality

in life, you will have to go for extra ordinary dreams early

enough. If you dream about what others have dreamt about, you

are doing no new thing. It is better for you to do what others will
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not do, or at worst, do what others will do, but in a way they

would not think of.

If your dream is small, you will forever remain small because

your small dream will not produce a large future. Cats do not

give birth to tigers. Lizards do not grow into crocodiles, and bats

do not become eagles.

If you are sure that God is your partner, make your dream BIG.

Do not believe the limit where others ended. If you allow your

progress to be dictated by the extent to which others have gone,

then you will be limiting God's move in your life. When you limit

God, you are limiting your resources. When you limit your

resources, you become handicapped. When you become

handicapped, you cannot move at the rate you desire to move,

and you eventually become stagnated.

Your academic ability notwithstanding, enlarge the coast of your

dream. No matter how big that dream is, it is not bigger than God,

and so it is not beyond accomplishment if He decides to help you.

The only dream that is beyond accomplishment is that which is

bigger than God and there is no such dream. No matter how big

the dream is, it cannot intimidate Him. Your biggest dream can

neither diminish the Almighty God nor exhaust His resources.

When a man sleeps, the things he dreams about are always things

that may never happen. He becomes things he never really is in

real life and he does things he may never be able to do if he were

awake with his senses fully functional! He becomes a

'superman'. He jumps great heights, runs faster than cars, flies

over buildings, and carries loads bigger than him with ease. He

acquires a bigger than nature size. This is the idea of dreams.

Dreams are limitless. They are things that do not look too real:

things that may never be possible except in dreams alone.

You also need such dreams. Although you have a third-class

result, you can nurse a first-class dream. Do not let your

academic inability limit your dreams. Dream uncommon

dreams. Dream seemingly impossible dreams. Dream

seemingly unachievable dreams.

If your dreams are too common, you may accomplish them

quickly and even with so much ease, but these will not attract the

attention of so many people since it is a common thing which

they see every day. If it is an uncommon dream, men will stand

agape at its accomplishment.

The word 'excellence' means to stand out. If you must excel as a

dreamer, you must stand out. To stand out, you must have a

dream that stands out. You may not have excelled in school, but

you can still excel and stand out in life simply by creating for

yourself an uncommon dream!

Third-class students with uncommon dreams have an unequaled

advantage over their mates - they have few or no competitors.

Their other third class grade colleagues are not competing with

them, they have accepted their fate. Their first class grade

friends are not too excited about any dream, what will they need

one for; they are already comfortable with the first class salary

they get in their working place. This gives the third class

graduate with an uncommon dream little competition and no

rivalry. This makes it easy for you to have a smooth ride to the



Carefully note here that if after trying all your best possible to

get a big dream, all that keeps coming to your mind seems to be a

small idea, do not neglect the small idea. It is better to be

successful with something small than to be successful at doing

nothing. Take a concrete step with it. It may be the first phase of a

great dream.

Never say never to that small dream if that is all you have. That

idea you consider as small, irrelevant and so unimportant may be

the most important idea you will ever have in your life. Do not

look down on it. It may be the reason why you are sent to the

world. The idea may not sound great at the onset, but the truth is

that there may be greatness at the end of it. If you neglect that

small idea, you neglect your dream and when you neglect your

dream, you miss your throne.

There is a dream you have in your mind. Only you know it and

only you can accomplish it. You must not be buried in your grave

with that dream still buried in your heart. You must deliver it.

It is not too late to start now. Be genuinely interested in that idea

God has placed in your mind. In it lies your success. In it lies your

promotion. In it lies your uplift. In it lies your victory. In it lies

your fulfillment. In it lies your future, and in it lies the first-class

you never had in school. This dream will take your name from

the list of third-class graduates to the list of first-class achievers.

If God will open your eyes to the importance of that dream you

have in your heart, which though looks irrelevant to your

prosperity, (but in actual sense is what the whole world is waiting

for), you will know better than to handle it the way you do. The

reason you handle it the way you do is because you do not know

that what you have in your hand is what will make your name a

remembrance in every generation.

