Love sings
1 Chapter 1: A friend of faith.
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Love sings
Author :Asher2000
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1 Chapter 1: A friend of faith.

Drip...drip...A soft drizzle pattered down on us from above.The people around me lifted their heads my friend beside me shared his with me. Seven bodies laid before me in their beds of wood in which they would lie in for an eternity. The priest began naming them

" Rebecca King 7 years of age, loving daughter and youngest sister.....Eliot King 14 years of age, loving son and second youngets..... James and Jayden King both 15 years of age, loving sons and both are the second oldest... Harmony King 51 years of age, loving mother and wife.... Dominic King 53 years of age, loving father and husband... Max Detroit 29 yeas of age, loving son....." The priest began to speak of the lives each of them had lived, while endless streams of tears flowed down my cheeks, my hands clutching the hems of my light black dress. An arm wrapped around my shoulder and pulled me to his chest letting me soak it all over again.

" I'm so sorry, Ro." I vaguely heard him whisper.

" It is...not.... you're fault, Ben." I mumbled between my sniffling tears.
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He lightly shook his head but didn't say anything more. My family had wanted to visit us here in Dresden, Ben had personally invited them along with Max, my boyfriend and Ben's younger brother. The drizzle went from soft to hard almost instantly. Luckily the ceremony is over.... Ben escorted me to the bus station knowing I won't drive or use a car. He ruffled my hair a faint smile on his face.

" Take care of yourself and make sure our other friend knows what the priest said or he'd bother me half to death." Ben says.

" I'll try. Take care of yourself too, Benny." I said with a sad smile. I got on board as a bus stopped near us. I sat at the back of the bus and looked at Ben one last time,he waved, he'll be fine, I reminded myself and lifted my hand to wave. Just as the bus began to move away,I sat back closing my eyes. I tried to relax but their faces kept flashing through my mind.

My keys dropped while a fiddled with them trying to find the right one, but the door suddenly opened and my friend, Rion picked my keys up and placed it on the key hanger beside the door. He took my hands and dragged me in, a soft smile on his face.

" Where is your smile little flower?" He asks softly closing the door behind us. I smiled and he whipped my tears and dragged me to the couch.

" My loved ones are dead, why should I maintain a smile right after their funeral?" I ask knowing his questions may seem weird but they held meaning behind them and would lead to something that might cheer me up.

" Ah, I see. Sometimes fate could be quite cruel, don't you agree?" Rion asks.

" Sometimes." I mumbled as we sat down. He smiled again.

" But isn't it true as well that fate always as a good thing coupled with the bad?" He asks.

" Is there? What is the good thing that is supposed to happen after the death of my entire family,Rion?" I ask feeling frustrated. He smiled mysteriously.

" Have faith in fate, it just so happens that since you're students have cone on a mission for the next year or so you can take a vacation and deliver something to a friend of mine in China, though currently I have no idea where he might be." He paused waiting for his words to sink in then he continues, "I'll give you the item and his name and leave the rest for you, since I know how much you love adventure and mystery. Since I myself am a mystery to you, no?" He asks grinning. How come I saw that coming?

" Why can't you deliver the item yourself?" I ask.

" Ah, currently my friend is rather angry at me for not having returned it at the date that I was supposed to, and if I appeared in front of him now.... I'm afraid it won't end up nicely." He muttered his smile stretching from ear to ear. I shook my head but could only smile. He gave me a hug and held out a large slab of chocolate.

" Heh?" I gasped, "where on Earth did you get that from?!" I ask startled.

" My secret to keep, but unfortunately they made the wrong kind which I find rather gross, but I know you like it so you can take it. It's my present for being unable to stand by you at the funeral and what is to come." He says, caramel? He doesn't like caramel? What person would not like that flavour?! I took the chocolate shaking my head inwardly, he's right I love a good mystery.

" Alright, the sooner the better, I'll pack my bags and you can book the flight there is no way in heaven or on Earth that I would pay for something you forgot to do, knuckle head." I say smiling. Earning a smile in turn. I stood up and slightly wavered.

" How come you trust fate so much?" I ask.

" Cause I am a good friend of faith, so I have faith that fate would not ever let me down or you." He says, I narrowed my eyes, that sounded like it had a double meaning behind it. I'll ask him about it later but for now....

" Alright, what's your friend's name?" I ask.

" Huang Chu. I'll give you the item tommorow along with a few gifts meant for you." He stood up and strode into his room while he was still speaking. Seriously? I shrugged my shoulders and went into my room beginning to pack the things that I believed I would need.


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