Living a First Class Life With a Third Class Degree
8 Chapter 7: A Final Note: There Is A Future For You
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Living a First Class Life With a Third Class Degree
Author :SOS_Publications
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8 Chapter 7: A Final Note: There Is A Future For You

What has happened in the past is not as important as what can

still happen in the future if you are willing to take the necessary

steps discussed in the chapters of this book.

Make a fast start: Begin today. Quit the lamentation; fresh

graduates who spend today lamenting the mistakes of their

campus days will spend their future lamenting the mistakes of


Get up and do something. You can still rise up to this challenge.

Do not fold your hands and watch things deteriorate the more.

Make things happen. Losers watch things happen but winners

make things happen. Be a winner: Do something about your life

before it is too late. You are the best person to chart the course of

your life the way you want. Nobody will if you do not.

More often than not, in the real world, it is not those with better

academic performance that gets ahead with ease, but those who

better maximize their inborn ability. In the real world, outside

the field of academics, something much more than college

degrees and good grades is required; your inborn ability

(dominant potentials, hidden talents, or whatever it is labelled)

matters much more than academic degrees.

This is not to discredit the educational sector, neither is it to say

pursuance of a degree is a waste of time and energy. Far be it. The

importance of education cannot be over-emphasized as some of

it has been discussed in previous chapters. But the truth still

remains that things are not as easy as they look outside there.

However, this truth does not dawn on students until they get out

of the enclosure of their university compound where everything

they need is provided free of charge by either their parents, an

uncle, an aunt, a guardian, an aristo, or a scholarship board.

Fresh graduates' over-reliance on paper qualifications must be

disabused. Our purpose for being educated must not just be

limited to simply acquiring a high grade certificate, but also to

improve our God given abilities and develop our inbuilt


If this is our purpose, then the inability to get employed in a big

organization after graduation will neither paralyze our

effectiveness nor leave us in the class of people called

unemployed. This inbuilt ability is in everybody and can only be

improved on by getting educated, but can never be replaced by it.

Your certificates are not really evidences of what you can do, but

what your lecturers feel you are good at. All students know this!

Therefore, if your purpose for going to school is just to acquire

certificates, then you can as well forget it; because it will not

make much difference in your exploits in life if you really do not

discover what it is you can do to make life more meaningful for

you and others around you.

It is gross inadequate for any graduate who is physically fit to

parade himself as unemployed simply because he did not make a

first-class degree. It is a misconduct of the highest order. The

wealth you need lies within you and not in your certificate. The

school system is just to furnish you with all the needed qualities

that will guide you through life. It in no way guarantees your

success. Your potential does.

This is the sincere truth. Everyone cannot leave school with a

first-class certificate. All cannot graduate with a 2:1. Our

expectations will be sharply cut off if we hope that someday,

everyone will. It is so natural that some people graduate with the

lower grades which have been looked down upon by our society.

What are these ones to do? Are they to resign to fate and accept

life the way it is? Are they to accept failure as destiny, believe

misfortune is their lot and withdraw from the struggle to be

excellent in life? No. Life must still continue; not as a

continuous loser, but as one, ready to prove that the school

system is not strong enough to permanently place an everlasting

mark of enigma on any student.

Research has shown that ninety six percent (96%) of graduates

that succeeds in life succeed outside the area of their academic

qualification, most times in a field that has little or no

relationship with their majors on campus.

Do not let what your lecturers teach you to do hinder you from

fulfilling the prophetic destiny your creator has designed for

you. Do not be imprisoned by your certificate. Do not be

encaged by your degrees. It is not by man's awarded degrees, it is

by heaven's ascertained decrees.

Education is not the reason why God sent you to the world. The

school system is just a transitional phase of your life. The beauty

of this phase is only in the fact that it makes you fit for anything

you find yourself doing after school.

So, take a step, look for something to do after school. Do not wait

for anybody to offer you something. They will most likely offer

you what they should offer someone who graduated with the

kind of academic degree you graduated with - a third-class job,

and you will always be at their mercy since they will always

think they are doing you a favour for giving you a job.

If you think you are a first-class material in any other field aside

academics, and the school community has not given you an

opportunity to prove yourself, and worse still, no one is offering

you the kind of job you want with the kind of pay you desire,

then, offer yourself something. Be an entrepreneur. Start up

something and keep at it. Before you know it, the world will

come to celebrate you as a first-class material in that little corner

of yours.