That dream in your hand is your life! It must not die. That dream

in your hand is your future; it must not crumble. That dream in

your hand is your destiny; it must not crash. Whatever has

happened in school is now irrelevant. It has become history. Do

not let this history repeat itself again in your life. This is a new

season of your life. This is a new millennium with a large deposit

of new dreams, visions and ideas, which, if well pursued, will

change the history of man. These ideas God deposited in you

will belittle and render obsolete the discoveries made in the past

millennium. That concept on your mind will make earlier

inventions look like toys. It will even make those who graduated

with better degrees than you to begin to desire to be on your

payroll if you will keep at it till you succeed.

We are living in the final hours of human history. The end of the

world is at sight and God is releasing all the remaining ideas in

heaven that are for earthly good into the hearts of His children.

These ideas are not given to one single race or color, neither are

they reserved for the first-class students alone. God has

deposited some of them in you. Do not watch them rot away

simply because you did not meet up to your lecturer's

expectations. Make the best use of them.

Stop wandering about looking for someone to help you succeed.

That dream in your hand is enough to make you a wonder on

earth if you will attend to it. That dream which God has dropped

in your heart may look seemingly impossible, but it is what will

take you to the place of destiny in life. The idea may sound

foolish and unexciting today, but if you keep at it, tomorrow, it

shall become the talk of the town.

Dreamers are inventors. Dreamers are creators. Dreamers are

rulers. All the great men who accomplished great things in life

have one thing in common, not a first-class degree, but a firstclass

dream. They are all dreamers. If you have a dream, then

you are a potential ruler. It may not be evident today, but time

will prove this right.

When Joseph told his brethren about his dreams, they were

quick to mock him. They thought he was out of his mind. But at

the end, they came back to bow down to him as he had earlier

prophesied. Though it took some time, he became a ruler over


People may mock you today because of your 'impossible' dream,

but tomorrow, they will come to learn at your feet if you do not

give up. They may ridicule you today, saying the reason you

nurse this ambition is because you do not have a good degree to

work with, reasoning that if you had a first class certificate, you

would not have been bothered about an unreasonable dream, but

time will tell. That vision before you is the reason you are sent to

planet earth, if you fail to pursue it you have failed God. Do not

disappoint God. He is not yet disappointed in you because of

your third-class grade in school, but He could be disappointed in

you if you fail to attain a first-class grade in life. He is waiting for

your success. Go right ahead and dream. ,


The only thing that can remove the insults of failing out of school

is getting a good result in life, and if you must get this kind of

result, you must be ready to pay the price.

Life knows nothing about our past, present or future. It only

gives us the results of yesterday's decisions today. What you are

passing through today is as a result of the wrong decisions you

took when you were in school; imagine the headaches and

discomforts this has caused you in recent times! You cannot

afford to take another wrong decision today as it will affect

negatively the future you are trying to protect.

Taking a wrong decision does not only affect you alone. A wrong

decision today will affect many of your loved ones and other

areas of your life. It will affect your wife when you eventually

marry. It will affect what kind of car you will drive. It will affect

what kind of house you will live in, and how much comfort you

will have in that house. It will even affect what kind of food you

will be able to afford. Worse still, it will affect your children

when you start raising kids. It will determine the school they will

attend, the friends they will keep, and the amenities of life they

will enjoy, all because of a single decision. Therefore, you must

be willing to do what you need to do to make your future a better


A failure is a man who wants to have what the successful man

has but does not want to do what the successful man does. If your

life must experience a turnaround from now, it must be by your

doing. Sacrifice your time, your energy, your ego and all that is

required. It will pay you off in the nearest future.

If you think you can still live your life now the same way you

lived it on campus and get away with it, you definitely must be

deceiving yourself. Doing the same thing the same way over and

over again and expecting a different result is a proof of a high

level of insanity. If you have failed in school and want to make it

in life, you certainly must do much more than you did on


Do not give up. Start up and keep at it. If you are not yet all you

desire to become now (you seldom will anyway), do not give up.

It is a gradual process. Advancement in life is made one step at a

time. The first initial steps may really not show any sign of

significant development, but they are in no way less important to

the final few steps that will take you to the pinnacle of success.

You will get there someday if you do not give up, and then you

will appreciate all that you have gone through in time past.

God has not yet given up on you, so why will you want to give up

on yourself? The good news is that God does not give up on your

situation until you give up on it yourself. So you have the final

say as regards this issue, not your certificate. If you take the right

decisions, you can still live a first class life with your third class



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