Love sings
2 Chapter 2: Decision made
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Love sings
Author :Asher2000
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2 Chapter 2: Decision made

Rion and Ben walked beside me as the rattling and tattling of chatter,the wheels on carts and the sound of everyone's feet echoing much louder in the crowded space then I would have thought possible.

" So you'll search the entirety of China for this dude named....uh,what's his name again?" Ben asks.

" Huang Chu." Rion and I answered at the same time.

" Nah, I won't remember it. But it's quite fine if it's Rose doing the job. Considering the fact that your not just able to defend yourself but also able to solve a case all on your own." Ben muttered sounding sour.

" Aw, come on Benny, it's just cause I like riddles and you despise them." I answered laughing lightly. I felt a little bit better today now that both of my friends were here.

" Oh, uh, what did the priest say yesterday I forgot to ask!" Rion asked out of the blue.

" Oh, I thought Rose had already told you?" Ben gave me a meaningful glare. I smiled apologetically.
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" I didn't pay attention to what the priest said except for the part where he spoke their names and the loving part." I answered shrugging. Ben sighed and shook his head.

" You two drive me crazy." He muttered under his breath, but Rion's attention was piqued else where. My eyes followed his line of sight, huh? He's staring at the walls? Oh, wait there's a strange pattern edged into it, no wonder... It's a painting of the god of fighting.

"Hey! Don't ignore me!" Called Ben. I smiled and looked at Ben.

"We aren't. Let's get going or the plane will depart without me. " I say and began to walk again snapping Rion back into reality.

"Right." He mutters and followed while Ben shook his head.

In front of the entrance to the plane. Rion took something out of his pocket and placed it around my neck while holding a box up to me.

"The pendant is for good luck and this is the item. Don't worry I've checked it in and you won't get trouble for having it with you. Oh and tell 'her' I say hi. " He answers my unspoken question and hugged me. Ben joined whilst he made a face and then patted my back.

"Hope you find the guy before the end of the year or it'll really be boring without you. " He says. I smiled.

" I'll try. Bye guys. I'll call you as soon as the plane had landed." I boarded the plane, placing my case above my seat and keeping the box with me. Not wanting it to be accidentally lost.


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