Take your life in your hands; you can do it. You can enjoy life in a

way that is beyond the scope of your third class experience. You

can be blessed by God in a way that can never be limited by your

academic ability. You can enjoy life as He intends.

Is life fair? Life has never been, to be candid. Everyone who has

made it, as well as everyone who has failed will give this same

testimony about life. Life can never be fair, because it is not

designed to be (at least the devil will ensure that) until you decide

to make it so. If you sit reluctantly under an apple tree and expect

enough fruits for a meal to drop on your laps, you will wait for

eternity. You have to take the bull by the horn to make things


Appreciate those little ideas that run through your mind. So

much potential are in those little ideas of yours. Every big

establishment today was once a small dream in the mind of

someone. You cannot say, what you see as a small dream today

may be the major change the world is craving for. It may be what

will put your name in The Guinness Book of Records. Do not toy

with it.

People do not usually talk about how we start but how we end.

So, be willing to start anyhow, but make sure that, come what

may, you start up something.

Do not waste time learning the 'tricks of the trade'. Instead, learn

the trade itself. Learn how to go about it. Design a game plan. Set

a goal and plan how to achieve the goal. Make the game plan

realistic and workable.

As it has been emphasized earlier, you will also need enough

determination to follow through on every of your plan. It won't

come your way that easy. You must be prepared to work hard.

Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off NOW. So,

you choose which is better for you.

Strive always to be better than you are per time, but be contented

with whatever you get. Do not always attribute what you get to

your poor academic result. It will always give you reasons to be

sad with yourself, to be mad with your lecturers, and to hate

God. It will make you desire to get more in any way possible,

right or not.
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You are not the only one who is not pleased with what he makes.

Even many of those who graduated alongside with you who

earned better degrees are not too satisfied with what they make

too. You may think they are, but, at every level of life, people

always naturally want more than they already have. So, be

satisfied with whatever comes your way. Only do not let this

satisfaction keep you glued to one spot. Endeavour to be better

by the day so you can earn more in days to come.

If you will need to do some professional exams, go for an

additional degree, or add some post graduate diploma, do not

delay. Each time you increase your knowledge base, you

increase your total value and your take home pay becomes better

for it.

Your net-worth today is not your self-worth today; it simply is

what your clients or your boss can afford to pay you. Keep

developing yourself on daily basis. Someday, sometimes,

somewhere, you will meet with someone who will look at what

you can offer and decide to pay you what you are really worth

without asking for what you graduated with. One encounter with

the right person may change your life for life! However, you will

not sit down and expect the right person to locate you. You will

need to keep doing what you will need to do to be rightly located

by the right person.

The future belongs to fulfilled dreamers and not dreamers with

aborted dreams. Have you forsaken any dream because you did

not have first-class written on your certificate, now is the time to

revive those dreams. They must not die in your hands. You have

what it takes to cause their dry bones to live. They still can, if you

will do your part. Put the keys mentioned above to work and you

will see life being restored back to your dream. Apply the

principles, and your life will be transformed for better. Whatever

thing you faced in the past which drained life out of your dream

cannot pose any threat on your way again. You now have in your

hand what it takes to shine on earth and reign as Kings, having

dominion as dreamers.

Dreamers are rulers. Get up and rule the world. It is your time. It

is your turn. It is your season. We all are waiting for you.


At this point, all you need is God. He is the only one who can help

you out. Depending on man will further jeopardize your future.

You may know men who matters in the society, but you also need

to know God that matters most in the universe. He is the only one

that cannot let you down. You need Him more than you need any

other man.

This is the sincere truth: All that you need to live a fulfilled life

on earth is here on earth, but the earth does not yield its harvest

except heaven is involved, and for heaven to be involved, you

need to have a relationship with the God of heavens.

Friendship with others is important but friendship with God is

the most important friendship. You need others quite alright; this

has been emphasized earlier on. However, you need God much

more. Men can connect you to other men who may choose to

either help you or not. But when you are connected to God, and

He decides to connect you to men, they have no choice than to

help you.

This is a crucial decision to make, and this moment is the best

time to take this all important decision. Do not let the excitement

of living a first class life become a barrier to your deciding for

God. You need Him more than all other persons put together.

When men make you, they can decide to unmake you. But if

your making is from the Lord, no one can pull you down.

Give your life to Him today; He can still make more sense out of

the mess of your life.


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